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Well, ladies and gentlemen, the first NFH challenge is now final, leaving two more on the go...
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Here's the first of the requested Jays desktops:
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Updated with a contest: see the comments.

Since VBF guessed what the big surprise was going to be, I decided to move it up to today:

Click on the links below to download the image in desktop-size:

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Yesterday was Shea Hillenbrand, and today is Roy Halladay:
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I was feeling silly this morning, so I stuck together a couple of All-Star collages to decorate my computer desktop, and I figured I'd share them. The first one is of Shea Hillenbrand:
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This is the third and last batch of photographs from my trip to Washington, D.C. ...

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This is the second of three supersized editions of Photo of the Day chronicling the Hank family's road trip to Washington D.C. ...

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Mrs. Hank, baby Theo and myself drove out to Washington D.C. over the weekend to visit family and check out two of the Jays vs. Nationals games at RFK.

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Today's photograph is Roy Halladay between innings in the Jays dugout, gearing up to come back out:
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Personally, I prefer the one on the bottom:
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