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Another tough day in the minor leagues. Syracuse and Charleston lost on Sunday to complete losing weeks. New Hampshire lost on Sunday and lost their weekend series with Binghamton. Stubby Clapp only needed six pitches to retire the side.

Syracuse 1 Norfolk 3

More of the same from Syracuse. David Bush started for the Chiefs and allowed a run on three hits in the first and a homerun in the third to leave the Chiefs down 2-0. Other than those innings Bush was steady through six. In the seventh Gerald Williams (remember him?) doubled in a third run. Meanwhile Randy Keisler, who at one time was a top pitching prospect, was dominating the Chiefs allowing only 4 hits through seven innings. Paul Chiaffredo hit his first AAA homerun in the eighth. Bush pitched seven innings and allowed eight hits, two walks and the three runs. Bsuh also had seven K's. Bob File put two runners on in the eighth but did not allow a run.

Alexis Rios had another 0-4 to drop his average to .240. Russ Adams was 0-3 with a walk. Gabe Gross did not play for the third straight game.

As an aside Mike Glavine, Tom's brother, was 1-2 to raise his average to .051.

Game Story

Binghamton 9 New Hampshire 1

Todd Ozias has been a very steady starter for New Hampshire this season. In five previous starts Ozias had never allowed more than two runs, and Pedro Martinez had never lost at the Skydome, until yesterday. While Pedro was losing at the Dome, Ozias lost his streak in the first inning. Binghamton scored three and added two more in the second. Ozias hung around until the fourth when he left with a couple of runners on. Brandon League came on in relief and a sac fly and a hit later it was 7-0. League pitched three innings and allowed three hits and three walks, but did not concede a run. The Cats got a consolation run when Stubby Clapp singled and scored on a hit by John Ford Griffin in the eighth. New Hampshire had only five hits in the game. With the game out of reach Clapp pitched the ninth and three fly balls later he was finished his perfect inning.

Game Story
Fisher Cat Notes

Dunedin - Off Day

Charleston 3 Capital City 5

Things were looking good for Charleston for most of this contest. Ryan Roberts hit a homer in the first inning to give Charleston the lead. Danny Core was on the mound and scuffled through the first inning allowing Cap City to tie the score on three hits. Then he settled down and gave Capital City no opening for the next five innings. Meanwhile David Smith scored in the fourth as the Cats regained the lead. Roberts, driven in by Joey Reiman, added an insurance run to make it 3-1 in the seventh.

Core put two runners on to start the seventh. Davis Romero was summoned from the pen, allowed a hit and a grand salami, and the lead was gone.

The Alley Cats had their chances. They loaded the bases with no-one out in the fifth. A ground ball to third got one out at home, then a double play ended the threat. The Cats put two on with no-one out in the ninth but again could not score.

Roberts was 2-4 with a home run, a walk, and two runs. Mike Galloway was 2-3, Joey Reiman was 3-4 with a double. Core's final line was 6.1 IP, 5 H, 2 BB, 7 K, and 3 Runs. Two of the runs scored on the home run allowed by Romero.

Our Three-Star Selection

The 3rd Star: Danny Core, another solid start
The 2nd Star: Joey Reiman, 3-4 with a double and an RBI
The 1st Star: Ryan Roberts, 2-4 with a home run and a walk.


Syracuse were 2-4 on the week and their record now is 13-24. Syracuse are in last place, eight games behind Scranton and Pawtucket
New Hampshire had a good week going 6-2 and are 21-14, tied for the lead with Binghamton.
Dunedin 20-18, five games behind Tampa. Dunedin were 4-2 for the week.
Charleston have lost sole possession of first place with an 23-14 record. They are tied with Lexington. They were 1-6 for the week.

Combined the Jays minor league teams are 77-70, a .524 winning percentage.
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Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:53 AM EDT (#65216) #
Syracuse sends Sean Douglass to the mound at 7:00. NH has Derek Lee at 6:05. Dunedin has a doubleheader with Fort Myers beginning at 5 p.m (Kurt Isenberg is scheduled to pitch one of the games). Justin James starts for Charleston.

The Dunedin games are on internet radio through the Fort Myers broadcast. I'll be on at 8 p.m to do part of the 2nd game in Dunedin on BBRadio.
_Mick - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 10:38 AM EDT (#65217) #
The Stubby Clapp comment reminds me, for all you Jay fans who didn't pay attention to that [sarcasm alert] thrilling Tigers-Rangers series this weekend, here is the line of the year so far:

Esteban Yan, 2 games, 2 innings, seven pitches, six outs.

If Mark Teixeira hadn't pulled a ground ball just foul, Yan wouldn't have needed that nasty extra pitch. He did give up one hit, erased on the next pitch by a double play.

Moneyball it warn't.
_Jordan - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 11:25 AM EDT (#65218) #
Four to watch

There actually is such a thing as a pitching prospect. The problem is that they’re remarkably fragile entities, and you simply can’t count on them until they’re in the big leagues and established. Most everyone was guilty of projecting Dustin McGowan into the Jays’ 2005 rotation before his time; his Tommy John surgery is a harsh and unexpected reminder that pitching prospects will break your heart if you let them. The trouble is, of course, that that’s what they do: minor-league aces-in-waiting are exciting and tantalizing by nature, and if you don’t get geared up by watching the progression of a McGowan, you don’t have much passion for the game. Heartache just comes with the territory.

In that vein, this week’s edition of Four to Watch will look at the players I would consider the best pitching prospects (sort of) on each of the full-season teams.

Syracuse: David Bush, RHP, 24
3-3, 4.61, 7 G, 7 GS, 41 IP, 44 H, 7 BB, 37 K, 2 HR, 20.7% KBF

Aside from a couple of poor outings, Bush has actually been very solid for Syracuse, particularly considering it’s his first exposure to Triple-A. His K/BB ratio is terrific, and he’s still striking out about one batter per inning, as he’s been doing in his brief minor-league career as a starter. The ERA is a little higher than he’d like it to be, but he’s allowed only 2 round-trippers in seven starts, a very good sign. That KBF is also solid. If he maintains this type of performance, Bush could find himself in Toronto by July; he certainly should be there by September. Health willing, of course.

New Hampshire: Dustin McGowan, RHP, 22
2-0, 4.06, 6 G, 6 GS, 31 IP, 24 H, 15 BB, 29 K, 4 HR, 22.3% KBF

Sadly, this is the last time Dustin will appear on these lists for at least a year and a half, and we can only cross our fingers and hope that he falls within the 85% success rate for TJ surgery. There has never been any question about McGowan’s work ethic and attitude, so all the ingredients are there for a successful comeback. It’s perhaps ironic that with McGowan’s injury, New Hampshire’s best pitching prospect is Francisco Rosario, who’s working his way back from this operation himself. Rosario probably won’t be 100% till next spring, but the Jays would probably like him to get as high up the ladder in that time frame as possible. I think we could see him in Syracuse by mid-August, but no earlier.

Dunedin: Josh Banks, RHP, 21
4-1, 1.98, 8 G, 8 GS, 41 IP, 36 H, 6 BB, 39 K, 3 HR, 24.5% KBF

You could make an argument that with McGowan’s injury, Rosario’s still-uncertain status and Bush’s relatively limited ceiling, Josh Banks is the organization’s best mound prospect. Considering, however, that that’s been a kiss-of-death designation for two straight pitchers (three if you count the near-destruction of Roy Halladay), I won’t make that argument. But Banks is doing everything right: keeping runners off base, exhibiting tremendous command, and striking out a quarter of all the batters who face him. This is a young man and a young arm, and after the McGowan experience, I greatly doubt that the Blue Jays are going to push any of their arms harder than they need to, this valuable one least of all. I now think he’ll spend the year in Dunedin. Health willing, of course.

Charleston: Shaun Marcum, RHP, 22
4-1, 2.45, 7 G, 7 GS, 44 IP, 35 H, 4 BB, 41 K, 2 HR, 25.2% KBF

Strikeouts aren’t too hard to come by in the South Atlantic League, and the Alley-Cats’ sterling starting staff has more than its fair share. But although Marcum doesn’t have the highest K totals on the team, none of his rotation mates can match his astonishing control: 10/1 K/BB rates get your attention in a hurry. Like Banks, Marcum is whiffing a quarter of the batters he sees, and he’s only several months older than Josh. But the Sally is a weaker circuit than the FSL, and Marcum’s numbers ought to be read with that in mind. Were he in Dunedin, Marcum would be probably be posting lines somewhat less impressive than Banks -- but not by much. These are the two best arms in the low minors right now. Health willing, of course.
_R Billie - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 11:47 AM EDT (#65219) #
I don't think Banks will be in Dunedin the whole year if he keeps doing what he's doing. The only thing he's working on in Dunedin is basically polishing his changeup and maybe his slider. If he progresses in those areas they can still watch his workload just as well in AA as he doesn't have much more to learn from A+ hitters.

He's right up there with Bush as far as how quick he'll move I think. He and Marcum could be pushed up a level each in another month though Marcum could conceivably jump to AA as well if his control is that good. I'm as conservative as the next guy and with guys like Perkins I'd definately wait but the guys like Banks and Marcum who have decent stuff and great command can probably handle higher levels.
Gerry - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 12:08 PM EDT (#65220) #
I don't think you will see Bush until September. His "stuff" is average and he probably needs as much experience as he can get before moving to the big leagues.

Remember Bush gave up seven runs in four innings on opening day; since then he has been very steady.
_goatboy - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 12:52 PM EDT (#65221) #
I'm in shock. I go away to visit family on the west coast of Ireland, and when I get back to Dublin what do I hear, but Dustin McGowan is out for the year with Tommy John surgery. Oh baseball gods once again you forsake me!!!
_Dean - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 01:41 PM EDT (#65222) #
I don't think you can leave Brandon League off of any list of pitchers to watch in the Jay's system. Marcum is a lot like Bush with a lessor fastball, especially if starting. Being compared to Bush is not a bad thing and Marcum will probably end up in the bullpen where he pitched in college.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 02:40 PM EDT (#65223) #
I read somewhere that Marcum has 4 good but not great pitches. He consistently throws strikes. At this point, he could end up as either a reliever or as a starter.

The one advantage of reliever to starter conversions is the pitcher usually hasn't had a lot of mileage on the arm at a young age.
_goatboy - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 06:09 PM EDT (#65224) #
Re: Josh Banks and Shuan Marcum the two best arms in the low minors

You may want to include Justin James in that group. He's not in Banks class, but I don't think he is that far behind Marcum, and I think long range he projects a little better than Marcum
_nunavut greggie - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 06:56 PM EDT (#65225) #
anybody know what's wrong with gross?

appreciate the info...regards
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:15 PM EDT (#65226) #
I couldn't get connected to the Dunedin game, so off I went to Syracuse.

Talley Haines on the mound for the Sky Chiefs. 5-0 Braves in the top of the 4th.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:17 PM EDT (#65227) #
Haines struck out the last batter of the top of the 4th after a Pevey visit.

5-0 going to bottom of 4.
_johnnnyS99 - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:24 PM EDT (#65228) #
Anybody know whos starting for Charleston 4-0 Alley cats, top of the 5th
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:25 PM EDT (#65229) #
Bottom of 4:

Shawn Fagan (0-1 previoiusly on a fielders choice grounder to 1st)walked. Alex Rios (bounced into a 5-4-3 DP previously) grounded into a 6-4 fielder's choice. Glenn Williams lined a single into center, Rios to 2nd. Howie Clark (playing 2nd base tonight, grounded out to second previously) struck out. Paul Chiaffredo (singled first time up)popped out to second baseman Velasquez.

5-0 Richmond going to the 5th.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:32 PM EDT (#65230) #
Top of 5:

Juan Velasquez grounds out 3-1 to Shawn Fagan. Jason Tyner (previously 2-2 with a walk)grounds out to Howie Clark at second. Shortstop Jorge Velandia (previously 1-1 with 2 walks)was hit with a pitch. Centerfielder Ryan Langerhans (previously 2-3)bounces to Shawn Fagan who takes it himself for the 3rd out. 5-0 Richmond going to the bottom of the 5th

On the out-of-town scoreboard, NH trails Reading 4-3 in the 8th inning. Dunedin lost to Fort Myers 10-7 in the first game of the doubleheader (Kurt Isenberg was tagged for 6 earned runs in 1.1 innings; Scott Dragicevich homered). Charleston leads 4-0 in the 5th inning.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:33 PM EDT (#65231) #
Johnny, I believe that it's Justin James starting for Charleston.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:40 PM EDT (#65232) #
Bottom of 5 in Syracuse:

Jeff Guiel struck out swinging. Noah Hall (grounded out to shortstop in his 1st PA) grounded out to third. Brad Hassey struck out swinging.

Sky-chiefs going very quietly again.

5-0 going to the 6th.
_Smithville - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:43 PM EDT (#65233) #
Tingler was 2 for 3 with 2 Runs, 2 Walks and an RBI in the first game of the Double Header for Dunedin.

Four other players had 2 hits as well.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:46 PM EDT (#65234) #
Top of 6 in Syracuse:

Mike Hessman (singled and doubled previously in 3PAs) grounded out to Glenn Williams at third. Charles Thomas (singled, struck out and grounded into a DP previoiusely)grounded out to second. Damon Hollins (doubled in 3 PAs previously) grounded out to Russ Adams who threw low to first (nice dig by Fagan at 1st).

5-0 Richmond going to bottom of 6. Adams, Fagan and Rios due up.

In Dunedin, it's now 1-1 in the second game after 1 inning.
_Sneeps - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 08:47 PM EDT (#65235) #
Something needs to be done to shake things up in Syracuse. To say that team is underachieving is a huge understatment. How long until the manager gets canned?
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:02 PM EDT (#65236) #
Bottom of 6 in Syracuse:

Colon in to pitch for Richmond's starter Chuck Smith.

Russ Adams (0-1 with a walk previously) lined a single into right centerfield (turning nicely on a pitch inside). Shawn Fagan ran the count full, grounded a ball to third; the third baseman threw to second but Adams beat the throw. Fielders choice, runners on first and second, nobody out. Rally cap on. Rios struck out swinging. Glenn Williams singles on the ground to center, Adams scored, Fagan to second. Howie Clark lined a double to the wall in left centre, Fagan and Williams scored. Paul Chiaffredo struck out swinging. Clark advanced to third on a passed ball. Jeff Guiel walked on 4 pitches. Noah Hall grounded out to short.

5-3 Richmond after six.
_Thorn - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:07 PM EDT (#65237) #
Dunedin lost the first game of the DH. They are up 3-2 in the third in game two. Flores is on the mound.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:09 PM EDT (#65238) #
I don't know, Sneeps. The Sky Chief offence has been terrible, but I just can't lay that at Pevey's door. Quiroz and Gross have been injured, Rios is in a slump, and most of the rest of the players are hitting about what could be expected. Pevey did a fine job with New Haven last year to lead them to a division crown.

Incidentally, Chad Pleiness pitched very well in the Dunedin 1st game- 3.2 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, 5Ks, when everybody else was getting hit hard. He has the talent, and maybe, just maybe he's starting to come around.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:14 PM EDT (#65239) #
Now bottom of 7 (connection off for top of 7) still 5-3 Richmond:

Brad Hassey dumps a single to left. Russ Adams flew out to Jason Tyner in left. Shawn Fagan (if he ever makes it to LA, he could be the "Artful Dodger") struck out swinging. Alex Rios lined out hard to center (Gerry, when he hits the ball to center it's invariably a hard hit ball).

5-3 Richmond end of 7.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:20 PM EDT (#65240) #
Top of 8:

Maurer in to pitch for Syracuse.

Jason Tyner bunted, but Maurer made a nice play to throw him out. Jorge Velandia grounded one down the third base line; Glenn Williams made a great stop and throw to get him. Put a star beside that one. Ryan Langerhans struck out swinging.

Going to bottom of 8, 5-3 Richmond. Glenn Williams due up first (insert cliche).
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:28 PM EDT (#65241) #
Bottom of 8:

Mike Romano in to pitch for Richmond. The league's hitting .356 against him.

Glenn Williams up. Vinny Chulk warming in the Sky Chiefs bullpen. Williams flew out to left, Tyner making a sliding catch. Howie Clark
hit a high chopper to short and Velandia threw him out. Paul Chiaffredo popped up to short.

5-3 Richmond going to the 9th.

On the out-of-town scoreboard, Reading defeated New Hampshire 4-3 with an unearned run in the 8th off Dan Jackson. JFG hit his 5th homer of the year. Charleston leads 6-0 in the sixth.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:40 PM EDT (#65242) #
Top of 9 in Syracuse.

Vinny Chulk in to pitch for the Sky Chiefs.

Mike Hessman homers to left on a hanging breaking ball. Charles Thomas walked on 4 pitches. No one came out to talk to Chulk to settle him down. I wonder why not. Damon Hollins grounded one to second; Clark to Adams for the first half of the DP, Adams' relay pulled Fagan off the bag. DiPastino struck out swinging. James Juries struck out swinging.

6-3 Richmond going to bottom of 9.

Matt Whiteside, the Braves' closer, warming in the bullpen.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:48 PM EDT (#65243) #
Ugh. Connection lost for bottom of nine.
Mike Green - Monday, May 17 2004 @ 09:57 PM EDT (#65244) #
Charleston shut out Capital City 6-0 behind Justin James, Felix Romero and Brian Reed. Clint Johnson homered.

Dunedin's bats are waking up. It's 6-2 now in the second game.

Still no connection and the Syracuse game is probably over.
_R Billie - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:08 AM EDT (#65245) #
Marcum's slider is considered a standout pitch, one of the better ones in the 2003 draft and in the Jays organization.
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