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I'm excited to announce that BB now has its own domain. This weekend, if there are no unexpected technical glitches, we will be moving to, where we hope to stay for a long time. I had indicated to some of you in e-mails that I was thinking about Sunday morning as the best time to "flip the switch", but -- duh! -- since Saturday is March 1, that makes more sense. So...


The existing site won't actually be down, but it will be "read only" -- if you make a comment on March 1 at the current location, it will be lost in the transfer to the new server. (Any author who tries to post a new article will be farmed out to our AAA blog.) Once I'm satisfied with the move, I'll put up a redirection page at this URL, and you'll be automatically transferred, then you can bookmark our new address. We'll also send out another newsletter on Sunday, letting everyone on our mailing list (are you signed up?) know about the change.

Fantasy fare: my new column on ESPN looks at the Jays' bench, the catchers and draft day bargains. Mick Doherty (Yankees) and John Gizzi (A's) have also updated in the last 48 hours, and they're always fun to read. The Batter's Box Fantasy League (BBFL) is up and running at Yahoo; 20 owners are now preparing for the March 20 draft, with those all-important bragging rights at stake. Some of us are also in a free 12-team Roto league that still has one or two spots left, so if you're interested, better hurry -- the draft is this Saturday at 1:00 pm -- and e-mail me for more info.

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_NIck - Wednesday, February 26 2003 @ 11:55 AM EST (#95571) #

I'm the Commish of the aforementioned Roto league (Operation Shutdown) and would like to invite those committed seam heads who are looking for a cool league to sign up. We're using a scoring system by Keith Woolner of Prospectus fame which for batters mirrors OPS pretty well and for pitchers Bill James' game score. It's a keeper league and all the owners are pretty knowledgeable. There are a few spots open and I'd like to start compiling a waiting list since I'm sure a few people will flake out.
_benum - Wednesday, February 26 2003 @ 03:17 PM EST (#95572) #
Congrats on the domain name/new site.
(long time lurker, first time poster)

Next Step: Batters Box Premium for just $39.95/year!
Craig B - Wednesday, February 26 2003 @ 04:00 PM EST (#95573) #
The advantage, of course, is that we promise you a 100% Zumsteg-free zone. :)
Coach - Wednesday, February 26 2003 @ 07:52 PM EST (#95574) #
Batters Box Premium for just $39.95/year!

Good idea, benum. When everyone sees the new site design on Saturday, you'll be begging to pay us. Just kidding; we will always be free, and worth it.

Just to avoid confusion, the 12-team Roto league that drafts Saturday is run by BB regular Spicol, and there's still time to join; e-mail me if you are interested and I'll hook you up.

Nick's Operation Shutdown league isn't for beginners. It's something different from Roto or Head-To-Head, based on the following formula. Total points scored in all categories wins:

At Bats (-1)
Runs (1)
Hits (2)
Singles (1)
Doubles (2)
Triples (3)
Home Runs (4)
Runs Batted In (1)
Stolen Bases (1)
Caught Stealing (-1)
Walks (1)

Innings Pitched (3)
Wins (5)
Losses (-3)
Saves (2)
Hits (-2)
Runs (-2)
Earned Runs (-2)
Walks (-1)
Strikeouts (1)

A lot of the owners are Primates, and it should be a deep, challenging league if you haven't used up your four Yahoo spots. Talk to Nick directly if you'd like more information.
_Mick - Wednesday, February 26 2003 @ 11:48 PM EST (#95575) #
I ran a league very similar to that one a couple of years ago, involving eight guys who had been playing roto together since just after college in the late '80's.

I must share the way it ended. (The scoring was slightly different, so the total points were higher; also, we divided up the pot partially in two-week "period" increments to keep those who were thousands of points out of the money by July interested.)

The winning score was about 15,500. Going into the final week, I was down 130 points, in second. I had seven different pitchers get wins in that final week, so heading into the final Sunday of the year, I had a seven point lead and Mike Mussina on the mound for the Yankees, while the other guy, Mark, had no pitchers scheduled.

Mussina threw four shutout innings ... and was pulled for playoff rest. Mo Rivera told Joe Torre he wanted his 50th save, so he went out in the 9th and nailed it down ... and yes, he was on my good pal Mark's roster. Throwing in various hitting stats that day, I finished second ... in a league where the winning score was more than 15,500 ... by four points.

Fortunately, I'm *&^%$#@! over it now.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.