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OK, time to readjust those pre-draft rankings. I get a lot of letters from readers of my ESPN fantasy columns, and generally point them here for in-depth analysis, but I've been saying all along that Frank Catalanotto and Orlando Hudson are both good bargains at 2B. In an AL league, the possibility of a trade diminishes O-Dawg's value, but in a MLB universe, he's a solid pickup. Cat, on the other hand, is still bothered by his chronic sore back, and didn't play in yesterday's slugfest. It's not time to panic, but Cat may not be ready to answer the bell as an everyday RF, so the Werth-Ryan-Colangelo-Aven-Wise battle takes on more significance.

By the way, speaking of injured Jays, the box score says it was Justin Miller, but it was actually lefty Trever Miller who pitched (very well) yesterday. The RH, being brought along slowly, is expected to get an inning or two this afternoon; the frontrunner as #5 -- Pete Walker -- starts today in Kissimmee vs. the Astros. Good news yesterday included good AB from Hinske against lefties, and continued hot sticks for Woodward and Hudson.

Plenty of other stuff I don't have time to comment on, like the sad end of Mick Doherty's illustrious career as an ESPN Yankees correspondent. I'm hoping to catch up later tonight; carry on without me. :)
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_Ian Gray - Friday, March 14 2003 @ 11:09 AM EST (#93594) #
I'm now officially worried about Catalanotto's back. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it likely that playing on turf will make this sort of back pain worse? In which case, how much is he going to be able to play? I hope he's right about the exercises helping, and I hope I'm worrying about nothing, but I can't say it sounds good.
_R Billie - Friday, March 14 2003 @ 12:29 PM EST (#93595) #
Exercises are one thing but once an injury sets in, it can linger indefinately. Preventative maintenance is the way to keep your back and knees in order and Cat's hasn't been big on strength training throughout his career. If he was stronger and more durable he could be a legitimate star. I'm thinking a bat along the lines of Bernie Williams without the defensive skill of course.

It would definately be a blow to the Jays to lose playing time for Cat...they were debating whether to bring up Werth for at least the first three weeks of the season (lots of lefthanded pitching to face). It looks like that might be decided for them.
Pistol - Friday, March 14 2003 @ 12:32 PM EST (#93596) #
Just about every player you see quoted will say it's tougher physically to play on turf. However, the article said that the problem is when he swings so perhaps turf isn't as much as a factor.
_Spicol - Friday, March 14 2003 @ 02:29 PM EST (#93597) #
Listening to Wilner on the FAN this morning (Toronto area all-sports talk station for those outside of the Golden Horseshoe) I was under the impression that Werth is also quite hurt and unlikely to begin the season with the Jays, meaning that two of Ryan, Aven, Wise and Colangelo will be making the team. Can anyone confirm the Werth injury?
_Steve Z - Friday, March 14 2003 @ 02:55 PM EST (#93598) #
From Today's Sun:

It tuns out a wrist problem has been nagging Jays outfielder Jayson Werth and has kept him out since March 4.

"He has something going on with his (left) wrist and went to have it checked out today," manager Carlos Tosca said.

I hope that helps, Spicol.
_Shane - Friday, March 14 2003 @ 08:36 PM EST (#93599) #
Both Right Field guys are buggered? The season starts March 31'st? ...Where's Jacob BummField??
_DS - Saturday, March 15 2003 @ 12:46 AM EST (#93600) #
Sorry to hijack, but I came across this in Spencer Fordin's most recent notes from today.

Terminated: Toronto released Pascual Coco on Friday for violating the terms of his contract. Coco, who was on the team's 40-man roster, was not available for comment. Tosca said that Coco broke team rules, but he wouldn't elaborate.

"He broke a team rule and we released him. That's the only comment I have on that," Tosca said.

I wonder what would have caused him to be released? Would they have done the same with a pitcher like Escobar, who has some value? Thoughts?
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