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Buffalo and Columbus played a game with several lead changes. The Bisons trailed by one run heading to the ninth. Home runs by Steward Berroa to tie and Orelvis Martinez for the lead gave Buffalo the win. New Hampshire lost, wasting a strong start by Michael Dominguez. Vancouver had a nice win, while Dunedin won a close game.

Buffalo 8 Columbus 7

New Hampshire 0 Portland 3

Vancouver 7 Eugene 2

Clearwater 4 Dunedin 5

Three Stars

Third Star - Michael Dominguez

Second Star - Dasan Brown

First Star - Orelvis Martinez



There were lots of lead changes in the Buffalo game. The Bisons trailed 5-4 headed to the eighth and scored two to go ahead 6-5. The Bisons had added Andrew Bechtold to the roster Thursday to replace Ricky Tiedemann. Bechtold was drafted as a hitter in 2014 and transitioned to be a pitcher last season in the Minnesota organization. Thursday was his 28th birthday but Columbus were not in a giving mood. They scored two runs off him to give them a 7-6 lead. Old friend Anthony Gose came on to get the save but Steward Berroa and Orelvis Martinez homered off him to put the Bisons ahead 8-7.

Orelvis, Damiano Palmegiani and Payton Henry had two hits each. Paolo Espino started but didn't pitch well. Hayden Juenger got the save.

Hitting was tough in a cold Portland on Thursday. Portland scored three runs between the seventh and eighth innings to get the win. The Fishers Cats had just four hits, all singles.

Michael Dominguez had an excellent start, five shutout innings, nine strikeouts. He was helped by catcher Andres Sosa who through out three attempted steals at second.

Cade Doughty was sent to Dunedin on a injury rehab to start the season. He left his fourth game after one at-bat on April 12th and he hasn't reappeared in a game since. He must have reinjured himself.

For Vancouver, Dasan Brown had a four hit game, going 4-6. Not to be a downer but three of his hits were infield hits. He has the speed so good to see him using it. Jace Bohrofen had three hits and a walk. One hit was a double. Brennan Orf hit his first home run, a two run shot.

Riley Tirotta has been on rehab in Dunedin for over a week now and I think his time might be up. On Thursday he was 2-2 with a double, two walks and two RBI. Dunedin had just five hits.

Grant Rogers continued his good start to the season by going 5.1 innings. He did allow two runs but they were both in the sixth as he tired. He struck out four and gave up three hits.

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greenfrog - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 07:47 AM EDT (#444805) #
I like that Orelvis is hitting well this year (.305/.359/.576) while keeping his K rate in check (20.3%). Are there any reports on his defense?
bpoz - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 08:44 AM EDT (#444806) #
Bechtold throws hard but needs to work on his control.

Orelvis has made a few errors but otherwise he has been very good. Plays happen much faster at the ML level so patience still needed.

Trenton Wallace 4IP 0bb 8 K and also a positive start for M Dominguez so far this year.
tercet - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 09:02 AM EDT (#444807) #
Orelvis has massive platoon splits for the third season in a row, he has next to no chance of helping the Jays now imo
scottt - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 12:16 PM EDT (#444808) #
The Jays don't need help at second base.

AAA players are depth. They can help if someone gets injured.
Let say Bo gets hurt, IKF/Clement play short, somebody could get a call to play some 2B.

John Northey - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:03 PM EDT (#444809) #
scottt - this is where the Jays flexibility comes in handy - if Orelvis is doing well he can come up for an injury and play 2B. If Barger is then he comes up and plays 3B. IKF or Biggio (whoever isn't hurt) goes to whichever position is needed. If it is Bo who is hurt then IKF/Clement split SS and the other is in a mix with Biggio at 2B or 3B. If an OF is playing best then Schneider comes in to 2B, shuffle the rest so Eden, Lukes, Robinson (367/513/900 right now), Berroa, Roden, whoever can go play out there - Varsho-KK-Springer can shuffle around as needed in the event of an injury also as all 3 can play CF, Varsho has significant ML experience at all 3 OF positions.

The only issue is 1B/DH mainly due to limits on where you can put Vlad/Turner/Vogelbach - technically Turner and Vlad can cover 3B if needed but that is like Biggio at SS, you do it if needed but you hope it isn't. Well, that and C as you are very limited there but with 2 starting quality guys in Kirk & Jansen it shouldn't be a big deal unless both go down like in 2021 (Reese McGuire got the most games in at C that year - easily could've been the difference between making hte playoffs or missing by 1 game like they did).
uglyone - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:15 PM EDT (#444810) #
* 1B Horwitz (26): 75pa, 24.0b%, 12.0k%, .404bip, .351avg, .123iso, 168wrc+
* 3B Barger (24): 70pa, 18.6b%, 15.7k%, .364bip, .304avg, .196iso, 150wrc+
* SS Jimenez (23): 44pa, 25.0b%, 13.6k%, .360bip, .290avg, .032iso, 143wrc+
* 2B Martinez (22): 64pa, 6.3b%, 20.3k%, .349bip, .305avg, .271iso, 135wrc+
* DH Palmegiani (24): 69pa, 17.4b%, 27.5k%, .343bip, .263avg, .211iso, 126wrc+
* C Henry (27): 38pa, 13.2b%, 23.7k%, .318bip, .273avg, .212iso, 120wrc+
* RF Lukes (29): 56pa, 5.4b%, 17.9k%, .256bip, .250avg, .173iso, 84wrc+
* LF Lantigua (26): 65pa, 9.2b%, 24.6k%, .326bip, .237avg, .034iso, 56wrc+
* CF Eden (26): 56pa, 12.5b%, 26.8k%, .273bip, .204avg, .082iso, 53wrc+

* PH Robertson (26): 39pa, 23.1b%, 23.1k%, .412bip, .367avg, .533iso, 241wrc+
* OF Berroa (25): 27pa, 18.5b%, 25.9k%, .385bip, .286avg, .143iso, 139wrc+
* IF DeLosSantos (26): 27pa, 14.8b%, 22.2k%, .438bip, .333avg, .048iso, 127wrc+
* C McDowell (30): 24pa, 4.2b%, 33.3k%, .273bip, .200avg, .200iso, 94wrc+

most of the lineup is off to a very good start. only the OFs are struggling.

Horwitz has the best top line but it still looks too babip-heavy and power-light to me.

More encouraging is that the 4 guys who are best described as real prospects here - Barger, Orelvis, Jimenez, Palmegiani - are all doing very well.

Barger's got my favorite line so far showing good patience, low Ks, and hitting for both average and power. the other ones are a little less complete - no power from Jimenez, not enough patience from Orelvis, not enough average from palmegiani - but still very good so far.

Marc Hulet - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:21 PM EDT (#444811) #
Barger is very close to becoming MLB-relevant. It's too bad that he hits left handed (from an OF perspective).
Joe - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:26 PM EDT (#444812) #
Shi Davidi: "Top Blue Jays prospect Ricky Tiedemann underwent an MRI yesterday after experiencing left elbow discomfort, which led to his placement on 7-day IL with Bisons earlier this week. Club is still awaiting word back from doctors."
greenfrog - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:44 PM EDT (#444813) #
Has Tiedemann previously had TJ surgery?
Marc Hulet - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:47 PM EDT (#444814) #
Beyond Francis and Manoah, there is nothing at AAA (and no one banging down the door at AA) so things are suddenly very, very ugly.
greenfrog - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 03:59 PM EDT (#444815) #
At least the Blue Jays have a strong top four starters in Gausman, Berrios, Bassitt and Kikuchi. And Yariel Rodriguez could end up being a good #5.

Let's hope Manoah gets on track. Francis may yet prove to be a useful #5/6 starter (or long reliever) as well.

But yeah, the starting pitcher depth is lacking.
John Northey - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 04:49 PM EDT (#444817) #
Well, a front 4 of Gausman, Berrios, Bassitt, Kikuchi, then the 5 hole (and injury coverage) of Rodriguez, Manoah, Francis, isn't the worst thing - that is 7 deep with emergency guy in Espino, and hot prospect (if every healthy) in Tiedemann. I agree more depth would be nice, but we had 15 starts by non-top 5 in 2023, 24 in 2022, 31 in 2021. In each of those 3 years one guy got the bulk of it, 10+ starts (21-Berrios, 22-White 8 & Ryu 6, 23-Ryu) - twice a guy traded for mid-season, plus Ryu twice (surgery messed him up or he would have been top 5 each year I suspect).

So, if injuries hit hard expect a mid-season trade should the Rodriguez, Manoah, Francis show not work out well. I see Trenton Wallace as a guy who could do a 'Juan Guzman' where he has 'meh' results in the minors but has a live arm and given a shot does well in the majors. For those who don't recall - Guzman had issues in the minors (4.6 BB/9 was his best, 5.6 BB/9 the year he came up) but K'd at a level rarely seen by starters back then (a K per inning pretty much). The jays were desperate in '91 for pitching so called him up despite a 4.03 ERA in AAA and he was 'wow' with a 2.99 ERA (142 ERA+) 2nd in ROY voting despite just 23 starts. Later on he'd win an ERA title, led the league in Win% in 1993.

We'll see what happens, my bet is all but roughly 10 starts will be by GBBK and Rodriguez & Manoah, with Francis getting most of those along with Espino (double headers, giving the main guys a day off, covering for an IL stint, etc.) with Richards likely to grab a start or 2 at some point (going 2 innings as an opener). Hopefully some kid in A+ or AA will wow everyone by mid-season and move to AAA for finishing touches before being used as an emergency starter if needed.
Gerry - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 06:40 PM EDT (#444818) #
Orelvis hit a home run in his first AB tonight. Alek Manoah then gave up a two run shot in the bottom of the first.
Gerry - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 07:02 PM EDT (#444819) #
Another home run for Orelvis. And its the third inning.
GabrielSyme - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 07:23 PM EDT (#444820) #
Orelvis 2/2 with 2 HRs; the rest of the lineup is 0/12 with 9Ks and one walk, getting buzzsawed by minor league journeyman Adam Oller.
uglyone - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 08:17 PM EDT (#444821) #
Manoah: 5.2ip, 6h, 12tb, 0bb, 5k, 92pc/62st

first decent outing in a long while.
uglyone - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 08:26 PM EDT (#444822) #
hardest pitches of the night (some of the hardest were actually classified as sinkers so plenty of movement on them)

* 95.8 FB
* 95.4 FB
* 95.3 sinker
* 95.2 sinker
* 95.2 sinker
* 95.2 FB
* 95.1 sinker
* 95.1 sinker
* 95.0 sinker
* 95.0 FB
* 94.9 sinker
* 94.6 FB
* 94.5 FB
* 94.4 FB
* 94.4 sinker
* 94.2 FB
* 94.2 FB
* 94.1 FB
* 94.1 sinker
* 94.1 FB
* 94.1 FB

so he had some pretty good velo. unfortunately the last couple of innings he couldn't hit 94 even once.

greenfrog - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 08:30 PM EDT (#444823) #
I would probably take Orelvis over Tiedemann as a prospect at this point. One is arrow up, the other is arrow sideways (at best).
bpoz - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 09:24 PM EDT (#444824) #
To me the prospect list is starting to shift. IF Tiedemann and Barriera have a 2024 injury season then I will drop them in my list.
uglyone - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 09:46 PM EDT (#444825) #
love seeing this from Orelvis but I wouldn't rush him yet. his power has never been a question mark.
greenfrog - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 10:12 PM EDT (#444831) #
Midseason callup for Orelvis, maybe July or August?
finch - Friday, April 19 2024 @ 11:04 PM EDT (#444840) #
I think he should get a call up when his strike zone recognition keeps improving. His K rate is around 20% which is significant improvement for him. I hope he keeps this up. A young, controlled player with star potential would be nice. Would allow the Jays to keep for Vladdy and Bo but that might be a pipe dream at this point.
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