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New Hampshire and Dunedin were the only triumphant teams on Tuesday.

Lehigh Valley 5 Buffalo 3
New Hampshire 10 Erie 5
Everett 6 Vancouver 2
Dunedin 3 Palm Beach 1
FCL Yankees 17 FCL Blue Jays 13 (12 Innings)
DSL Cardinals 15 DSL Blue Jays 9


*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Steward Berroa, Buffalo

2. Ryan McCarty, New Hampshire

1. Nathan Lukes, Buffalo


Nathan Lukes, Steward Berroa and Addison Barger all hit solo home runs. Lukes was 2-for-2 with two walks. Berroa had two hits and stole his 26th base. Spencer Horwitz collected his 21st double of the year and walked. Orelvix Martinez walked and was plunked. Will Robertson was 0-for-4. Andrew Bash allowed two runs over four innings and struck out four. Connor Cooke tossed 1-2/3 innings with two whiffs to offset a hit and a walk and stranded a runner. Erik Swanson gave up a jack in one inning. Mike Mayers took the loss.

New Hampshire also hit three homers but won. Ryan McCarty connected for his first Double-A dinger after being promoted from Vancouver. Garrett Spain and Rainer Nuñez also went deep. McCarty also doubled and joined Spain, Alan Roden, Phil Clarke and Gabby Martinez in the two-hit club. The hit leader was Alex De Jesüs with three. Josh Kasevich was 0-for-5 and Devonte Brown was 0-for-4 but threw out a runner at the plate from right field. Trenton Wallace was the winner with five innings of two-run ball on four hits and a walk while striking out five. Eric Pardinho overcame two walks with two Ks to finish the game in the ninth.

Nick Goodwin and Jeff Wehler homered and those were the only hits for the C's. Peyton Williams drew a walk in his season debut with Vancouver. Lazaro Estrada could not get out of the second inning and allowed four runs, all unearned after a Wehler throwing error at third. Carson Pierce stranded a runner and tossed 2-1/3 shutout innings. Conor Larkin struck out the side in a shutout frame.

Damiano Palmegiani homered for Dunedin as he works his way back from a rehab assignment. Bryce Arnold and Jean Joseph had RBI doubles. Manuel Beltre had a double. Tucker Toman was 0-for-4. Jorge Bautista gave up one run on five hits and two walks over seven innings, ringing up six. JJ Sánchez and Bo Bonds gave up three hits between them put up goose eggs and struck out two apiece.

Sam Shaw had a double, a single and three walks out of the leadoff spot. Adrian Meza had a two-hit effort. Enmanuel Bonilla had a single, a walk and a stolen base but was caught stealing and committed one of three F-Jays errors. Daniel Guerra gave up two runs (one earned) over five innings on four hits and two walks while striking out seven. The bullpen was not good.

Lefty Ramon Suarez turned in the best line down in the DR with six Ks over three shutout stanzas. Aldo Gaxiola had three hits, a walk and two RBI. Pascual Archila had two hits. The Dom-Jays were 4-for-21 with runners in scoring position and left 17 men on base.

Extra Innings

C's Plus Baseball has a chat with pitcher Chris McElvain and catcher Jackson Hornung.
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bpoz - Wednesday, June 05 2024 @ 10:57 AM EDT (#446987) #
Our AA SPs have had about 10 starts each so far. There have been a lot of good games where they completed 5 innings with about 80 pitches thrown. The few bad and V bad games have made their numbers look bad. 5 more AA starts could/should earn promotions to AAA depending on results. Next year many of them could be close to ready for the ML.
uglyone - Wednesday, June 05 2024 @ 02:13 PM EDT (#447009) #

* 1B Horwitz (26): 251pa, 16.7b%, 15.5k%, .393bip, .330avg, .170iso, 154wrc+
* 3B Barger (24): 182pa, 16.5%, 17.6k%, .294bip, .268avg, .255iso, 139wrc+
* RF Lukes (29): 178pa, 9.6b%, 15.2k%, .373bip, .333avg, .157iso, 136wrc+
* CF Berroa (25): 154pa, 12.3b%, 25.3k%, .416bip, .316avg, .165so, 134wrc+
* SS Jimenez (23): 178pa, 15.2b%, 16.9k%, .299bip, .266avg, .161iso, 127wrc+
* 2B Martinez (22): 223pa, 9.0b%, 25.6k%, .270bip, .242avg, .253iso, 108wrc+
* C Serven (29): 95pa, 14.7b%, 27.4k%, .407bip, .284avg, .086iso, 107wrc+
* LF Robertson (26): 157pa, 12.7b%, 31.2k%, .316bip, .239avg, .209iso, 105wrc+
* DH Palmegiani (24): 166pa, 12.7b%, 28.3k%, .286bip, .228avg, .186iso, 92wrc+

* UT Lantigua (26): 196pa, 11.2b%, 21.9k%, .352bip, .273avg, .087iso, 92wrc+
* OF Eden (26): 167pa, 10.8b%, 22.8k%, .267bip, .222avg, .125iso, 69wrc+
* IF DeLosSantos (26): 69pa, 11.6b%, 24.6k%, .282bip, .228avg, .123iso, 88wrc+
* C Henry (27): 94pa, 7.4b%, 18.1k%, .273bip, .244avg, .151iso, 81wrc+

* UT Tirotta (25): 22pa, 18.2b%, 9.1k%, .333bip, .294avg, .118iso, 141wrc+
* IF Turconi (25): 13pa, 0.0b%, 38.5k%, .375bip, .231avg, .000iso, 15wrc+
* C McDowell (30): 52pa, 3.8b%, 36.5k%, .259bip, .170avg, .085iso, 33wrc+

The AAA lineup continues to pretty much crush the ball. Horwitz has probably taken over top spot as "next callup" over Barger, as he's the best hitter by a good margin now, and likely has some defensive versatilify. Barger is still showing very strongly tho. Lukes continues to look like a solid callup for bench duty whenever needed. Berroa's line still looks good but it's hard to look past that still sky high babip. Jimenez is looking like he's ripening nicely and at age 23, with a solid hitting line and good defense it looks like he could be called up whenever they want, really. Orelvis' swing-and-miss is creeping back in after a promising start to the year - he shouldn't be called up any time soon, but that's fine given his young age.


* OF Roden (24): 209pa, 12.4b%, 13.4k%, .287bip, .269avg, .171iso, 133wrc+
* OF Brown (24): 186pa, 12.4b%, 38.7k%, .476bip, .275avg, .138iso, 128wrc+
* IF Kasevich (23): 211pa, 7.1b%, 10.0k%, .335bip, .303avg, .077iso, 111wrc+
* IF Dejesus (22): 188pa, 9.0b%, 28.3k%, .324bip, .243avg, .130iso, 99wrc+

Roden has recovered from his awful start but still not great overall - hopefully he continues to surge because he should be forcing a promotion at hisage. Devonte Brown has a nice line too but it still looks like babip fluke. Kasevich has a solid line with the exception of zero power whatsoever, so I don't know if there's anything there. Dejesus has recovered from a very bad start and is now holding his own as the only age-appropriate prospect at this level - i had him as a borderline top-10 prospect in the system coming into the year, and if he continues this surge as a 22yr old in AA he might end up justifying that.


* IF Goodwin (22): 164pa, 11.6b%, 27.4k%, .287bip, .226avg, .212iso, 128wrc+
* OF Brown (22): 181pa, 12.2b%, 23.8k%, .333bip, .263avg, .147iso, 127wrc+
* 1B Orf (22): 89pa, 15.7b%, 23.6k%, .260bip, .219avg, .219iso, 126wrc+
* OF Bohrofen (22): 169pa, 16.0b%, 26.0k%, .333bip, .239avg, .119iso, 122wrc+

Four guys having good but not great years here, and all of them I'd say are a tad old for the level, so really they should be doing better if we want to get excited about any of them.


* OF Arias (20): 173pa, 11.6b%, 25.4k%, .350bip, .253avg, .123iso, 122wrc+
* 1B Hernandez (21): 130pa, 13.1b%, 26.9k%, .300bip, .229avg, .156iso, 119wrc+
* OF Joseph (19): 130pa, 8.5b%, 23.8k%, .288bip, .232avg, .152iso, 106wrc+
* IF Beltre (20): 204pa, 8.3b%, 17.2k%, .284bip, .246avg, .123iso, 105wrc+
* C Duran (20): 142pa, 14.1b%, 16.9k%, .292bip, .235avg, .076iso, 101wrc+
* OF Aponte (20): 204pa, 13.2b%, 28.4k%, .294bip, .208avg, .131iso, 100wrc+
* IF Nimmala (18): 125pa, 12.0b%, 34.4k%, .242bip, .167avg, .139iso, 75wrc+

Still the only level full of age-appropriate players (Hernandez is the only overager listed here). All these guys are having solid seasons for their ages, though none of them are exactly tearing it up. Still, all of these guys showing well enough to keep tabs on imo.
greenfrog - Wednesday, June 05 2024 @ 09:36 PM EDT (#447032) #
Horwitz 1/2 with 2 BB tonight. Hitting .332/.455/.965.

Turner is hitting .220/.303/.350

Vogelbach is hitting .203/.282/.328

Would Horwitz be hitting worse than those two, had he played an equivalent amount in the majors this year? I feel pretty confident he would be doing better (and providing better defense and baserunning).
greenfrog - Wednesday, June 05 2024 @ 09:38 PM EDT (#447033) #
Oops - typo. Horwitz is hitting .332/.455/.510 (OPS .965).
uglyone - Wednesday, June 05 2024 @ 10:45 PM EDT (#447040) #
the thing to worry about with callups is that for the first time in basbeall history, players are moving from much better umpiring in AAA to much worse umpiring in MLB. That's never been the case before. Umpiring has always gotten better as you moved up levels, not worse.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.