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I get my thing in action (Verb!)
To be, to see, to feel, to live (Verb!)
That's what's happenin'
I put my heart in action (Verb!)
To run, to go, to get, to give (Verb!) You're what's happenin'
That's where I find satisfaction, yeah! (Yeah!)
Verb: That's What's Happening
From "Schoolhouse Rock/Grammar Rock"

Now that we've worked our way through the 25 most common North American surnames, it's time to return to the "Themes" concept for Hall of Names inspiration ... and this theme is definitely action (word) packed!

Here on Batter's Box, our roster of contributors is filled with names that are also other parts of speech; Price and Furlong are nouns, Green and Burley are adjectives (the latter misspelled, alas), while Drew and Till are, respectively, past-tense and present-tense verbs.

It is the latter category that interests the Hall of Names induction committee right about now. That's right, we'll be constructing a Hall of Names team made up entirely of players whose last/family/surnames double as verbs ... and as always, there are a few rules ...

First, we will not accept players who have verbs embedded in their names (such as Ashburn, Mays and Wills) even if it's a correctly spelled nominalized verb form (see, that English degree finally came in handy) such as Walker, Parker, Fielder, Speaker, Hunter, Bender see the pattern. We also will not accept names that are only parts of verbs and would require an additional word to make sense; so no Nellie "Out" Fox for this team; not even with the first initial "B" does Bob Friend (B. Friend or "befriend") qualify. By extension, neither does Justin Speier "just inspire" an addition to this team.

However, we WILL accept exact homonyms -- names that are spelled differently, but pronounced exactly the same as a verb. For instance, Ron Cey, the Perry brothers, Charlie Hough, Early Wynn and Jose Cruz are eligible (thanks to say, parry, huff, win and cruise, respectively) but Warren Spahn, Gene Mauch and Greg Swindell, for instance, do not qualify ("span" and "mock" carry different middle vowel sounds while "swindle" has a shorter second syllable).

Just to be clear, we are working only with last/family names, for if we included first/given names, we'd be overrun by Arts, Bobs, Bills and even Barrys before we made it to the third letter of the alphabet, with "Don" and "Harry" among the dozens of other possibilities awaiting us.

For proof of concept, for each member of the All-Verb team, we will use the player's name in a sentence. In order to make sure this isn't a team stuffed with guys named May, Cruz and Marshall, among other common verb-like surnames, we will limit ourselves to using a surname just once.

** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

Position Player Proof of Concept Sentence
MGR Harry Wright** (1225-885, winningest verb manager) It was important for us to Wright those wrongs.
C Johnny Bench** (389 homers, 10 Gold Gloves) The coach had to Bench his point guard when she picked up her fourth foul.
1B Mark Grace* (.303; 2445 hits, four Gold Gloves) Will you please Grace us with your presence?
2B Lave Cross (.292; 2645 hits, 1887-1907) Be careful when you Cross the street, Magpie.
SS Ernie Banks** (512 homers; 1960 Gold Glove SS) Nowitzki with the runner ... and he Banks it in!
3B Wade Boggs** (.328, 3010 hits) He talks so much, it really Boggs down the conversation.
LF Elmer Flick** (.313, 330 SB; 1905 AL batting champ) Did you really just Flick that trash onto the ground?
CF Max Carey** (.285, 738 SB) Let me help you Carey out your dastardly plan, sir.
RF Enos Slaughter** (.300 over 19 seasons) Even though that dastardly plan could mean we Slaughter thousands!
DH Pete Rose* (4,256 hits; 18-time All-Star) As a clutch hitter, he frequently Rose to the occasion.
Rotation RHSP Rube Foster** (Negro Leagues)
RHSP Early Wynn** (300-244)
RHSP Mickey Welch** (307-210)
RHSP Gaylord Perry** (314-265)
RHSP Satchel Paige** (Negro Leagues)
In order to Foster a positive atmosphere, he tried to Wynn the respect of others. However, he had to Welch on the deal when he could not Perry the attacks of his detractors. We'll Paige through the manual looking for new ideas.
Bench 1B/C Frank Chance** (.296, 401 SB)
1B/OF Bill Terry** (.341 in 14 years)
IF Joe Tinker** (.262 in 15 years)
IF/OF/SP John Montgomery Ward** (164-102; .275, 540 SB)
No need to Chance it; don't Terry around in order to Tinker with new ideas ... we need to Ward off bad luck right now!

Disclaimers: It's true that Cross was mostly a 3B/C/OF and even played more games at SS than he did across the second base bag, but he did play 60 games at 2B in his career, and the brand new Hall of Names "60 game minimum" requirement makes him eligible ... Seriously, though, suggestions for another 2B are welcome ... The bench is a little short and we welcome additions there, too -- the more creative the better! -- though we do have DH Rose, who played more than 500 games at FIVE different positions throughout his career and could be the definition of a super-utility guy if Terry were to DH ...

Your Challenge ... Notice what's missing? That's right -- an entire bullpen! From closer to long man, we need some relief specialists, even if the guys in that rotation might combine for 135 complete games in a season. Oh, and the rotation sure could use a lefty, though coming up with one good enough to bump a Hall of Famer could be a task! Be sure to include a "proof of concept" sentence especially for those alternate-spelling homonyms.

Reddy? Geaux!

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Magpie - Wednesday, March 08 2006 @ 05:57 PM EST (#142104) #
You need verbs for relief pitchers? Well, suppose I page through the random chaos of my memory... let's face the facts...
Magpie - Wednesday, March 08 2006 @ 05:59 PM EST (#142106) #
And if homonyms are OK, Tommy Byrne gives your rotation a rather wild lefty.
Anders - Wednesday, March 08 2006 @ 07:46 PM EST (#142131) #
Just throwing a couple out there - I believe Mantle can be used as a verb in a very limited sense, similar to clothe.

Also, Mel Ott to do something with his life.
Nolan - Wednesday, March 08 2006 @ 07:58 PM EST (#142136) #
Would Rube "I Waddell like a duck" be a fit in the rotation? [or is his name pronounced differently?]

Perhaps Barry "he who Bonds his hand to the table with superglue" can make the team? Maybe if his transgressions are overlooked.

He may not be good enough to make the team, but Norm "I should Cash in my lottery tickets" had one awesome year.

kinguy - Thursday, March 09 2006 @ 07:39 AM EST (#142166) #
Isn't the 'h' in Spahn pronounced, thus spawn would be the homonym, not span?
kinguy - Thursday, March 09 2006 @ 01:11 PM EST (#142181) #
How about Roy Face as the Closer?
Jim - TBG - Thursday, March 09 2006 @ 01:16 PM EST (#142182) #
Walk, don't run to add Bob Walk to the bullpen.

And certainly Duane would help to Ward off opposing batters as a setup man.
Mike Green - Thursday, March 09 2006 @ 01:42 PM EST (#142184) #
Chipper Jones...Green was jonesing for a chocolate milkshake until his personal trainer told him that it would be a serious mistake...
Mike Green - Friday, March 10 2006 @ 09:56 AM EST (#142222) #
Stan Hack...didn't.
Geoff - Friday, March 10 2006 @ 12:09 PM EST (#142225) #
I'd be Lyon if I said I didn't want Brandon in the bullpen. The Jays Groomed him well and I consider him to be a good Buddy of mine. Speaking of former Jays, I like a reliever who comes in and confidently Weathers the ugliest of situations, so let's call David. Don't Goose Mr. Gossage because he'll Roll over anyone who Fingers him. But for the closer's job, I'd rather Ward off the last few batters with my man Duane.

To Whitt (Ernie), if the rules weren't so strict, we could make another team. Move on, Mo Vaughan, run after and grab Chase Utley and that Frenchie Derek Jeter to throw from the pocket. And don't forget the chippering Jones fella who needs his fix.

Trot into the outfield to meet Nixon, then find out if you can ken a fellow named Griffey, or his dad, or another father/son pair who Bonds them together.

Doc Gooden makes things better, but it would be a stretch to put him into action. I'd say Spahn is a good homonym for spawn, so he can pitch for my team. Wade Miller can take care of the back end of the rotation

And since your team didn't bother with a bullpen, I'm going to take a break and leave the bench empty.

Oh, I see Justin Speier says Mo Vaughan isn't allowed on the team and Chase Utley doesn't have a good family name. Obviously I couldn't be bothered with taking the time to read all the rules.
Geoff - Friday, March 10 2006 @ 12:17 PM EST (#142226) #
bah...some english nazi is likely to point out that if Lyon = lying, then lying is a gerund and not a verb at all. Well I'll have you know it's the present participle form of the verb and is still a verb, you punk.
Geoff - Saturday, March 11 2006 @ 12:04 AM EST (#142256) #
Wondering if I can get an umpire's call on 'Fingers'.

I realize that Hunter and Walker were banned by the ground rules, but good ol' Rollie shouldn't be omitted as 'fing' is not a verb.
Mick Doherty - Sunday, March 12 2006 @ 04:56 PM EST (#142384) #
We already have a Ward on the roster, though we could bump him for Hack, then go with a bullpen of Fingers, Face, Ward and Lyon. Nice!

The first two were also on the all-body-parts team, as I recall.
Geoff - Sunday, March 12 2006 @ 06:39 PM EST (#142398) #
What about Buddy Groom and David Weathers?
Hartley - Monday, March 13 2006 @ 12:32 AM EST (#142422) #
Eddie Miksis his pitches on the mound.

There seemes to Sam Mele at second base.
Hartley - Monday, March 13 2006 @ 12:43 AM EST (#142423) #
In 1986 Gene was Mauched by Angels fans for not winning the American League Championship.

In Chicago fans like to have their eggs either Freyed or Zimmered and served with Franks

Herman Franks, Jim Frey and Don Zimmer former Cubs managers
Mick Doherty - Monday, March 13 2006 @ 09:47 AM EST (#142433) #
Geoff, of course Groom is a lefty and makes it almost by default. Good call. Hartley, good suggestions, though "franks" and "melee" would be nouns, not verbs. And as great a coaching staff as Mauch and Zimmer would be, I think they are off on pronunciation just enough to be in the "Spahn" school.
Hartley - Monday, March 13 2006 @ 08:19 PM EST (#142477) #
I have another right handed pitcher to add to the list
Bill Hands the ball to his manager

Billy Pierced the batter with a high fastball.

purplemouse - Tuesday, March 28 2006 @ 11:25 AM EST (#143578) #
I wonder if Jeff could Russell up a spot as a closer on this team?

Would a Schilling be enough to convince Curt to pitch?

I don't that Vida Blue too many opportunities to be excluded.

Whitey might even Ford a stream to get on to this team.

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.