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Chip Cannon hit a homer. New Hampshire had little on the way of offense at home. A last-place team from the St. Petersburg area beat up on the Blue Jays. No wins for you!

Indianapolis 14, Syracuse 11

14 runs today, 13 yesterday. Phew. At least the SkyChiefs got through the game without using a reserve infielder on the mound for two innings. Though with all due respect for Jason Arnold, he wasn't as good as Alfaro yesterday. (Aside: How could Jason Alfaro not get the First Star? Two strikeouts!) Arnold gave up a lot of runs on a lot of hits. Francisco Rosario gave up fewer runs on fewer hits.

Spike Lundberg somehow got stuck with the loss, despite pitching the second best of the five pitchers in yesterday's game. If I sound biased, it's because I could only connect to the live video broadcast when Lundberg was pitching. And he went 1-2-3 in that inning...sort of.

John-Ford Griffin hit a single, double and a homer and drove in a pair. Danny Solano, who I had plum forgot about since last year's Fisher Cat team, had 3 RBI on a triple in the second inning.

Akron 2, New Hampshire 1

Chip Cannon's solo shot in the fifth tied it up at 1, and it stayed that way until the top of the 12th, when Brad Mumma gave up a triple to the first batter he saw and a sac fly ball to the second.

Dustin McGowan gave up just one unearned run before being pulled in the sixth, presumably due to pitch count issues. That and he had two runners on base. Anyway, Tracy Thorpe stranded them and polished off the next inning, followed in turn by Jesse Carlson and Steve Andrade. The trio only gave up one hit over 4.2 innings and struck out 9 of 18 batters faced.

Clearwater 6, Dunedin 5

Michael McDonald had what is referred to as a Quality Start, going six-plus and allowing 4 R (3 ER) on five hits and a walk. Unfortunately, all four of those runs scored in the seventh inning, the last two coming when Brian Reed let both inherited runners score. It was part of a 6-run inning for Clearwater and the Big Bang Theory strikes again.

Notable offensive contributors: Carlo Cota and Eric Arnold each had a homerun, Michael Snyder had two hits and Manny Mayorson drove in a pair.

Lansing had the day off

New Jersey 8, Auburn 4

Honestly, there's not much to say here other than Ryan Patterson hit a homerun and had another single, raising his average to .388 on the year. Brian Pettway and Sean Shoffit each drove in at least a run.

Auburn never held the lead, not after the 2-run first. The only notable fact on the non-hitting side of the boxscore was a 5-4-3-2-3-5-4 double play in the top of the ninth. Try and figure that one out, keeping in mind the batter was out at first and the runner on first was called out at second. Go ahead, I dare you.

Danville 3, Pulaski 2

On the fifth loss of the night, the P-Jays looked surprisingly similar to the parent Jays. It was 3-0 until Pulaski scored two in the bottom of the ninth, pushing the tying run to second base, but it was not enough. Both runs were driven in by Graig Badger on a bases-loaded single to CF.

Joe Wice was almost as good as Danville's Jairo Cuevas through the first five innings, but it did not last through six as Wice went homer-groundout-homer to lose the lead. Too bad -- Wice didn't allow a hit in the fourth and he pitched a perfect fifth. In the end, Cuevas had him beat in both Game Score and Cool Name Score terms last night.

And there were no crazy double plays in Pulaski.

Three-Star Selection (on an 0-5 night):
3. Ryan Patterson
2. Michael MacDonald
1. John-Ford Griffin

Today's Games:
Syracuse (Marcum) @ Indianapolis, 8:00.
New Hampshire does not play today.
Dunedin vs. Clearwater, 7:00.
Lansing vs. Peoria, 7:00.
Auburn vs. New Jersey, 7:00.
Pulaski vs. Bluefield, 7:00.

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Mike Green - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 09:42 AM EDT (#123385) #
The Fisher Cats couldn't get the runner home from third with less than two outs twice late in yesterday's game.

Davis Romero throws for the D-Jays tonight.
fozzy - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 10:56 AM EDT (#123391) #
What the heck has happened to Jason Arnold? He started his stint in the pen off so well, and there was even talk of bringing the dark horse up before Gaudin got the nod (the first time). It looks like he's fallen completely off the map, and if he keeps it up, I just can't see the Jays protecting a 40-man roster spot for him.

Has his velocity decreased, is he injured or fatigued? Or have hitters just figured his stuff out?
Mike Green - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 11:16 AM EDT (#123392) #
I don't know what's up with Arnold. There was criticism of Rosario in the Syracuse Post-Standard for his pitch selection (perhaps he shook off the catcher's "1" sign on a 3-2 pitch in a 9-0 game).
uglyone - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 01:40 PM EDT (#123401) #
I wonder if J.P. will be tempted to bump McGowan up to AAA in August, and, if everything goes well, maybe even MLB in September.

A friend of mine was at the N.H. game yesterday and said McGowan was regularly around 92-93, toppping out at 96, and had good movement on his curve.

Sounds like his arm is pretty close to being in shape, no?
JayFan0912 - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 04:32 PM EDT (#123425) #
A friend of mine was at the N.H. game yesterday and said McGowan was regularly around 92-93, toppping out at 96, and had good movement on his curve.

Last year, scouts said his fastball sat at 94 - 96 mph, touching 98 mph. Do you think this drop is significant ?
R Billie - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 05:35 PM EDT (#123438) #
He's probably not completely back strength and flexibility wise yet. It will take time. Usually a full year of pitching which should place his return to pre-surgery comfort around the middle of next season.

We aren't necessarily seeing the best of McGowan in either velocity or movement at the moment. Which I think is reflected in his modest strikeouts. Though he certainly got better in that respect his last outing.

I would say the safest course this year is to let him finish in AA or maybe a handful of August starts in AAA then send him to the AFL for some additional work. Let him continue to rehab and loosen the elbow in the off-season and see where he is in spring training. He should likely start 2006 in AAA anyway.
Maldoff - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 07:34 PM EDT (#123447) #
Is anyone in here an "Insider" at

They just released an updated top 50 prospects, and I would love to see what it looks like/get a summary of it.
Smaj - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 08:38 PM EDT (#123450) #
I wonder if we are over-valuing the prospects in the Jays sytem?

Baseball America graded the Jays "middle of the pack" in terms of Minor League Prospects. On their Hot Sheet, rarely this season have we witnessed many Jays receiving mention (I think Janssen made the list once, Cannon & Patterson received "In the photo" status). In terms of the various prospect listings that abound at the beginning of the year, the consensus top Jay prospects were : League, Hill, & Quiroz. Rosario, Purcey, Jackson, McGowan, & Banks are often mentioned as the Organizations brightest lights. Over 50% into the season & we have viewed League falter significantly from last year! Quiroz now has questions regarding his health & durability and sadly has played little baseball over the last 18 months. Rosario has fallen backwards since TJ surgery. Purcey looks dominating but control problems are plaguing him right now. Josh Banks is struggling in his second season in AA. Marcum has been hit hard in Syracuse. Not exactly resounding results from the afore mentioned players, in fact disappointing results. The positives have been Hill, obviously adjusting to the SHOW nicely & looking like a solid player for years to come. Janssen has been outstanding this year & hopefully carries on in AA. Chip Cannon has been raking all year & ascending quickly! Dustin McGowan is progressing nicely after TJ & showing signs of his old dominating self rather quickly.

We often give credit to the organizations pitching depth in the minors & I am wondering if we have credence in doing so? JP has openly said "he thinks Banks & Marcum are future bullpen pitchers" which diminishes their value & their impact IMO. Lots of questions on Purcey, Jackson, League, Rosario & McGowan (TJ surgery). Offensively we see some hope in Cannon, Cosby, & Negron having better production but no sure bets here either. We continue to talk about minor league pitching depth to build this club & I am concerned that this organization is not seeing the expected progress from the bulk of its top prospects.

Any thougts or differing views out there?
Gerry - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 10:31 PM EDT (#123466) #
If you look at various interviews and reports on this site over the past few years you will see a couple of things...

1. In a given year one third of your prospects will improve, one third will regress and one third stagnate
2. Each team generates, on average, one major league regular player per year from the draft, ergo one a year should make it
3. Every player has bumps, or learning experiences, on the way to the big leagues
4. Baseball America loves the high impact player, the potential star, more than the major league average player

The Jays do not have many high impact players and therefore do not rate highly in BA ranking.

This year League and Rosario have not moved ahead, although League is still very young. Jackson, Purcey and Janssen are 13 months from the draft, to have two of those pitchers, plus Chip Cannon, make it to AA within a year of the draft is very good. Marcum and Banks do not have dominating stuff and pitchers like that take longer to develop and make it.

In summary I would say it is a mixed bag of a year for the Jays but not a down year.
MatO - Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 11:22 PM EDT (#123475) #
Prospects rarely follow the preconceived schedules we make for them on their path to the majors (which they likely won't make).
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