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The Vancouver Canadians kick off their season on Friday with Adam Kloffenstein on the mound. Saturday's game is being televised on Sportsnet Pacific, my PVR is set. On Thursday, the Buffalo hitters copied the parent club by scoring 11 runs. New Hampshire and Lansing lost. Dunedin were rained out.

Buffalo 11 Indianapolis 3

There were some as yet unexplained happenings in Buffalo for this game. Andrew Sopko started but just pitched one inning, 13 pitches. David Phelps was due to pitch in back to back days. He did pitch, but just seven pitches to two hitters. Because of Sopko's departure Corey Copping got the win by pitching three shutout innings. The Bisons used six pitchers.

The offense was spread evenly, every hitter had a hit and no-one had more than two. Six hitters had two hits. Seven hitters had an RBI, again no-one had more than two. Among the hitters, Socrates Brito, who had been so hot yesterday, had two more hits including a triple. Patrick Kivlehan had two including a home run. Bo Bichette was back and went 1-6, his hit was a double. Anthony Alford was 2-4 with two walks.

New Hampshire 4 Bowie 9

New Hampshire were down 8-0 before they had a hit. Patrick Murphy has run a little hot and cold this season and this one was very cold. Murphy gave up all eight runs over four innings. He did not have control of his pitches.

The Fisher Cats had six hits. For a change Kevin Smith led the offense. He hit a three run home run in the seventh and he tripled and scored in the ninth.

Dunedin at Florida - Postponed

Lots of rain in Florida recently.

Lansing 1 South Bend 5

There was not much to report from this game. Cobi Johnson started and did well, just one run allowed in five innings. He had six K's. When he left the score was 1-1 but his replacement, Will McAffer was torched for four runs.

The Lugnut hitters had just four hits. Two of them went for extra bases and they produced the only run, Luis De Los Santos doubled and Reggie Pruitt tripled. Griffin Conine had three K's.


The DSL Jays won 4-1. Three pitchers combined on a six hitter although they only picked up four strikeouts. The Jays had ten hits, Emmanuel Sanchez was 3-4 while playing shortstop. He had two doubles,

3 Stars

3rd star: Kevin Smith

2nd star: Socrates Brito

1st star: Anthony Alford


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bpoz - Thursday, June 13 2019 @ 11:29 PM EDT (#375540) #
Regarding Murphy.
Wilner and Wagner were talking about possible pitchers the Jays could use if E Jackson continued to struggle.
Murphy uses a toe tap sequence before he pitches. Apparently that is illegal. So he is working through a mechanical change.
Kelekin - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 02:06 AM EDT (#375542) #
Good find bpoz.

I'm excited to see how a couple of the older players do in Vancouver.

Gillingham returns to baseball now that he's done his naval duty. He'll have to move quick, but some of those Navy guys have done it successfully.

Andy McGuire was a two way player with us last year, but it looks like he's just a 1B now? He didn't do bad as a pitcher.

William Gaston, our new international signing!
Mike Green - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 09:06 AM EDT (#375545) #
Ben Nicholson-Smith reports on twitter that the Jays have signed 4th round pick Will Robertson, Nick Neal (Mr. 6'7", 280) and the wonderfully named Jackxarel Lebron, in addition to previously announced Alek Manoah and Glenn Santiago. 
ISLAND BOY - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 09:38 AM EDT (#375546) #
I read somewhere that 9th round pick Philip Clarke is playing in the college world series and that the Jays won't be negotiating with him until that is over.
John Northey - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 04:53 PM EDT (#375550) #
From we can see the Jays have signed most of the big picks. 1/2/4/5/6/7/8/10 leaving just #3 Dasan Brown and #9 Philip Clarke to sign among the top 10 picks.

Picks #11-17 also have signed.
Ranked not to sign yet (if ever) are...
  • #3 rank 105 Dasan Brown
  • #18 rank 394 Brandon Eisert
  • #21 rank 430 Parker Caracci (Leans to sign)
  • #25 rank 165 Nate LaRue (not signing)
  • #29 rank 303 Owen Diodati (not signing)
  • #35 rank 151 Connor Phillips

The site says the Jays have an extra $640k (counting the 5% you can go over) left on top of regular bonus money. Lets hope the Jays take advantage and get someone signed who shouldn't ala Tellez a few years back.
Kelekin - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 05:17 PM EDT (#375552) #
Canadians Game Notes (first 3 innings):

-Kloffenstein struck out three in the 1st, but allowed a 2-run HR. Extremely efficient 2nd. When he was throwing balls, they were usually very close to the plate.
-Morris absolutely robbed during his first AB.
-Robertson had a 10 pitch AB in his first AB.
-Sloppy Vancouver defense in the 3rd, primarily by Eden, Kloff, and Rodriguez.
ramone - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 06:21 PM EDT (#375556) #
Warmoth is listed in the Fisher Cats lineup for tonight's game.
greenfrog - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 06:42 PM EDT (#375558) #
Is it fair to say that Warmoth is back on the map as a prospect? He has substantially improved his offensive numbers this year (albeit in his second go-around in high-A).
Kelekin - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 06:52 PM EDT (#375559) #
I think Warmoth still has quite a ways to go. Decent walk rate, but strikeout rate way too high, esp. for a 2nd go around. He seems pretty average. I definitely hope he proves me wrong! But it seems way too early to tell if he's a prospect again.
Nigel - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 07:26 PM EDT (#375561) #
The sample size is way too small with Warmoth to make any conclusions that he’s turned a corner, but, given his age, there’s little harm in pushing him to AA to see where he’s at.
greenfrog - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 07:31 PM EDT (#375562) #
Bichette with a leadoff HR to center field for Buffalo tonight.
Marc Hulet - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 07:58 PM EDT (#375563) #
Dany Jimenez and Jon Harris also moved up to AA. Ty Tice in AAA and Dominican lefty Naswell Paulino is in Lansing.
dan gordon - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 08:26 PM EDT (#375565) #
Yes, Warmoth is in his 2nd go around at Dunedin, but don't forget that he skipped 2 levels last year (Vancouver and Lansing) before being assigned to Dunedin. He's still only had a combined 111 games at Vancouver, Lansing and Dunedin. Since going 0 for 4 on April 18, he's 33 for 89, a .370 batting average, with a .462 OBP, and .539 SLG, for an OPS of 1.001. He's been on fire, and certainly worthy of a promotion to AA. A 23 year old SS hitting that well in A+ is certainly a prospect in my books. If he continues to hit well in New Hampshire, he'll go to Buffalo next year at age 24.

Well deserved promotions for Tice and Dany Jimenez. I mentioned Jimenez' amazing strikeout spree a couple of days ago - he has 22 K's in his last 10 2/3 IP, just over 2 per inning. I mentioned Tice a couple of days ago as well - he has been terrific since being drafted. Opponents are hitting under .200 against him for his pro career, but his K/BB ratio isn't quite as good as you might like to see. He's only 22. Will be interesting to see how his stuff works in AAA. He's only 5'9".

In my notes on Gillingham from when he was drafted in 2016 - not much velocity, but he really knows how to pitch. If he can add a few mph, he could be a very good prospect. McGuire fared pretty well with both his hitting (.806 OPS) and his pitching (3.09 ERA) last year. Maybe he continues to do both.
Gerry - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 08:31 PM EDT (#375566) #
Vancouver had four 2019 draft picks at the top f the order and they combined to go 0-14. Hopefully it was nerves and they will be better for the TV game tomorrow.
Nigel - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 09:03 PM EDT (#375569) #
Unless he has materially improved in the last year and a half, Warmoth is a SS in the sense that Gurriel is a SS. Just because the organization is playing him there doesn’t mean he actually is one.
uglyone - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 09:09 PM EDT (#375570) #
Warmoth ain't a prospect.
PeterG - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 09:23 PM EDT (#375574) #
I agree with Dan Gordon on Warmoth.
Gerry - Friday, June 14 2019 @ 09:24 PM EDT (#375575) #
Buffalo had only three hits tonight, Bo had two hits, one a home run.
#2JBrumfield - Saturday, June 15 2019 @ 03:25 AM EDT (#375577) #
Details about the C's opening day loss can be found right here.
ramone - Saturday, June 15 2019 @ 06:12 PM EDT (#375600) #
Alford is out for the second game in a row, roster shows him on the "temporary inactive" list.
PeterG - Saturday, June 15 2019 @ 06:47 PM EDT (#375601) #
Good article on ALex Manoah:
hypobole - Saturday, June 15 2019 @ 11:17 PM EDT (#375617) #
Vancouvers game is on TV right now. SN Pacific
scottt - Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 07:59 AM EDT (#375625) #
It was cool to hear Ricky Romero do the commentary. He sure spent enough time in the Jays system.

Lots of hussle. The offense was mostly Yorman Rodriguez.
Gillingham looked pretty good for a Navy guy who missed 2 years, but he topped at 88mph.
PeterG - Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 07:59 PM EDT (#375635) #
Some great pitching on the farm today:

NH: Yennsy Diaz - 1 run in 8 innings
Buff - David Paulino - 1 run in 5 innings...6 K's

hypobole - Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 09:40 PM EDT (#375636) #
Paulino's 2 starts since coming off the IL - 9 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 12 K.

85bluejay - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 06:02 AM EDT (#375637) #
My dreams of Paulino getting a shot at the jays's rotation lives!! I know his injury history and most have regulated him to BP prospect but I like his repertoire.
scottt - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 06:15 AM EDT (#375638) #
3 more pitchers have joined Vancouver, Nick Fraze, the  22nd round pick, Gabriel Pounce, the  28th round pick and Alex Nolan, and undrafted pitcher from Ontario.
scottt - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 06:23 AM EDT (#375639) #
As in 3 plus pitches? (the slider is average)

I prefer Perez's repertoire with the splitter replacing the changeup.

Marc Hulet - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 10:40 AM EDT (#375643) #
Bluefield held a meet-the-team event on Sunday and begin play on Tuesday so the roster should be available any minute...
dan gordon - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 02:32 PM EDT (#375647) #
I'll be interested to see how Nolan performs for Vancouver. He went to Brock, near where I grew up. His last year of university numbers include a 1.78 ERA, WHIP of 1.05, and 11.7 K/9. He reaches 93 with his fastball, and has "outstanding command of a dynamic changeup, splitter and curve". Nolan is only the 3rd Brock Badger to be signed by an mlb club.
Gerry - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 04:19 PM EDT (#375653) #
Bluefield have posted the roster to their twitter. No Pardinho.

Among top 30 prospects we have Miguel Hiraldo and Leonardo Jimenez. New draftee PK Morris is listed as a 1B.

The roster has 17 pitchers, 14 are from latin countries, three from the USA. Lots of young guys looking to make a name for themselves.
hypobole - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 05:13 PM EDT (#375654) #
DSL Blue Jays have played 14 games. 43 of the 45 DSL teams have hit at least 1 HR. Jays are not one of those 43.
PeterG - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 05:26 PM EDT (#375655) #
P K Morris was drafted in 2017 and has played for 2 years in the organization.
eldarion - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 05:39 PM EDT (#375656) #
A TJ Zeuch sighting: he's starting for Dunedin tonight.
Glevin - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 05:40 PM EDT (#375657) #
Where are Parindho and Orelvis going to be? Only top prospects I don't see anywhere yet.
hypobole - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 05:52 PM EDT (#375658) #
Morris was Patrick but after slugging .337 last year, he's using an alias this year.
Gerry - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 06:08 PM EDT (#375659) #
Thanks guys, I was thinking of this years 5th round pick, but he is Tanner Morris.
PeterG - Monday, June 17 2019 @ 06:24 PM EDT (#375661) #
I am sure Orelvis will be in Gulf Coast. Pardinho is obviously not ready still and after being out nearly 4 months with elbow problem, one has to wonder if TJ surgery is in his near future?
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