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The weather warms up and so do the hitters. This review is mostly a positive one, so let's all erase April from our memories.
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The farm affiliates were all on the road and fought well, going 5-0 on the night. The Romeros, Ricky and Davis, each pitched well for a win.
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Yes, the headline took longer to write than the Minor League Update itself. If only the FSL had a team in Nassau, it would make more sense at the end.

Say, which is the greater number? Runs scored by the Blue Jays off Chad Harville last night, or total runs scored by the affiliates in three games? Hint: It's a trick question.
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The Lugnuts finished May with a flourish, after an 8 game winning streak put them at 33-18, a game ahead of West Michigan with less than 3 weeks left in the first half of the Midwest League season.
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In a rather lacklustre night across the farm the only question left is, will a player with one total base get a star? If so, which star? Read on to find out….

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Am I referring to the fact that a bunch of Jay farmhands shut down the opposition? Or is it a topical reference to the "wicked bad storm" (to borrow a friend's phrase) that blew through here yesterday?
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The affiliates went 2-1 with a rainout on Tuesday.

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And yesterday is weaving in and out
Two big leaguers have interesting days in the minors, while Lansing gets it done with pitching and New Hampshire with hitting.
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The bullpens played a big part in yesterdays games as the affiliates split.  In New Hampshire the bullpen turned a 6-5 lead with two outs in the ninth into an 8-6 loss.  In Dunedin a 6-1 lead for the Jays became 6-5 in a flash.  In Syracuse the bullpen had to pitch 7.2 innings after David Purcey had a bad day.  In Lansing the bullpen only had to pitch two innings to preserve a 2-0 lead.

Burnett started and got the win yesterday.............that would be Sean Burnett who defeated Syracuse. 

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The farm affiliates split 4 games on Saturday.
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The farm affiliates went 3-1 on Friday night, with the big bats in Syracuse leading the way.  Yes, Pierre, there are big bats in Syracuse.  Read on.
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The farm affiliates went 3-1 on Thursday night.
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Syracuse and New Hampshire took it on the chin yesterday.  Josh Banks surrendered a couple more home runs as the Chiefs ran out of pitchers.  The Fisher Cats "blew up good" late in their game.  Dunedin salvaged a win for the affiliates as Lansing had a day off.  Orlando Trias pitched well enough to win, with thanks to the bullpen, while Robinzon Diaz and Ryan Klosterman supplied the offense.
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How does NH follow up a 23 run night? By making their two day average 11.5 runs.

The affiliates went 1-3 on the night with the Lugnuts getting the win.

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The Toronto farm goes 2 – 1 as the New Hampshire Fisher Cats supply the fireworks to honour Queen Victoria and the Dunedin Blue Jays supply their fans with a double dose of comeback thrills.

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