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Buffalo took a 7-1 lead but had to hang on for a one run win. The Bisons had 15 hits, four for Ernie Clement.

Norfolk 6 Buffalo 7

Three Stars

Third Star - Addison Barger

Second Star - Rafael Lantigua

First Star - Ernie Clement



Rafael Lantigua and Ernie Clement both doubled in the first inning to give Buffalo the lead. The Bisons loaded the bases in the second and scored a run on a ground out. Addison Barger singled in a run in the third, 3-0. Barger doubled in the fourth, with Nathan Lukes and Lantigua singling in runs.

Ernie Clement was 4-5 with two doubled. Lantigua and Barger had three hits each.

Mitch White started and had a mixed outing. He struck out ten in four plus innings, a positive. But five hits and three walks, and 89 pitches, were the negatives. Paul Fry and Jimmy Burnette gave up two and three runs respectively. Yosver Zulueta struck out three of his four outs.

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bpoz - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 07:28 AM EDT (#437313) #
M White has been very good since Aug 18. He has pitched 4, 5 & a 7 inning game. His stuff is good. He was injured or put on the 60 day IL to keep him in the org. If the Jays keep him then Bowden Francis and him are 6th starter or multi inning possibilities.

Zulueta has been good Aug & Sept. I don't know what his role will be next year. 1 or 2 innings or maybe more.

Barger & Orelvis are about ready. Palmegiani should be ready soon. Roden will have a good AAA sample size by the end of the 2nd month next year. Hopefully a fair bit of help will be arriving next year. Could be early next year.

The Jays are so very cautious and careful to be contending so I don't know if they will allow a lot of kids on to the team.
mendocino - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 08:35 AM EDT (#437316) #
Tiedemann start 6:05 ET Free at
Marc Hulet - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 09:12 AM EDT (#437318) #
Former Jays draftee and milber Jose Espada has been called up by the Padres after a very winding road. I didn't realize he was still playing ball after the COVID break and at one time thought he'd make it to the majora for the Jays as a reliever. Good secondary stuff... middling FB.
scottt - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 09:55 AM EDT (#437320) #
The Padres are not making the postseason, so it's not a risky call up.
Gerry - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 10:58 AM EDT (#437323) #
Tiedemann, Trent Palmer, CJ Van Eyk, Palmegiani, Robertson and Dasan Brown headed to the AFL.
ISLAND BOY - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 11:51 AM EDT (#437326) #
And Fitz Stadler.
bpoz - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 12:56 PM EDT (#437328) #
Tiedemann pitched 78.2 innings last year and could do 60 innings this year (40IP so far). So for 2024 could he be able to do 100-120 innings? Or is that too big an increase.
GabrielSyme - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 06:16 PM EDT (#437342) #
Presuming Espada gets into a game, he will by my count be the 59th player originally signed by the Jays to appear this season, which seems like a lot. Not that many debuts - Noda, Horwitz, Schneider, Danner, Cam Eden and now Espada.

The AFL list is interesting. I'm a little surprised they aren't sending a catcher. I assume Zach Britton is out for the year (what happened?) but Andres Sosa and Phil Clarke both seem like guys who might benefit. Van Eyk and Tiedemann are obvious choices; the choices of Robertson and Brown might indicate that the org rests more hope in them than do many of us.
Marc Hulet - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 07:15 PM EDT (#437351) #
Robertson was very hot in the final 6+ weeks and is R5 eligible ... Brown is also R5 eligible and the type of toolsy speedster teams take a flyer on if they go the hitter route. He was inconsistent/terrible at times but showed well for a stretch.

Britton was hurt pretty much all year and tried to play through whatever it was a couple times before finally succumbing for good.
Marc Hulet - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 08:08 PM EDT (#437365) #
Double post, sorry. Rafael Lantigua hit his 40th double tonight at AAA... to go with 12 HR, 96 BB and 28 SB... has played everywhere but 1B and C.
uglyone - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 08:15 PM EDT (#437369) #
Tiedemann with 2 singles and 2 walks with his 6 Ks in 4ip.

Pulled after 75 pitches, which was probably his limit.

Nice start.
John Northey - Friday, September 22 2023 @ 11:47 PM EDT (#437397) #
Gotta like that from Tiedemann. Don't see him starting 2024 in the majors, but by mid-season he could be a call-up. I'd want to use 2024 to stretch him out a bit as he only has 44 IP this season with 82 K's in those 44 IP. 23 walks as well. Needs to get better at throwing strikes so he can last longer (wonder how often he gets 3-2 counts) as 122 2/3 pro innings in 2 seasons is a bit low. Depending on how he does and how the Jays do in 2024 he could be a mid-season bullpen callup for multiple innings or left in AAA to build up some innings there as a starter. Ideally getting over 100 IP next year, then 130 or so in 2025 so by 2026 he can handle a full ML season (150+ IP). But I'd be surprised if he isn't in the majors by 2025.

Pitchers going to free agency here: 2023/4: Ryu, Cimber; 2024/5: Kikuchi, Richards; 2025/6: Bassitt, Romano, Mayza, Swanson, Cabrera (that will be a wild winter, with Bo, Vlad, Biggio also on the FA list); 2026/7: Gausman.

So a rotation slot is fully open in 2025 (#5 a fight between Manoah and whoever the Jays sign in the winter, plus Francis and others who have earned a shot) as Kikuchi is a FA then. 2026 will be a very interesting season - a nightmare winter or an expensive one.
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