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You know your major league team is doing well when?
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Two blowout wins and two extra-inning losses. Compared to two blowout losses and two extra-inning wins, this is good for Pythagoras but bad for the soul.
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In the absence of a Blue Jay game, the minor leagues were the focus last night. A revolving roster of Bauxites provided play by play on yesterday's minor league thread. The Daytona broadcast, through Jordan as scribe, provided a small town perspective on baseball. If any Bauxites are headed to Daytona we have the inside scoop on chicken wings and babes. What more do you need?
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One win, three fairly ugly losses and an injury to one of the organization’s best prospects; could we have a night where the big club and the little clubs all do well?
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Stubby F***'N Clapp!!

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Another bottom-heavy day for the Jays' system. Toronto and Syracuse lose, New Hampshire is rained out, Dunedin wins, and Charleston sweeps a double-header. Winning percentages by level so far this year: .308 (MLB), .423 (AAA), .500 (AA), .577 (Hi-A), .833 (Lo-A).
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It was a tough day for the organization. The big club, Syracuse, New Hampshire and Dunedin lost. Some of the Jays top pitching prospects had rough outings. It looked like it was going to be an organizational oh-fer until Charleston scored 6 runs in the top of the ninth to register the only win of the day. It is a somewhat abbreviated report today.
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The Jays' top two farm clubs muscled their way to victories, while the lower clubs lost by an aggregate of 32-7!! Together, the four games were a microcosm of the parent club's season to date:
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Today's menu: a comeback victory in the bottom of the ninth, a fifteen-inning heartbreaker, and a pair of 6-1 thrashings (for the good guys) in the low minors.
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For a change the Jays top tier teams were victorious, while "THE ALLEY CATS LOSE". Did we ever think we would see this day?
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The Florida State League is one of the toughest circuits for hitters in the minor-league chain. So it makes complete sense that Toronto’s FSL affiliate scored a dozen runs last night while their colleagues elsewhere in the system struggled to plate 4 in 3 games, right? Read on to find out why everything’s dandy in Dunedin.
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Will Dustin McGowan ever start another game in Double-A?
Will the Charleston Alley Cats ever lose again?

The answer to both of those questions could be, "NO"!
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Syracuse was rained out in Scranton, but the other three minor-league teams swept all before them, bouncing back from a couple of weak days. Come-from-behind victories were the order of the day.
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Charleston continue their winning ways; Syracuse and Dunedin lose again; New Hampshire are all wet but I am including a brief scouting report from my trip.
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Despite a rare losing day (1-3) for the Jays' minor league system, four Canadians (Pond, Logan, Perkins, and Galloway) had an opportunity to shine. Add to the mix Montrealer Max St Pierre, an opponent, and there was a nice Canadian thread weaving itself through yesterday's action.
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