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In what seems to be a recurring theme, the affiliates had another losing night. Vancouver were the only winners behind Luis Quinones. Troy Miller had AA troubles. Austin Martin hit his first home run. Dunedin had the usual Dunedin game. Buffalo were rained out.

Syracuse at Buffalo - Postponed, doubleheader today.

Binghamton 9 New Hampshire 3

Eugene 5 Vancouver 7

Bradenton 9 Dunedin 7

This is what I noted from yesterday's games.

In the absence of a Bisons game, here are a couple of notes. Logan Warmoth got off to a strong start and was hitting over .300 on May 20th. Since then he has batted around .100 and his season batting average is down to .227. He has also struck out 33 times in 75 at-bats. Cullen Large fits into the same category. He was hitting over .300 on May 15th and his average is now down to .210. Both must be looking for something to get back on track. Despite a team batting average that seems low at .254, the Bisons are seventh among the 30 AAA teams in team BA and OPS.

Troy Miller pitched five shutout innings in his AA debut last week. And just like Alek Manoah, he came face to face with reality last night in his second start at the higher level. He was taken deep three times and was charged with seven runs in four innings.

Austin Martin hit his first home run, and added an infield single. So, on average, two line drives. LJ Talley hit his third bomb, a two run shot, one of two hits for him on the night. Otto Lopez was 2-5. Gabriel Moreno and Jordan Groshans both had the night off.

Luis Quinones made his second start after coming off the restricted list. He struck out eleven hitters in five innings. The gave up one hit, a two run home run. Hagen Danner came on in the eight but two singles, an error and a walk left two runs in and the tying run on second with no outs. That was it for Danner, Marcus Reyes was summoned. He struck out two and got a ground ball to escape the threat. He also pitched the ninth to pick up his first save.

Rafael Lantigua had his best game of the season, 3-4 with two doubles, a run scored and an RBI. Ronny Brito homered, his second of the season. Tanner Morris drove in two runs.

Dunedin had a very Dunedin-y game. Hit and miss pitching, conceding late runs, and five errors on defense. Miguel Hiraldo hit his third home run but committed two errors, giving him eight on the season. PK Morris also homered, his third, and added another hit. Morris was the only hitter with a multi-hit game.

Three Stars

Third Star - LJ Talley

Second Star - Rafael Lantigua

First Star - Luis Quinones


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Mike Green - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 08:30 AM EDT (#399284) #
Austin Martin hit his first home run, and added an infield single. So, on average, two line drives.

Well done, Gerry.
John Northey - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 09:53 AM EDT (#399288) #
Lets take a peak at the minor league standings...
Buffalo: 13-11 4.5 behind the Yankees farm team (3rd)
New Hampshire: 9-17 9.5 behind the Yankees farm team (last)
Vancouver: 16-11 1.0 behind the SF farm team (tied for 2nd)
Dunedin: 8-19 11 behind the Yankees farm team (last)

So not as bad as I feared. Sucks to have the Yankees leading 3 of the 4 divisions though. Anyone know if the Yankees did a lot of overage guys in each league or if it is legit prospects pushing them to the top? Hopefully lots of vets. I'd rather the minors are losing with prospects than winning with vets.
scottt - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 11:09 AM EDT (#399292) #
As bad as they are doing, the Fisher Cats are 3rd, not last.
The Rumble Ponies are 7-19, the Yard Goats are 7-20 and the Fighting Phils are 4-22.

Typically, the Yankees load up on huge pitchers who throw hard.
They also do well in international signings, although, they're losing their edge there because of the new rules.
The Canadians play against west coast affiliates, which I think is a good thing.
You don't want the prospects to be  facing the same guys, years after years, as they progress through the ranks.

New Hampshire can hopefully improve, but the first place Patriots best hitters are 26, 22 and 28.

Moreno is slugging .611, which is great.
Lopez, who is rated as a guy with below average power (45), .462.
Chavez Young, .409.
Martin, now up to .405.
Groshans still only at .317 with only 1 HR and 2 doubles.

The starting pitching isn't too bad, but it looks like the pen needs to improve.
Only 9-17, but nobody has a save.

With the Jays playing in Buffalo, it doesn't really matter how good the Bisons are.
They're in Trenton wearing Thunder unis, an ex-Yankees affiliate.

John Northey - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 12:07 PM EDT (#399294) #
When it comes to the higher minors I like to see winning as a way to get the players used to it. Also in AAA you want a good team so hopefully a few are good enough for the majors in the event of an injury (all too common this year).

For reference: 1985: AAA 79-61 1st place, top 3 levels were over 500, bottom 3 sub 500, rookie teams were sub 400. But the system produced stars well into the 90's. Lowest team produced 4 future ML'ers (no stars), 2nd lowest 4 ML'ers (Geronimo Berroa who had a decent career, Jeff Musselman who looked to be good but had a short career), and Vince Horsman (a future LOOGY); the next team had a few good ones - Nelson Liriano (solid 2B), Borders (WS MVP), Glennallen Hill (112 OPS+ lifetime 9.7 bWAR), Tony Castillo (useful reliever), Jose Mesa (2 time All-Star for others as a closer, 321 saves).

So the old extreme lower minors now defunct did produce some players, but not a ton when the Jays system was just starting to bubble (but still ranked 18th).

2 years later the Jays system was ranked #1 by Baseball America. AA/AAA both sub 500 but not by a lot, Medicine Hat (lowest rung then) was bad (26-43) and only produced 4 ML'ers - Randy Knorr (backup CA), Ryan Thompson (backup OF), Bob MacDonald (back end reliever), Mike Timlin (got final out of 1992 WS, 141 saves lifetime over 18 years, 19.1 bWAR).

Timlin was a 5th round pick so in todays game he'd be at summer camp in Dunedin probably with a few games in low A (about 2 levels higher than he pitched at back then). Remember, this was viewed as the best minor league system in baseball then.
scottt - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 12:29 PM EDT (#399295) #
Next year, all the talents at AA will have moved to AAA.
The Bisons will be playing in Buffalo and a winning team could keep filling the stadium.

bpoz - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 02:27 PM EDT (#399304) #
I hope Pearson is pitching for Buffalo today.
#2JBrumfield - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 04:42 PM EDT (#399313) #
That was it for Danner, Marcus Reyes was summoned.

Danner left due to an injury according to the broadcast last night. No word on what the injury was.

Eric Rivera snapped a 0-for-32 skid with a base hit last night to boost his average to 28 cents.
Gerry - Friday, June 04 2021 @ 09:05 PM EDT (#399324) #
And now Danner has been placed on the IL.
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