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Dunedin and New Hampshire were the winners on Tuesday. Buffalo, Vancouver and the FCL Blue Jays went a combined 0-4.

St. Paul 3 Buffalo 1
Somerset 10 New Hampshire 2
Hillsboro 4 Vancouver 0
Dunedin 6 Bradenton 4
FCL Phillies 7 FCL Blue Jays 2 (Game 1)
FCL Phillies 7 FCL Blue Jays 2 (Game 2)


*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Josh Kasevich, New Hampshire

2. Adam Macko, New Hampshire

1. Alan Roden, New Hampshire


Orelvis Martinez mashed his 11th homer of the season and was also hit by a pitch. Addison Barger and Nathan Lukes reached twice as well with a base hit and a base on balls. Cam Eden singled and stole a base. Yariel Rodriguez opened the game and gave up an unearned run on.a hit and a walk over 1/3-third of an inning. Beau Sulser got the loss after allowing two solo homers over 4-1/3 innings. Hayden Juenger, Brendon Little and Hagen Danner teamed up for 4-1/3 innings of shutout relief and six strikeouts, three of them by Juenger.

Alan Roden homered twice as part of a four-hit night and Josh Kasevich had a double among his three hits and stole a base. Two-hit games were turned in by Gabby Martinez and Zach Britton with Martinez clubbing a homer. Garrett Spain also went yard. Adam Macko allowed just one run on two hits and three walks over five innings. he struck out six to earn the win.

Dasan Brown, Jace Bohrofen, Glenn Santago and Jean Arnaez had the only hits for Vancouver, all singles. Pat Gallagher took the loss after surrendering three runs (two earned) over 3-2/3 innings on five hits and two walks, striking out three. Chay Yeager yielded the other run over two innings. Grayson Thurman and Connor Larkin got four and three outs respectively with Thurman stranding two runners and striking out a pair.

Cristian Feliz swatted his seventh homer of the year, a two-run shot. Edward Duran doubled twice to highlight a three-hit night. Jean Joseph, Tucker Toman and Manuel Beltre all had two hits with Joseph doubling and driving in two, Toman tripling and Beltran driving in one. Connor O'Halloran put up five solid innings of one-run ball with four hits and two walks allowed while striking out six tp get the win. Keiner Leon got the final four outs for the save, all of them strikeouts.

Luis Meza was 2-for-2 with a walk and Peyton Williams was 1-for-1 with two walks. Sam Shaw was 0-for-4 and Enmanuel Bonilla drew a walk. Daniel Guerra was ripped for seven runs over 4-2/3 innings.

Franly Urena gave up two homers that resulted in three runs over three innings to take the loss. Sam Shaw walked twice but Enmanuel Bonilla went 0-for-4.
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Mike Green - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 11:03 AM EDT (#446407) #
Roden is now hitting about as well this year as last year. His slash line is a little less impressive because of a much lower BABIP, but the underlying batted ball information is actually better- more line drives, fewer pop-ups, fewer strikeouts, more power. He's now had 2/3 of a season at double A, and he is 24. Time for Triple A.

He probably has a better expectation than George Springer. It would be close, and it is best to give Roden some triple A time.
jerjapan - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 11:33 AM EDT (#446411) #
I agree with you on Roden Mike, and actually think the Jays should be trading off a few veterans to create space for several guys in Buffalo for whom the clock is ticking, age-wise.

Obviously, you could start with cutting a certain clubhouse presence, and without knowing the dynamics of the team, 'you guys suck right now and we needed to try something new, so ...' might be a good message for a bunch of veterans.  Some hungry young guys could be good for the club without hurting the results on the field.

Shaking things up might be the best way to contend, the way things have been going in the bigs, and with that stacked Bisons' lineup.  Lukes in particular deserves some real opportunity to my underdog-loving mind. 
uglyone - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 11:43 AM EDT (#446412) #
yeah the jays are kinda stacking the milb deck a bit by keeping older guys down on lower levels.

Ideally guys like Roden and Kasevich would be in AAA already.

And guys like Bohrofen, Orf, Goodwin would be in AA already.

So bringing guys like Horwitz and Barger and Lukes up would help free up the room to move up everyone to more age appropriate levels.

The one level tho that isn't overstocked with too-old prospects is Dunedin. And we're starting to see some legitimately interesting prospect lines down there at age appropriate levels 19yr old Joseph is a standout as he's actually young for the level and having the best offensive season down there. But 20yr old catcher Duran is also impressing, and 20yr olds like Arias and Aponte are holding their own as well.
Ducey - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 11:55 AM EDT (#446414) #
There likely is not a lot of demand out there right now for a trade. But demoting Biggio and/ or Vogelbach (who never seem to play) could open a spot or two. The problem is that Schneider, who is fighting for his job, wont play the call ups.

But closer to the trade deadline I could see trading KK, Biggio (or DFA him), Kikuchi, IKF, Jansen, Turner, Vogelbach (if he has any value), and a few arms in the bullpen (Garcia for sure).

That would net some prospects and knock down the CBT tax.
uglyone - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 12:01 PM EDT (#446415) #
And yeah that is very encouraging to see from Roden. Hopefully he forces them to move him up soon.

A question for the Box - which of these older Bisons do you think the jays:

* a) have a reasonable attachment to with some real upside left despite their advanged age?
* b) have an unreasonable attachment to with no real upside and are just filling spots that could better be used on younger prospects?

I assume most will agree that Lukes (29) and Horwitz (26) probably have mlb usefelness even right now and could easily be up with the Jays already, but these other names though I'm not sure on whether to think there's upside or if they're just filling spots:

* UT Lantigua (26) 157pa, 83wrc+
* OF Robertson (26) 121pa, 118wrc+
* OF Eden (26) 130pa, 69wrc+
* IF De Los Santos (26) 69pa, 88wrc+

the Jays seem to be giving Lantigua in particular all sorts of playing time this year and I suspect their fetish for "defensive versatility" is playing a part here despite his very poor hitting.

Eden i guess has that pure defense and baserunning potential as a bench player.

Robertson i gather has no defensive chops at all and is all bat....and the bat maybe isn't good enough to get excited about?

De Los Santos.....jays don't even seem to be giving him a much opportunity. He seems to be pure filler even in the org's eyes?

uglyone - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 12:04 PM EDT (#446416) #
and yeah I don't include Serven (29) and Henry (27) as those are clearly just organizational catchers who i'm sure could both be passable bench Cs in a pinch.
Nigel - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 12:48 PM EDT (#446422) #
I think the only one of those four that is of any practical utility is Eden - in exactly the extremely limited role that he was called up for last year. Having said that, there is very little harm in keeping most of those guys around because there really aren't top prospects behind them (other than maybe Roden) that you need to make room for and, youneverknow - Jon Berti.
jerjapan - Wednesday, May 22 2024 @ 01:10 PM EDT (#446423) #
I could have seen Lantingua making the team out of spring training, after the Molitor-esque season at the plate he had last year.  They resigned him immediately as a minor league FA and often gets talked up by org guys, which to my mind, means they could add him to the 40 man at some point, the Lukes treatment, if he can get his offense back.  
Guys like that, with options, willing to take that role for a few months of a big league paycheck, can be valuable.  But you want to wait for the right moment to add him to the 40 man.  

De Los Santos is, uhh, the poor man's Lantigua?
Eden is more depth than prospect with his rough start this year, but I knew he was going to get some burn in the bigs with his base running and ability to play CF - 270 of his 366 minor league games played down the middle.  Playing time in CF is more instructive to the org's sense of the player than anywhere aside from catcher with these depth guys. 

Berroa is 2 years younger and coming for the same job. 

Barring injury, Jiminez is going to get time in September, or more likely act as a trade chip, along with Horwitz.  Barger feels like the prospect most likely to make a difference for the big club  I don't see anyone on the pitching side forcing their way onto the 40 man. 

In order, I'd like to see Lukes, Howitz and Barger before Vogelbach. 

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