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Lansing provided the only victory of the night, as ex-Jay Chris Michalak earned his second victory of the year by shutting down the Syracuse bats.

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Two extra inning games and a bunch of early starts yesterday, including a shutout for the 'Cuse and a "Thrilla In New Hampsha." A 2-2 night for the farm.
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Yesterday I noted that Ryan Patterson had high batting averages in ever place that he's played so far.  Well, he didn't hurt his average any last night as he hit two home runs.

The farm teams went 3-1 on the night with the lone loss coming in extra innings.
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Casey Janssen figures out AAA in his third start. Jason Phillips already knew how to handle it. Chi-Hung Cheng continues to increase control of his curveball.
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Only one game yesterday due to Easter Sunday, but the Chiefs played 13 innings to compensate and won.  Francisco Rosario gets the lone star.

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Josh Bell and David Smith hit walk-off homers on Saturday as the farm affiliates went 3-2.
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The farm affiliates struggled last night, losing all 3 completed games. Syracuse and Indianapolis were tied at 1 before rain forced suspension of the game after 6 innings.
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For the first time in 2006 the Blue Jays had an organisational sweep, as the parent club and all four affiliates won yesterday.

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The farm affiliates had another difficult day, going 1-3, with only those tough 'Nuts of Lansing coming out on top.
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A tough day all around for the Jays organization. The minor league teams went 1-3 on Tuesday.
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A three-win night for the Blue Jay farm, featuring homers at all levels. Dig it!
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Lansing picked up the only win in the organization Sunday behind Adrian Martin and some early runs.  Ty Taubenheim pitched well in a loss.  Eric Nielsen and Chris Gutierrez each had three hits.

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Josh Banks and Jesse Litsch threw pitching gems as the farm affiliates went 2-1 on Saturday.
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The minor league teams went 2-1 and David Smith grabs the first star. Chip Cannon, who else, hit the first minor league home run for the Jays this season.
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Minor league coverage returns to Batter's Box with our first of many daily updates on the news from the farm. The four full-season affiliates opened their seasons last night, and went 2-2.

Also, we have a very special appearance by Skeeter Barnes.
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