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Inspired by the "real" swap of Mark Bellhorn and Jose Hernandez, Jordan's Sub-Urban Shockers and Spicol's Red Mosquitos agreed on a mega-deal last week that saw Mark Prior and Jim Thome also change teams. Sean Casey replaces Thome at 1B for the rebuilt Shockers, and the Mosquitos managed to get Octavio Dotel. A trade of this magnitude is hard to assess (who "won" depends on Prior's continued good health and the possibility that he will be even more awesome in the future) but it has changed the personality of two contending teams. Making it even more exciting, the negotiations were public; I thought I was reading Moneyball instead of a BB thread.

Congratulations -- and thanks -- to the Chatsworth Halos for edging the first-place Gashouse Gorillas 6-5. Coupled with my 9-3 win over Mebion Glyndwr (it's better to be lucky than good; almost every category was very close) Snellville's lead is back down to single digits. I'm also grateful to Jason Giambi for his belated contributions, and to all my fellow owners for refusing to trade pitching for Milton Bradley. In addition to going 500/516/731 at the plate this week, he singlehandedly won me a category with five steals.

Here are the standings, with 10 weeks to go in the regular season. Top six at the end of August qualify for the championship playoffs (first and second place earn a first-round bye) and the next six will play in the consolation round):
 #  Team                     W-L-T     Win %    GB 
1 gashouse gorillas 94-43-7 .677 --
2 Toronto Walrus 86-52-6 .618 8.5
3 Billies Bashers 78-59-7 .566 16
4 Baird Brain 75-60-9 .552 18
5 AGF 76-64-4 .542 19.5
6 Mebion Glyndwr 75-67-2 .528 21.5
7 Red Mosquitos 71-64-9 .524 22
8 Nation Builders 70-68-6 .507 24.5
9 Jicks Rays 68-67-9 .503 25
10 Sub-Urban Shockers 67-67-10 .500 25.5
11 Reykjavik Fish Candy 66-70-8 .486 27.5
12 Chatsworth Halos 67-71-6 .486 27.5
13 K-Town Mashers 68-73-3 .483 28
14 Springfield Isotopes 66-71-7 .483 28
15 Eastern Shore Birds 63-74-7 .462 31
16 Hannibals Cannibals 61-73-10 .458 31.5
17 Moscow Rats 58-77-9 .434 35
18 Thunderbirds 56-82-6 .410 38.5
19 Geoffs Grumpy Group 55-84-5 .399 40
20 Garces_not_on_roids 51-85-8 .382 42.5
In addition to my margin of one SB, I "beat" Gwyn by .006 in SLG, .04 in WHIP and a third of an inning pitched. By comparison, winning Runs by three is a landslide. The 9-3 result could easily have been 6-5 the other way. I'm reasonably confident against Jicks Rays this week -- with Vlad still sidelined, my hitters have an edge, and I always have a fighting chance in SV and K/BB. I would still like to add a starter. IB/OF Aubrey Huff is available, but it isn't a fire sale. I'm looking for equivalent talent -- not necessarily a keeper, but a useful #2 or #3, for someone ranked 78th overall by Yahoo.
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_Ricks Jays - Monday, June 23 2003 @ 10:05 AM EDT (#13655) #
Coach, you have reason to be reasonably confident, but not overly so! Have you seen the move Jick's Rays made the last three weeks(16th to 9th)? Making decisions to sit W.Franklin and J.Johnson while playing Stephenson and Foppert didn't help my team any, but this week I will be reasonable and not over manage, just let the team play. Good luck Coach.;)
_Jordan - Monday, June 23 2003 @ 10:52 AM EDT (#13656) #
It was tough dealing Thome -- as well as Dotel, a favourite of mine -- but I really needed Prior's innings and performance; I think the trade works well for both teams. I'm finally close to the roster I've been aiming for since that unfortunate incident called Draft Day. I'm now willing to deal Jay Payton for a #3 starter, if anyone's looking for a good Coors basher who's leading my team in runs scored.
_AGF - Monday, June 23 2003 @ 11:58 AM EDT (#13657) #
First of all, thank you for posting the standings on the Batters Box since my employeer has enacted an automatic ban on the yahoo site (it is in the "games" category...)

After luckily loosing only 7-5 to Coach the previous week, I lost big (8-4) with a lot of close categories this week. I expect the roto standigns to reflect this...

While I can't give you the exact stats Ichiro and Zambrano run away with the MVPs. Zambrano continues his inexplicable stretch of great pitching while Ichiro is playing like Ichiro (except for the fact that he has as many homers as Godzilla).

Loser of the week must be Giles 2B who had three or four 0-for-5 days with no runs, RBIs, or steals.

Since public discussion of trades might be the way to go Coach, I am interested in Huff and maybe we can work something out around Lidle, Appier, Bonderman or Graves.
_jason - Tuesday, June 24 2003 @ 12:10 AM EDT (#13661) #
I am willing to move some pitching for some positional help.
Coach - Tuesday, June 24 2003 @ 02:45 PM EDT (#13662) #
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Huff sweepstakes. There were two very reasonable offers I couldn't decide between, and I was contemplating counter-offers to other owners, until Baird Brain convinced me today to give up Aubrey and a closer (Baez) for Jason Schmidt and Travis Lee. I hope it's a win-win, Jurgen.

Walrus management is counting on Bernie Williams to return healthy and replace Huff's bat down the stretch, while Schmidt improves the Toronto rotation for the playoffs.
_Jurgen - Tuesday, June 24 2003 @ 09:34 PM EDT (#13663) #
I hope it's a win-win, Jurgen.

I hope so too, Coach. Like you, I'm thinking this will help carry me to the playoffs. Otherwise, consider it a belated birthday present.

Schmidt's been really impressive this year, and Huff's certainly a very good young hitter. I only hope Penny and Buerhle step up for Baird and pitch to their abilities.
_Jicks Rays - Wednesday, June 25 2003 @ 11:19 AM EDT (#13664) #
Trade savvy, you have it Walrus! Now, when are you holding lessons and how much will they cost? It is enviable how you talk these learned baseball managers out of there potential keepers! I'll sign up for your class any day. Here is the trade I'm talking about Jason Schmidt and Travis Lee for Danys Baez and Huff, for the readers not in the loop. I again am the one decenting voice, but then again I did offer Garcia.F, Thomas.F and Miller.D for Schmidt and Pierzynski
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.