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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate being a fan of the Blue Jays, and of course to all readers here. May 2018 fulfill your baseball dreams.
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Just for fun I thought I'd check highest salaries ever in MLB and then check what MLB's overall revenue has been. For players it isn't pretty since 2000 but pre-2000 it would be beautiful for them.
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BA has released their top ten prospects. There is at least one surprise.
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The baseball winter meetings seem to be a week late this year. The off-season has been quiet up until Friday. With Shohei Ohtani signing, Giancarlo Stanton traded and free agents starting to sign, the pace of moves is picking up. The rule 5 draft will end the meetings.
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The Hall of Fame ballot is out. Let the arguing commence.
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Its been quiet so far this winter but is that unusual? Lets look at past winter trades.
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With the World Series now over, MLB front offices start to work on getting ready for 2018. Players can declare free agency today. Teams have five days to clean up their 60 day DL and to issue qualifying offers to their free agents.
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That wasn't much fun.
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A big question for 2018 is what is the Jays Payroll and how much is already used up?
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Every year some minor shifting goes on for the Jays top 10 all-time best seasons in category xyz. Most of us heard about Bautista's setting the Jays strikeout record but what other things did the Jays players in 2017 do to get on the leaderboards?
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The Jays take to the road for the final time this season. First stop is Boston where the Sox are still looking for three more wins, or Yankee losses, to win the division. The Jays have been playing better recently but heading into Boston is always a tough trip.
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The series thread has taken a bit of a U-turn so I am setting up a fresh thread for tonight's game for those who want to discuss the action on the field.
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The last homestand of the season begins. The last homestand for Jose Bautista in a Blue Jay uniform too.
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It's been a tough year for Roberto Osuna. Ten Blown Saves and all...
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The dog days are here. The 64 win Blue Jays take on the 59 win Tigers in a battle for ....anything? It would normally be a series for the kids but the Jays really don't have many kids on the roster. There is Richard Urena, Teoscar Hernandez and a few arms in the pen, Carlos Ramirez, Chris Rowley and Luis Santos. Then there is Marcus Stroman taking his bruised elbow to the mound tonight, hoping for no line drives through the mound.

The most notable thing about the weekend is that Saturdays game is at 4pm. I don't recall why, it could be TV related or an experiment by the Jays but it is different. Is there anything else to pay attention to this weekend?

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