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Fine pitching in Syracuse and Auburn and a topsy-turvy win for Charleston were the order of the day as the farm affiliates went 3-1.
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Good pitching and lots of hitting led Syracuse, New Hampshire and Charleston to wins. Six minor leaguers had three hit games. Auburn emulate the big Jays with five errors in game 2, three in the last inning, as they were swept in their doubleheader.
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Francisco Rosario has his groove back as the Fisher Cats break out the sparkling wine. Russ Adams is hot as he leaves Syracuse, Guillermo Quiroz and Eric Crozier are not. Ryan Glynn, who has a degree in business economics, delays his retirement plans. Plus bonus coverage for the same low price.

Every team won and Auburn lost (the back end of a doubleheader).
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Two wins and two losses, and two teams a total of two wins from two milestones. Two more are waiting for the playoffs. Oh, and David Purcey threw two-thirds of a perfect freakin' game.

It was a good day.
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All 5 remaining teams were in action and they scored scored 5 wins and 2 losses with a doubleheader and the continuation of a suspended game.
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Syracuse wins big to get out of last place, while Pulaski wins big to finish the Rookie season. Charleston wins, New Hampshire is rained out. Auburn lets one slip away in the rain, while Dunedin loses to the Evil Empire.
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One week left in the season for all teams except Pulaski, who wrap it up today. It looks like Pulaski will miss the playoffs leaving the Jays with four teams out of six in the playoffs. Tom Mastny, Yuber Rodriguez and Clint Johnston take the medals.
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The Fisher Cats behind Rosario clinch, and Chacin does it again as the farm affiliates went 3-2 on Saturday.
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Runs were few and far between in the minors last night, and the Fisher Cats suffered an ignominous doubleheader sweep at home that further delayed their chance to clinch a playoff berth. But those resurgent Skychiefs won yet again.
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A doubleheader sweep, a few late-inning losses, and another start from a 2004 first-round-draft-pick left-hander highlight last night's action down on the farm.
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Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, sometimes it rains. Four wins in five games for the minor league affiliates last night on this very special edition of Minor League Update. Homsar, this one's for you.

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Thee wins for the Jays affiliates but also three losses in close contests down on the farm.
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Pitching & Defence wins in Charleston but not in Dunedin or Auburn; Arena Baseball wins in Syracuse but not in Pulaski.
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Jordan DeJong's hit makes a loser of the Fisher Cats. Aaron Hill has a good day. David Purcey makes his debut. Auburn clinch a playoff berth, while Juan Perez makes two starts in one day!

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While the bats on the big club boomed, they fell silent for the farm affiliates on a 1-4 night.
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