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The farm was 2-5 on Sunday, with the only two wins coming from Bluefield.  Bluefield won both games of a double header, thanks to excellent pitching from Jario Labourt, and Alberto Tirado. 

Buffalo 0 – Toledo 6

In his second rehab start for Buffalo JA Happ, was hit hard giving up 6 earned runs over 4.2 innings.  Over the 4.2 innings, JA gave up 8 hits, with 3 walks and 4 strikeouts.

The Bisons offense wasn’t able to put anything together today, as they only managed 4 hits, and 4 walks with no runs.


Altoona 7 – New Hampshire 3

Deck McGuire lead the Fisher Cats today against Pittsburgh’s AA team in Altoona.  Deck had another disappointing start as he gave up 5 runs, of which 4 were earned over 5 innings pitched.  Alan Farina pitched a clean 6th inning, and Chorye Spoone gave up 2 runs in the eighth inning.

The Fisher Cats only managed 3 hits today; one was Ryan Schimpfs 18th home run.   The other two runs were scored via a Brad Glenn groundout and a Brad Glenn force-out in the 8th inning.


Jupiter 10 – Dunedin 8

Aaron Sanchez, had a start to forget, as he didn’t managed to get out of the first inning.  Aaron lasted 2/3 of an inning giving up 2 hits, and 4 walks, which amounted to 5 earned runs.   Dunedin managed to crawl back via three run homeruns from Marcus Knecht, and Shane Optiz.  In the Bottom of the 9th Blake McFarland gave up 2 unearned runs to break the tie.  Dunedin was unable to come back this time, as Jupiter’s Closer Nick Wittgren closed the game out for his 20th save.


Lansing 1 – Bowling Green 7

Taylor Cole had an unforgettable start, as he gave up 5 earned runs over 4 innings. 

The Lugnuts offense had 8 hits, but only managed to score one run.  Dalton Pompey managed to score in the 7th inning, via a bases loaded walk.


Vancouver 8 – Eugene 9

Jeremy Gabryswski did the unthinkable tonight; he walked three batters, while giving up 6 earned runs.  Vancouver scored seven runs in the 6th inning, with LB Danzer hitting his 6th home run and Brenden Kalfus doubled home two runs. Unfortunately in the 8th inning Canadians pitcher Matt Johnson gave up two runs, and was unable to come back in the top of the 9th inning.


Bluefield 6 – Princeton 0 (7 Innings)

Jairo Labourt pitched 6 innings, giving up 4 hits, with 1 walk and 6 strikeouts.

Mitch Nay was 1-3 with a double, Dawel Lugo was 1-2, with 2 runs scored and a walk.  Also Tim Locastro hit his first HR of the season.


Bluefield 2 – Princeton 0 (7 Innings) PPD from July 27

Alberto Tirado threw 5 innings giving up 2 hits, with no walks, and 4 strikeouts.

Dawel Lugo was 2-3, with his 5th home run of the season, and DJ Jones hit his first HR of the season as well.


Three Stars

3-Dawel Lugo

2-Alberto Tirado

1-Jairo Labourt

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Mike Green - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 09:20 AM EDT (#277222) #
Dawel Lugo is putting it together in the Appy League.  He hasn't struck out in the last 10 games.  The combination of pop and contact ability, along with reportedly good defence at shortstop, is what you would like to see in an 18 year old.  Next stop: a few more walks.  That, however, can wait until next year in Lansing.
Craig B - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 10:57 AM EDT (#277223) #
Is poor Seth Conner having the worst season of any professional baseball player in North America? .157/.224/.178 with the stick and 18 passed balls and six errors in 33 games at catcher.
finch - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 12:08 PM EDT (#277227) #


Any chance we get any signficant prospects called up from Bluefield/GCL to Vancouver this half of the season? Tirado? Nay? Dean? DJ Davis? Lugo?

ramone - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 01:15 PM EDT (#277228) #
Watching the Bisons afternoon game today, 2 stand up triples for Gose so far, one to right center and the other down the left field line.
Gerry - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 01:35 PM EDT (#277229) #

Vancouver didn't make the playoffs from the first half and their playoff potential for the second half is still up in the air.  Bluefield are in first position and could be heading for the playoffs.  If those standings remain the same I don't see the Jays shipping many guys up, I think the playoff experience in Bluefield will be worth more to them.

Having said that they could move a pitcher or two up.  If they expand the innings of the starters they might have fewer innings to go around, and they do have a lot of guys who have started.  They might be more likely to move an older guy or maybe Tom Robson or Shane Dawson to get some good PR.

Sano - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 02:30 PM EDT (#277230) #

Gerry, how would you rank the pitchers on the Bluefield roster in terms of long-term potential?

finch - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 02:56 PM EDT (#277231) #

Thanks Gerry. Your insights are always appreciated.

It's frustrating watching games with zero top prospects in Vancouver although the ballpark is gorgeous!

Gerry - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 04:11 PM EDT (#277234) #

I would probably rank the Bluefield starters as follows:

Tirado - youngest, Dec 94 birthday


Labourt - 2nd youngest, March 94 birthday



Cardona - high potential but likely a reliever 




Unknown - Mayza

CeeBee - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 04:59 PM EDT (#277235) #
The lower levels do seem to have a fair bit of talent but I'd really like to see the upper end bolstered with a trade or 2 before the deadline. There are plenty of relievers so a couple won't be missed and I wouldn't mind a couple of starters or position players included. I'll be disappointed if AA stands Pat.
tercet - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 05:14 PM EDT (#277238) #
Brian Van Kirk suspended 50 games, which pretty much ends his
professional baseball career. Kenny Wilson said on twitter last night he
was going to NH on Monday, so I guess the Jays knew about the upcoming
suspension for a while, and worked Kenny's rehab schedule into it.
ramone - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 07:22 PM EDT (#277241) #
Well Gerry you called it:

From Rob Fai the voice of the Canadians on his twitter account:


@vancanadians add RHP Tom Robson (Ladner, B.C.) and LHP Shaun Dawson (Lethbridge, AB) to roster...
John Northey - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 07:32 PM EDT (#277242) #
Brian Van Kirk is a 27 year old left fielder in AA for the 3rd time with a 355 slg% and 3 stolen bases vs 2 caught.  His 412 OBP is nice, but career is just 366 so odds are it is a fluke.  He wasn't every going to get a cup of coffee in the majors unless something drastic changed so going to PED's would make sense - if it works you get your shot, if not no big loss as your career was pretty much over anyways.
eudaimon - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 07:43 PM EDT (#277243) #
I read it was a "drug of abuse" violation, which might mean something like cocaine.
Gerry - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 08:18 PM EDT (#277244) #

Well Gerry you called it

Time to buy a lottery ticket.....

jayBlue - Monday, July 29 2013 @ 10:15 PM EDT (#277246) #
Robson starting for Vancouver tonight
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.