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If the four-run third didn't do it for me, it was the following sequence when Francisco Rosario had two outs: walk, wild pitch, walk, HBP. It only led to one run, but still...frustration indeed. I knew there was a reason I hated interleague play.
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Lots of homers and lots of of relievers is enough to beat the O's.
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Roy Halladay nips a losing streak in the bud and gives the bullpen a night off with a 104-pitch complete game gem.

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Casey Janssen must be getting sick of the sight of Kris Benson, I'm feeling the same way.
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Just another maddening start from Mr. Lilly.
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Hey, how about those Blue Jays! Just when you were all ready to give up...
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Janssen gets his revenge on Benson
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Daniel Cabrera and his humpless curve are too much for the Jays.
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Who schedules a game for 7:15 on a Saturday night? Do they expect me to watch it?
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Wonders are many and nothing is more wonderful than man, with the possible exception of the 2006 Detroit Tigers.

I apologize profusely to the shade of old Sophocles for the preceding. I feel shame.
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Bot 1st: Toronto
-          V. Wells homered to deep left
-          T. Glaus homered to deep centre
Bot 3rd: Toronto
-          V. Wells homered to deep left centre
Bot 5th: Toronto
-          T. Glaus homered to deep left
Bot 8th: Toronto
-          V. Wells homered to deep left
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Fun game, that. It was quickly approaching July 1, 2004 status when Eric Hinske got kneed in the head (the White Sox like doing that to the Jays, I guess) but it ended very soon after that play at second...
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15 ground balls, 3 fly balls. 7 strikeouts. Classic Roy Halladay.
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The Jays seem to have avoided the Coors Hangover effect.
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How about that? The second Saturday game in a row that I didn't see.
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