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Today is Arlie Pond's birthday. Er, well, rather, it would have been his (record-smashing) 135th birthday, but he passed on back in 1930. You don't remember Pond, in fact, have never heard of him? Well ...

Erasmus Arlington "Arlie" Pond was a fine RHSP for the 1896-97 Baltimore Orioles (the franchise that eventually moved to New York to become the Highlanders and then the Yankees). He rung up a 34-17 ledger over those two seasons, and though he was only 24 at the close of that 1897 campaign, he was out of organized ball by 1899, sporting a career mark of 35-19.

A doctor, after his major league days Pond became quite well-known in the Philippines, where he founded a hospital for lepers. (No, really!) He died there -- the Philppines, not that hospital -- in 1930.

Pond is the only major league ballplayer to bear the given first or middle name "Erasmus" -- in fact, only LHRP Erasmo Ramirez, who's been bouncing around the bigs since 2003, has had a name even close to that. But this note about the erstwhile oldtime hurler doesn't focus on his first name, or even his middle name -- current Texas reliever Arlington "A.J." Murray is one of three others to bear that appellation as well -- but instead, on his last/family name.

As one of three men to play big league ball to have the last/family name "Pond" (Sad Sam Jones won 229 games with that as a given middle name), Arlie has a name that evokes canoes, skipping stones and all kinds of other summertime activities.

Which brings us to the Hall of Names query ... can we build a team of Water, Water, Everywhere? Or is there Not A Drop to Drink? Let's find out.
  • The names below reflect ONLY playes who had names that are bodies of water, natural or artificial. (Did we miss any? Splash it up in the Comments section below!)
  • Unlike most Hall of Names efforts, we will consider all first, middle and last/family names as we swim toward a 25-man roster.
  • And yes, again away from traditional rules, we will allow a name to be used more than once -- but no more than seven times (reference to the "seven seas," get it?).
However, we will ONLY consider players with the exact match to the body of water's name (or the plural of that word) ... so Ponder, Laker, Waterbury, Baylor and Seay (among others) are, unfortunately, right out. (However, alternate spellings, see below, are okay.) We are also not considering a body of water's "proper" name, so Lake Erie fans, the name "Lake' is fine, but the name "Erie," not so much. (And in case you were wondering, that was just an example -- there has never been an MLB vet with the first, middle or family name "Erie.")

First, note that there are a variety of types of bodies of water that have never had major league name equivalents -- including Sea, Ocean, Lagoon, Puddle, Loch (sorry, Harry Lochhead), Basin (sorry, Eddie Basinski), Tide, Surf and Wave.

Among those types of bodies of water that DO share a name with at least one MLB alumnus are the generic Water/s (1), Pond (3), Lake (4), River/s (3, does not include a dozen or so Riveras), Bay (2), Channel (1, actually Channell), Creek (1), Brook/s (15), Spring (1, not including the 5 Springers), Pool (6, of which 5 are Poole) Eddy (7, both given and family) and Bath (1, actually Bathe).

So it's time to meet ...

(Bonus points and a Batter's Box No-Prize for the first person who can explain that team name!)
** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

MGR Fred Lake (163-180, Boston Red Sox and Braves, 1908-10)

C Brook Fordyce (.258, 1995-2004)
1B Brook Jacoby* (mostly 3B; .270, 120 homers, 1981-92)
2B Eddy Garabito (.307, 2005 COL)
SS Hubie Brooks* (IF/OF, .269, 149 homers, 1980-94)
3B Brooks Robinson** (16 gold gloves, '64 AL MVP, .267)
LF Jason Bay* (.281, 118 homers through 2007)
CF Mickey Rivers* (.295, 267 SB, 1970-84)
RF Philip Poole Bradley* (.286, 78 homers, 155 SB, 1983-90)
DH Harlin Pool (.303, 1934-35 CIN)

C Steve Lake (.237, 1983-93)
C/1B/3B Eddy Putman (.239, parts of 1976-79)
IF Eddie "Sparky" Lake (mostly SS, .231, 1939-50)
OF Harry Bay (.273, 169 SB, 1901-08)
OF Les Channell (.350, 7-for-20, 1910, '14 NYY)
OF Simon Pond (8-for-49, .163, 2004 TOR)

RHSP Samuel Pond Jones (229-217, 1914-35)
RHSP Justin Brooks Verlander* (35-17 through 2007)
RHSP Joe Lake (62-90, 1908-13)
RHSP Arlie Pond (35-19, 1895-98)
RHSP Ed Poole (33-35, 1900-04)

CL-RH Brooks Lawrence* (69-62, 22 saves, 1954-60)
LHRP Jack Spring (12-5, 8 saves, parts of 1955-65)
LHRP Jim Ri. Poole (22-12, 4 saves, 1990-2000)
LHRP Doug Creek (7-14, 1995-2005)
OF/RHRP Brooks Kieschnick (parts of 1996-2004; .248 BA, 4.59 ERA)

Not making the team, though eligible -- guess you could term these guys ...

The Washouts
C Bill Bathe (.213, parts of 1986-90)
C/UTIL Fred Lake (.232 in 48 games, parts of 1891-98, 1910)
1B Jim Ro. Poole (.288, 1925-27 PHA)
2B Eddy Diaz (11-for-50 with 1997 MIL)
OF Ralph Pond (1 game, 1-for-4, 1 SB, 1910 BOS)
PH Ray Poole (3-for-15, 1941, '47 PHA)
LHRP Fred Waters (2-2, 1955-56 PIT)
RHRP Eddy Rodriguez (2-1, 2004, '06 BAL)

So, Bauxites, come on in -- the Water's fine! Can we "clean up" this team any further? The current rotation is five righties -- but at least the bullpen leans to the left for some sort of balance. So how can this team be better? Welcome to all suggestions, both minor and representing a, well, a sea change ...

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peiscooter - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 06:16 AM EST (#179162) #

Might I suggest Rod Beck as the closer (38-45, 286 saves, 1991-2004), beck being defined as a swiftly running stream.   Walter "Boom-Boom" Beck (38-69, 1924-1945) could be a possible starting pitcher.

And arroyo has a few candidates.  Current pitcher Bronson Arroyo (56-59, 2000-2007) and Fernando Arroyo (24-37, 1975-1986) could fit into the starting rotation with Luis Arroyo (40-32, 44 saves, 1955-1963) in the bullpen.

CeeBee - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 08:30 AM EST (#179163) #

How about the "Burns", burn being defined as a small stream.

We have Britt Burns LHSP 70-60 3.66

George Burns outfielder with 11 611 .287

George Burns the First baseman 72 951 .309 and

Tom Burns the utility type 3b/ss/2b at 39 683 .264.

I'd also try to sneak John Wetteland into the bullpen but maybe the spelling is too far off to allow, though he sure would help these waterboys.


Original Ryan - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 09:46 AM EST (#179165) #
A bit off-topic, but is Simon Pond completely out of baseball now?  It doesn't look like he played in the minors in 2007.
Geoff - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 10:44 AM EST (#179168) #
No Tim Raines?

At least this team will be able to select from some #1 Billboard and other hits by Billy Ocean for their stroll to the plate music. But which players will snag the famed, "There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)", "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car", and of course "Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)".

Yes, this team should have that good 80's R&B feeling around it. And Tim Raines wants in on the action.

TimberLee - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 12:25 PM EST (#179170) #
Your team name goes from H 2 O. I can't wait for my no-prize!
Mike Green - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 01:24 PM EST (#179171) #
A "wash" is a dry river bed which fills with water on occasion, and a "burn" is a body of water, as noted above. You'd think that Ray or Jarrod Washburn would make it.

Other less helpful or dubious options:

Ted Firth
minor leaguer Cody Strait
Cove(lli) Crisp or Stan Cove(leski)
Pete Run(nels)

Mick Doherty - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 01:36 PM EST (#179174) #
TImberLee does indeed win the No-Prize. TL, you can pick it up the usual place, usual time, and the usual tax penalties apply.

Wow -- John Wetteland (love that!), Rod Beck and Luis Arroyo combine with Brooks Lawrence and any one of the other guys for a hell of a bullpen!

Mick Doherty - Sunday, January 20 2008 @ 08:31 PM EST (#179187) #
Shame on me for not previously thinking of a certain HOF southpaw to front he rotation ... one Edward "Whitey" (can only assume that's short for "Whitewater") Ford. That name also nets us a fine '70s OF in Disco Dan Ford and even a potential club president in Hall of Famer Ford Frick.

Also missed 1909 Boston Braves OF Bill Dam, who doubled and scored a run in two career AB, meaning his final career totals were: .500 BA,  .667 OBP (he also walked),  1.000 SLG, OPS 1.667 and OPS+ of 408.

Nice! But yeah., he won't make the team.

Alex Obal - Monday, January 21 2008 @ 08:36 AM EST (#179192) #
I think they're both headed for the washout pile, but the immortal Fred Marsh and the immortal Tom Marsh are hereby submitted for consideration.
Matthew E - Friday, May 04 2012 @ 01:07 PM EDT (#255792) #
I think we need current injured Orioles pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada on this team.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.