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The Syracuse win streak continues and now stands at nine games.  When things are going well you find ways to win.  On Saturday the Chiefs scored in the bottom of the ninth when John-Ford Griffin beat out an infield single.  Sunday the Chiefs tied the game in the bottom of the ninth and won it in the tenth on a triple by Griffin.  Dunedin scored twenty runs and led 15-0 in the fourth inning, Lansing also won but the Fisher Cats lost ugly, twice, as Jesse Litsch returned to AA.

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Chip Cannon was slow to get going last season, and again this year, but yesterday he scored three runs and drove in three.  Syracuse ran their win streak to eight games with a run in the bottom of the ninth.  Lansing won behind a home run from Yuber Rodriguez.  Dunedin suffered the lone loss.
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It appears Rob Cosby is a June groom. The April showers have come and gone, bringing May flowers, which didnít suit him either. At long last, June has come along and Cosbyís so enamoured with the change of month that heís willing to outproduce everything he did in the previous two in one night. So, hereís to putting a calendar containing entirely June 1st inside his locker.

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We look at the hitting prospects this week.  The farm affiliates went 3-2 last night
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It was a productive eve for Syracuse and New Hampshire, with homers figuring prominently.  The farm affiliates went 2-2.
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Brandon League made his 2007 debut breaking it down for the D-Jays as the affiliates went 3-1 on the night.
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New York State was kind to the affiliates last night but the state of Michigan?  Not so much.  Still, the affiliates overcame less than stellar starting pitching to win 2 out of 3 on Memorial Day south of the border.

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A generally good day on the farm.  Michael MacDonald and Kyle Yates pitched very well, and both were supported by the offense.  Dunedin's bullpen lost a game for the second day in a row.  Lansing won easily and Josh Bell homered for both Lansing and Great Lakes.
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The Jays top two relievers coughed up the lead last night, not Janssen and Accardo but Daryl Harang and Seth Overbey, both of whom lost their zero ERA's.  Syracuse had a nice "come back from the dead" win as Russ Adams had four hits and Lansing had an easy win as Yuber Rodriguez stayed red-hot.
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It was a bleak Friday on the farm. Every affiliate lost and collectively they were outscored 39-17. There were few noteworthy performances and it was a night best forgotten, especially for a couple of Toronto starters.

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It's a pitchers week. The farm affiliates split four games on Thursday
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The Lugnuts provided the power display on the farm, as the affiliates went 1-2 on the evening.
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AJ Wideman had the best performance of the night as the affiliates went 1-3.
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A superb pitching performance in Manchester, a huge comeback in the Sunshine State, and an extra innings thriller in Illinois gave the affiliates a 3-1 record last night.  It could've been a perfect night but a 9th inning rally in Central New York fell a run short.  A doubleheader in two different towns may have played a role.

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Ty Taubenheim, David Purcey and Ryan Houston each were hit hard on Sunday.  Kyle Ginley pitched well but only for four innings.  Lansing were the sole victors Sunday even though they only had three hits in the game, Matt Lane had the key hit to drive in two runs, and that's all they needed.
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