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Last month, I received an invitation to a meeting of the Northwest Chapter of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) at Nat Bailey Stadium and one of the guest speakers was Vancouver Canadians pitcher Matt Johnson.  He shared some interesting stories about his baseball career.

Vancouver Canadians righthander Matt Johnson taking a breather after speaking at the August 11 SABR meeting at Nat Bailey Stadium.
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There was discussion in the Bronx Therapy thread about the correlation between the Yankees reliably high total of walks and their reliably high total of runs scored.
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Jose Bautista's season is over. He's having surgery on his wrist.
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On July 28, despite all their trials and tribulations, the Blue Jays had a 51-49 record. While there was a posse of contenders in their way, they were still 3.5 games out of a post-season berth.

Then came what can best be described as a Death Spiral.
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We can use a new thread - and besides, let's marvel at this lineup!
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Having just vented on how much I hate seeing 21 year olds in a major league rotation, I thought I'd journey back through time and see if this franchise has ever made such a thing work.

 (HINT - They have. Once or twice.But it was a long, long time ago.)
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I haven't given you a Data Table in a long time.

Consider this, then:
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Lovely article in the Globe about Don Wakamatsu's practice of writing out the Jays daily lineup cards in near perfect Gothic script. He's a self taught “bootleg calligrapher”, who's glad he's not coaching Jarrod Saltalamacchia any more. Apparently they sell these things for charity, and I'd like to buy one.
92-93 shares with us his observations from the final game of the Las Vegas 51s first half (follow 92-93, and see more pictures, at @NorthYorkJays):

With the caveat that it's ridiculous to draw conclusions based on any one game, here're my thoughts from the 51s game I attended, with some shoddy iPhone video/camera links.

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On a mostly quiet night on the farm, the clear offensive standout was Anthony Gose, and Travis Snider continues to demand the attention of decision makers in Toronto.
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There has been a lot of talk about how the pen has been used lately. Is Farrell using it appropriately or is he giving the highest leverage outings to the worst pitchers? Lets see.
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This is one of those reports which provides details of a bunch of relatively lackluster events.

One game of the four was canceled, the teams went 1-2 in the other three and no one really distinguished themselves.

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Okay, no, they didn't ACTUALLY have six complete games on the farm on Thursday, but six official results went in the books, four of those wins.

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Just was thinking about where the Jays are weakest so far and where improvements are needed so far in 2012.
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