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There were a couple of fine pitching performances on Friday. Both Chad Dallas and Kendry Rojas went five shutout innings. New Hampshire lost on an eleventh inning balk. Dunedin won with a seven inning shutout. Buffalo were outplayed as Zach Thompson left with an injury. Vancouver also lost.

Buffalo 3 Lehigh Valley 7

New Hampshire 3 Portland 4 - 11 innings

Vancouver 5 Spokane 10

Fort Myers 8 Dunedin 4 - continued from Thursday

Fort Myers 0 Dunedin 2

Three Stars

Third Star - Ryan McCarty

Second Star - Kendry Rojas

First Star - Chad Dallas



Cam Eden doubled in two runs in the second inning to give the Bisons a 2-0 lead. Zach Thompson, who pitched well last time out, couldn't hold the lead here. He left reportedly injured in the fifth inning after conceding seven runs. Davis Schneider hit his tenth home run in the eighth inning. Buffalo had only three hits in the game.

New Hampshire took a one run lead to the ninth inning. Connor Cooke gave up a home run to send the game to extras. In the top of the eleventh, New Hampshire had a runner thrown out at home. In the bottom of the inning a wild pitch by Gabriel Ponce ended the game.

Chad Dallas made his second start in AA and it was another good one. In five innings he struck out four, walked none and allowed one unearned run on four hits. His ERA is still zero after two starts. Mason Fluharty followed Dallas making his AA debut. His first inning was fine but a in his second inning a bunt single, a wild pitch, a single and a balk led to a run. NH manager Cesar Martin was thrown out after that balk call.

Steward Berroa was the only Fisher Cat with two hits.

Rafael Sanchez made his second high A start and took his second loss. In four innings he had just one strikeout. He was charged with four runs on eight hits.

Alan Roden and Devonte Brown each had two hits for the C's.

Kendry Rojas and Lazaro Estrada combined for a shutout in Dunedin's regularly scheduled game. Rojas went five innings with eight strikeouts. He had no walks and four hits. Estrada was perfect for two innings with four K's. Rojas had a big 18 swings and misses. He got multiple whiffs on his sinker, his slider and his changeup. Estrada had four whiffs in his two innings.

Dunedin scored their runs in the first inning. Jaden Rudd doubled and Ryan McCarty hit his first home run of the season.

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bpoz - Saturday, May 27 2023 @ 10:26 AM EDT (#429342) #
I have my favorite prospects that I follow. This year Cam Eden whom (or who?) I have often posted about. Davis Schneider has sneaked up on me. In his draft year as a HS pick 36 bb/k which impressed me at the time. If you add his doubles and HRs he has power. So his offense is good. This year his 10 Hr is 2nd to Orelvis. Orelvis had 1H 2bb and 1K yesterday. His recent BBs could be the best on our farm.

Pitching: 25th May Quinones 12 pitches all strikes. Yesterday C Dallas was good against a strong team. C Cooke 16 strikes in the 20 pitches he threw. His 3rd AA game so I will be patient. K Rojas is 20 all year, 21 Nov 26. He has great numbers.
hypobole - Saturday, May 27 2023 @ 11:13 AM EDT (#429344) #
Triple A robo-ump update. Mentioned a while back the IL has seen an increase in BB/9.

Last year 8 of 20 team staffs had a BB/9 over 4. This year it's 19 of 20.
The highest last year was 4.8 BB/9. That is league average this year. That's a 20% increase over the 4.0 average last year.

This aligns with the thinking that umps call far more balls strikes than strikes balls, whether it be from framing or umps having their own personal strike zone.
hypobole - Saturday, May 27 2023 @ 11:58 AM EDT (#429345) #
Checked the PCL and the effects are even a bit more dramatic there. 4.2 last year, 5.2 this year BB/9.

Noticed the Astros' AAA team is called the Sugar Land Space Cowboys, although some call them the Gangsters of Love. Sorry, couldn't resist.
John Northey - Saturday, May 27 2023 @ 12:40 PM EDT (#429349) #
I wonder how they define it with robo-umps.  Does the ball just have to touch the strike zone or does it need to be half in, or fully in?  Are they set for the front, middle, back, or anywhere over the plate?  Lots of ways to define it. In the majors with the ump trackers the overall average is 97% of balls called are actually balls and just 88% of strikes called are strikes so clearly umpires are doing what hypobole theorizes they do - calling strikes on balls often to try to keep the game moving or whatever.  Last nights 3-1 win was +1.93 runs for the Jays (ie: the difference in the game) with the biggest missed call being the 3-2 pitch with the bases loaded for Minny and Swanson got a gift strike call on a pitch that was clearly low.  Basically this was the perfect ump for Gausman - he calls low pitches strikes and normally does based on the heat map for his normal.

I suspect we'll see some tweaks in the 2nd half in AAA to try to balance things out a bit more.  I'm sure MLB wants to put robo-umps in place in the majors ASAP.
hypobole - Saturday, May 27 2023 @ 12:58 PM EDT (#429350) #
John, ball just has to touch the strike zone.

Here's a pretty good piece with some comments I found head-shaking, but Shelley Duncan nailed it - " It's going to be the talent on the field that wins games, not umpires calls"
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