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Two wins, Two losses, Two did not play.

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Cory Patton had ten RBI's as Dunedin ran up the score on Fort Myers.  David Purcey pitched well in a Fisher Cat win, Davis Romero did not as the Chiefs lost.  Anthony Hatch and Brian Bormaster led the Lugnuts to victory and Casey McKenzie pitched Auburn to a win.  A Jays starting pitcher notched up twelve K's, and it is not a flame thrower.  A Pulaski rainout leaves the affiliates with a 4-1 record on the day.

Pop quiz, who leads the Fisher Cats in OBP?

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The farm affiliates went 2-4, and fell victim to the post-7th inning stretch letdown twice. 
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The farm affiliates ran the table for a 6-0 record on Friday night with late rallies, dominant pitching performances and timely hitting.
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The Jays narrowly avoided losses at every level yesterday thanks to one team which ruined the possibility of a minor-league organisational sweep. While the Jays won’t be as disappointed as they were to not sweep a major league series until late June, a series of abysmal offensive performances don’t inspire a lot of confidence in a system often called weak in impact bats. So which team managed to play the role of saviour? Read on to find out.

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Syracuse and Lansing did not play, Dunedin and Auburn wished they didn't and Pulaski puts up an 8-spot to start 2006. New Hampshire scored two runs off Jesus Colome, but he still got credit for the win. You'll see how if you read on.
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Auburn had their first game of the season last night taking down the Muckdogs.  Overall, the affiliates were 2-2 on the night.
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Syracuse collects the only win of 3 games played by the Toronto farm.

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I never realized how much these reports rely on boxscores until I noticed who apparently started for Syracuse yesterday. Then I saw who finished the game for New Hampshire. Needless to say, they were names I didn't expect to see.

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Your Sunday brunch minor league update features A.J. Burnett's 2nd rehab start.
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Remember when Josh Phelps was going to be a monster hitter in the middle of the Jays lineup?  These days he's doing his damage as a Mud Hen.

The affiliates were 1-2 with a couple dismal performances from the bats in NH and Syracuse.

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The farm affiliates went 2-2 on Thursday night.
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The first ballot results are in for our pitching prospect poll; Flora MacDonald and Joe Clark are having early discussions about their respective campaigns.  Oops, wrong first ballot.  Bauxites spoke with many voices, and here was the tally using a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 count:

1.   Ricky Romero      (171)
2.   Dustin McGowan (164)
3.   Brandon League (146)
4.   Davis Romero     (131)
5.   Shaun Marcum   (129)
6.   David Purcey       (119)
7.   Jesse Litsch        (72)
8.   Josh  Banks         (62)
9.   Jamie Vermilyea  (39)
10. Kyle Yates             (24)

Chi-Hung Cheng, Billy Carnline and Ismael Ramirez received significant support.

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Could Sergio Santos keep his 20-game hitting streak alive? Could Dunedin win in front of 500 fans again? Could New Hampshire get started admist rain in Trenton? Only this Minor League Update has the answers!

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A number of fine pitching performances in the minors last night as the affiliates went 3-2.

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