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It was another bottom-up night for the Blue Jay farm system. Class A Charleston won, High-A Dunedin split a double-header, AA New Hampshire lost a close one, and AAA Syracuse lost by three.

Syracuse 3, Richmond 6

While twin waiver-wire refugee Mike Nakamura was getting roughed up at the SkyDome, Sean Douglass was doing the same in Syracuse. The Richmond Braves tagged Sean for 4 runs on 7 hits and 4 walks in 3 innings, and his ERA for the AAA season came to rest at an unsightly 9.17. Talley Haines provided three effective innings of relief, allowing a run on 3 hits with a walk and a strikeout, and Dave Maurer followed with two perfect innings, striking out two. As you might expect of a team that scored just three runs, the SkyChief offence didn't feature much of note. 3B Glenn Williams had two hits, 2B Howie Clarkhad the only extra-base knock of the team's 7 hits, with a 2-run double in the sixth.

Boxscore - Recap - Post-Standard

New Hampshire 3, Reading 4

Eastern League action at New Hampshire saw the Fisher Cats taking on the Reading Phillies. DH Tyrell Godwin and 3B Danny Solano turned in two hits apiece at the top of the lineup, and LF John-Ford Griffin put power and patience into practice as the cleanup man, hitting a homer and drawing a walk. RF Maikel Jova hit two doubles out of the 7 spot, but things got real ugly past that: C Victor Valencia (say who?) and CF Justin Singleton struck out three times each. Stubby Clapp demonstrated a better approach, pinch-walking for Valencia in the 8th inning.

On the pitching side of the ledger, Derek Lee turned in an effective six innings of work, giving up 3 runs on 7 hits including a home run, striking out four Phils and walking nobody. Dan Jackson was charged the loss for allowing an unearned run on his own throwing error in the eigth, while Kevin Frederick finished up five-up five-down, including two strikeouts.

Boxscore - Recap - Union-Leader

Dunedin 7, Fort Myers 10 (First game)
Dunedin 6, Fort Myers 2 (Second game)

The D-Jays split a twin bill with Minnesota's High-A club, scoring a baker's dozen to the Fort Myers Miracle's even twelve. In the first game, Dunedin jumped out to a quick three-run lead in the bottom of the first as their top four went walk - single - double - walk. Fort Myers quickly trounced any ideas of a big win for the mini-Jays, as they came back with a six-spot in the top of the second. Dunedin climbed back into it with two more runs in the third and a singleton in the sixth to tie it up. The Fort Myers squad once again recoiled with long-sequence offense, scoring four runs in the top of the seventh. Though they out-did the big league club by one run in their last at-bat, there would also be no Miracle comeback for the Dunedin Blue Jays against the Minnesotas.

LF Jayce Tingler (2 H, 2 BB) and 3B Scott Dragicevich (2 H, HR, BB) led the Dunedin offense; 2B Carlo Cota, 1B Vito Chiaravalloti, and DH Jason Waugh added two hits apiece, with one of Big Vito's knocks a two-bagger. Somewhat surprisingly, there was a great pitching performance in the midst of the 10 runs allowed by D-Jay pitchers; Chad Pleiness came on in relief and in 3-2/3 innings allowed just one hit and one walk, striking out five. Pleiness also plunked a Fort Myers batsman. Lefty Kurt Isenberg, on the other hand, can only be described as shell-shocked after this outing. His 1-1/3 innings saw six earnies on six hits, including a home run by a guy whose handle, on a scale from zero to awesome, is super-great: "Now batting, the shortstop, number 1, Kaulana Kuhaulua". Never mind saying that ten times fast, it tied my tongue just trying to say it once. Back at the report, Robert Nunley was also roughed up, to the tune of 3 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks in 1-2/3.

The nightcap featured no implosions from the Dunedin pitching staff. Neomar Flores dodged and weaved through 5 innings, giving up 2 runs on 7 hits and 2 walks with nary a strikeout. Andy Torres turned in two very tidy innings of relief, one hit and one strikeout. While 12 hits and 5 walks in the opener were only good for 7 runs, the D-Jay lineup squeezed 6 runs out of 7 hits and 3 walks in this game by bunching most of that into the 2nd and 3rd innings. Scott Dragicevich slid accross the diamond to first base for the second game and hit his second homer of the night, while Gregg Raymundo took over at third base and hit two doubles. Jason Waugh celebrated his liberation from the DH slot by hitting two singles as the centrefielder.

Boxscores - Game 1, Game 2 -

Charleston 6, Capital City 0

Justin James took the hill in Capital City and made the entire team of baby Mets look like goofballs. The second batter to face him smacked a double and subsequently went to third on a wild pitch, but from that point on Justin allowed just two singles. James tallied six innings for the evening, with no walks, four strikeouts, and two wild pitches. Felix Romero (1 IP, 1 K) and Brian Reed (2 IP, 1 H, 2 K) were sharp in relief. Reed is now up to 13-2/3 innings on the season without allowing an earned run.

The Alley Cats got all the offense they would need in the top of the second, when CF David Smith singled, LF Christian Snavely reached on an error, and 3B Eric Arnold singled. SS Juan Peralta drove in one run with a fielder's choice grounder, and 2B Ryan Roberts plated a second unearned run with a single. In the 4th inning Peralta made another out and recorded another RBI, this time with a sacrifice fly, and C Robinson Diaz singled in Snavely. 1B Clint Johnston made it a troika of two-spots with a round-tripper in the 7th.

Roberts, Diaz, and Arnold finished the night with two singles apiece, as Johnson's jack was the only extra-base hit Charleston managed. In an organizational faux-pas, Cat hitters struck out 12 times against 4 walks; Diaz whiffed twice while Johnson and DH Joey Reiman went empty-handed three times each.

Boxscore - Recap - Charleston Gazette

Three-Star Selection!

The Third Star: Chad Pleiness, Dunedin. 3-1/3 innings of shutout relief with 5 strikeouts.

The Second Star: Justin James, Charleston. 6 innings of 3-hit ball, 4 strikeouts and no walks.

The First Star: Scott Dragicevich, Dunedin. 2 homers, a single, and 2 walks in a twinbill.

Conspiracy Theory / Brainteaser

Why are the Blue Jays considering moving their lowest level minor league team from Pulaski, Virginia, to Alliston, Ontario?

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_johnnnyS99 - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:46 AM EDT (#15734) #
Is this brainteaser true? I'm all for it. This would help the new VISA sistuation where it would be tougher to place Canadian Draft picks on Puluski/Auburn rosters who are not already in the system.
Craig B - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:57 AM EDT (#15735) #
No, johnny, it's not true... there are four rookie-level leagues in Organized Ball. (Gulf Coast and Arizona which are "low Rookie" and Appy League and Pioneer League which are "high Rookie". About eight teams have teams in both high and low leagues). Alliston doesn't fit any of those leagues geographically.

It's some sort of joke, to be sure...
Craig B - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:58 AM EDT (#15736) #
I got it... because then they'd all be in alphabetical order, lowest to highest?

New Hampshire
_Geoff - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:05 AM EDT (#15737) #
You can even throw Toronto onto the bottom of that list Craig
_johnnnyS99 - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:05 AM EDT (#15738) #
I know where all the Rookie ball leauges are located. Aliston makes more sense for a NYP team, not the appalachian. But a Canadian team does make sense, to allow more foreign players to be signed. I used to go to tons of games in St.Catherines, the crowds were decent, too bad they could not stick around.
_Fawaz K - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:08 AM EDT (#15739) #
Very good Craig; I think we should make Craig the captain...
_Rich - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:14 AM EDT (#15740) #
Alliston??? Me thinks not. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any Ontario city has much of a track record of lengthy support of minor league baseball (London, Hamilton, Welland, and Ottawa all come to mind). I'd be happy to see a Rookie League team here in Barrie; we've got the ballpark, but I'd probably be about the only one.
Mike Green - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:18 AM EDT (#15741) #
Nice job, Jonny, with the update and the brainteaser.

Tonight's games feature Josh Towers going for Syracuse against Richmond at 7 p.m, Cam Reimers putting his 5-0 record on the line for NH against Reading at 6:05 p.m., and Josh Banks doing the same with his 4-1 record for Dunedin against Sarasota (no internet radio). The Sally League is quiet today.

Anyone up for a game call?
robertdudek - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:20 AM EDT (#15742) #
It's an interesting idea. I'd like to see the Blue Jays try a NYPL team in Hamilton. The Cardinals had one, but there aren't many Cardinals fans in Ontario. With Burlington, St Kitts and Bramtford all close by, that's well over a million people to draw from not including those who'd come from the GTA (I know I would). It's also easier to get to the other NYPL towns than from Alliston.
robertdudek - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 11:21 AM EDT (#15743) #
Sorry, I thought it be NYPL - of course it's the Appalachian.

It'd also be a lot easier for the Jays brass to get down there and check their Baby Jays out than Pulaski.
Craig B - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 12:02 PM EDT (#15744) #
Some thoughts on a NYP team in Hamilton from the token Hamiltonian on Da Box...

First, it will be tough for the league to adjust to having to do border crossings again. I don't think it's an unscalable obstacle, but they won't exactly be champing at the bit. Hamilton's also got travel time issues. Not huge ones, but they're there. The league's geographic center is moving towards the New York City/New Jersey area, from upstate. This adds to travel time issues.

Second, it's true that the Hamilton Redbirds did not do very well ('88 to '92), and that's a factor. Hamilton historically had a relationship with the Cardinals... the Cards had a Class D team in Hamilton (in the NYP, which was then called the PONY league) from 1939 through 1955 as well. It didn't help; those days are gone.

Third, the ballpark is a mess. Bernie Arbour Stadium is basically falling apart, it's certainly totally inadequate for modern Class A ball. So there's a considerable capital expenditure that would have to be made, and no help can be counted on from the city... especially given that the "sure-thing" Commonwealth Games were lost, Ivor Wynne Stadium faces ongoing refits, and huge portions of the capital budget are tied up in a white elephant boondoggle (the Red Hill Creek Expressway). It's still a good possible redevelopment, because it's still in a pretty good spot to get to (you pretty much have to drive but it's great for access), it's close to a lot of people, and it's a nice little hitter's park with a tight LF line, 365' alleys and a big centerfield. But it only seats about 1,500 right now, and would need a new stand in place of the bleachers (the grandstand is probably OK) before playing in it.

I'd be more intrigued with trying to redevelop Victoria Park downtown, but it would mean ripping out a good chunk of a public park and so you'd never get approval.

I'd never say never. Hamilton is the right kind of market for minor league ball, even though the Tiger-Cats can't even draw well. It's not a good sports town, really (like Toronto), so it has that going against it. But all in all you could make it work if you pushed it the right way. We've learned a lot about marketing minor league ball in the last 12 years, so it would be worth a try...
_Jonny German - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 01:17 PM EDT (#15745) #
Sorry for not handing out the no-prize to Craig on the Brainteaser and confirming that it has no basis in reality. I didn't expect to be offline all morning. Interesting discussion, anyways! I picked Alliston as the biggest place I know of in Ontario that's ahead of Auburn alphabetically... if I had my choice, it would of course be Kitchener for a Blue Jay affiliate. I don't know if it would translate to baseball, but this town shows an incredible level of support for OHL Hockey.

The Brainteaser may not be 100% technically accurate. Are the DSL Blue Jays an official affiliate, and what town do they play in?
Craig B - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 01:21 PM EDT (#15746) #
Yes, they are an official affiliate, and I know they play in Hato Mayor. But the city/town they use in their name is something different, damned if I can remember right now what it is...
Craig B - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 01:25 PM EDT (#15747) #
Pringamosa! It's the Pringamosa Blue Jays.
_johnnnyS99 - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 01:53 PM EDT (#15748) #
My Buddy Played for Waterloo in Intercounty ball, you can count the number of baseball fans on two hands their. Dont think it would fly.
Craig B - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 01:54 PM EDT (#15749) #
Yeah, but johnny, there are light-years of difference between IC ball and minor league pro ball.
_johnnnyS99 - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 02:17 PM EDT (#15750) #
True, but to the average family, do they know the difference? Only Die hards and locals go those games anwyays. Schools or teams have days out. Is there a baseball Market in Kitchener/Waterloo? More so then there is in The Niagara Region wher the Stars and the CBL did not get much attention? Would the CBL do any better in Kicthener? Somwere on the QEW would be better, maybe closer to the states.
_Rich - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 02:29 PM EDT (#15751) #
I hated playing at the ballpark in Kitchener. London and Barrie have much better parks.
_goatboy - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 03:34 PM EDT (#15752) #
I see there are alot a posts today about one of the rookie ball teams maybe moving. I don't know if there is any truth to this happening in rookie ball but there is a very real chance this could being happening with in the next couple of years at AAA. The people in Syarcuse it seems are tired of losing and signed just a 2 year extention on their contract with the Bluejays last fall. With Syarcuse wallowing around as per usual at the bottom or near the bottom of the International League, it is not so far fetched to imagine the management of the Skychiefs cutting thier losses and moving on to an organization that with give them a better on the field product

Lets say, just for the sake of arguement this did happen and Syracuse did give the Bluejays the big kiss off where do the Jays move to, and maybe just to provoke some debate is there a Canadian city out there that could support the Jays AAA franchise.

What say you?
_Jordan - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 05:01 PM EDT (#15753) #
Paging Ryan01 --- if you're in Da Box, can you drop me a line at the COMN above? Thanks.
_Steve Z - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 06:33 PM EDT (#15754) #
The Jays signed Marvin Benard to a minor league deal. COMN
_goatboy - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 08:01 PM EDT (#15755) #
anybody know anything about Marvin Benard. The link Steve gives says he is headed to Syarcuse but the article is quoted as saying "it won’t be long before he is with the big club in the majors. He just has a big-league feel about him.’’ He sound like a 4th or 5th outfielder to me, but I must admit I know absolutly nothing about him.
_JS - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 08:51 PM EDT (#15756) #
The link Steve gives says he is headed to Syarcuse but the article is quoted as saying "it won’t be long before he is with the big club in the majors. He just has a big-league feel about him.’’

That quote is from the GM of the independent team that Benard played for. I wouldn't put any stock in it.
Mike Green - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 09:07 PM EDT (#15757) #
Syracuse leads 2-0 after 5 behind Josh Towers. NH lost to Reading 3-2 despite a whole pile of extra base hits; Cam Reimers pitched a typical game for him, but got stung with the loss. Josh Banks and the D-Jays lead 4-1 over Sarasota after 5; Banks has allowed only 2 hits.
_Sneeps - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 09:15 PM EDT (#15758) #
Rios lets a grounder by him that gets to the wall and allowes an inside the park homerun. A man was on base, and the score is now 2-2.
Mike Green - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 09:18 PM EDT (#15759) #
When it rains, it pours.
Mike Green - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 09:47 PM EDT (#15760) #
It's now 5-2 Sky Chiefs in the eighth. Mike Smith pitched well in relief of Towers and Bob File has just come on for the long save. Braves have two men on, two out.
Mike Green - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:05 PM EDT (#15761) #
It's now 5-3 Syracuse in the bottom of 8.

Hall and Chiaffreddo single. Russ Adams (a double in 4 PAs) shows bunt a couple of times, runs the count to 3-2 and singles on the ground to right. Bases loaded, nobody out. Shawn Fagan (0 for 3 with a walk) grounds into a 5-2-3 double play, runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 out. Alex Rios (3-4 with a double) had an infield hit, run scored, runners on 1st and 3rd. Marvin Benard (1-4)hit a 3 run homer. It's now 9-3 Sky Chiefs.

Josh Banks' line in a 4-1 Dunedin win tonight: 6 IP, 3 hits, 1 unearned run, 0 walks, 11Ks.

With all that good news, I've got to go.
_Sneeps - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:09 PM EDT (#15762) #
Wow. Nice start for Josh Banks! Is he ready for double A?

9 runs in for Syracuse through 8 innings. Way to go boys!
_Steve Z - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:11 PM EDT (#15763) #
Finally something to get excited about in the minors again!

Great updates, Mike.
_goatboy - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:15 PM EDT (#15764) #
Hey Joshua take a bow that line score is impressive!
_Sneeps - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:19 PM EDT (#15765) #
Rios! Rios! Rios!
_goatboy - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:21 PM EDT (#15766) #
Remember when we were waiting for Dustin McGowan to be promoted to AAA. It was rumored that the Jays front office was waiting for that one utterly dominant start before they sent him to Syarcuse. I wounder if they are waiting for the same thing from Banks, becuase if they are they just got it tonight.
_goatboy - Tuesday, May 18 2004 @ 10:38 PM EDT (#15767) #
of Banks 11 strike outs 6 came in a row, a nice even 3 swinging and 3 looking this was from 1 out in the 3rd to 1 out in the 5th
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