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Syracuse gave up 21 hits yesterday, the most they have allowed all season, and won in a cakewalk.  Richmond and Syracuse combined for 26 hits in the game.  There were a lot of ugly innings but most were allowed by the affiliates and the Chiefs were the only winners.  Dunedin, Lansing, Auburn and the Chiefs all allowed the opponents to score in double digits.

Richmond 11  Syracuse 23

The Chiefs scored five runs in the first inning but Josh Banks couldn't hang around long enough for the win.  Banks surrendered five runs on ten hits in 3.2 innings and was pulled in favour of Davis Romero Romero has pitched very well out of the bullpen since moving there and he continued that trend with 3.1 shutout innings with three hits allowed and three K's.  The Chiefs tacked on seven runs in the fourth and then in the eighth and criused to the win with Richmond scoring six of their runs in their last two at-bats.  The Chiefs had 25 hits and seven hitters had multi-hit games.  John Hattig went 4-6 with three runs and three RBI's;  Justin Singleton went 4-5 with four runs, an RBI and a home run; Ryan Roberts went 4-6 with two runs scored, five RBI's and two homers.  Rob Cosby, Jason Phillips and Luis Figueroa also homered.

New Hampshire 3  New Britain 4

New Hampshire had their chance in the first inning when two singles, a walk and a hit batter scored a run and had the bases loaded, but Ryan Klosterman hit into a double play and the Fisher Cats could only get two more singles until Eric Kratz homered in the seventh.  Kyle Yates allowed all four runs although only two were earned through 5.2 innings.  New Hampshire added a run in the eighth on back to back doubles by Tim Olson and Ryan PattersonEric Kratz was the only Fisher Cat with two hits in the game.

Fort Myers 11  Dunedin 6

Kurt Isenberg made his first start since being sent down from AA and it was ugly, six hits, three walks, five runs in two innings.  Dunedin battled back to tie the game.  Eric Arnold drove in Carlo Cota in the first.  Josh Kreuzer, back from the DL, drove in a run in the fourth while another scored on a ground out.  Dunedin scored three in the seventh to tie and brought out Milton Tavarez for the ninth.  Tavarez registered the first two outs but then five hits with an error in between allowed Fort Myers to score five runs.  Carlo Cota and Cory Patton had two hits each but Dunedin had no extra base hits.

Lansing 3  Kane County 12

This game was scoreless until the middle of the fourth when Kane County scored one.  Aaron Tressler started and pitched into the sixth with five runs allowed.  Adrian Martin followed and gave up seven runs in an inning to put the game out of reach.  Luke Hetherington and Jacob Butler had two hits each, and again the Lugnuts had no extra base hits.

Auburn 2  Hudson Valley 10

Auburn scored first in this game when Shawn Scobie homered and starter Brian Bull only allowed one run through five innings and left the game tied.  But the Auburn bullpen allowed nine runs and the Doubledays had only four hits.  A forgettable game all round.

Kingsport 5  Pulaski 3

Pulaski scored first with three runs in the fifth inning.  Paul Franko, Baron Frost, Jonathan Jaspe and Raul Barron all had hits in that inning.  On the pitching side it was all hands on deck as Pulaski used eight pitchers.  Nathan Starner, who had been pitching well for Pulaski, came on in the eighth and gave up a triple, a hit batter, a wild pitch and a walk.  Patrick McGuigan followed and with a walk, a single and a throwing error Pulaski were down two.  Raul Barron went 3-4.


3  Justin Singleton
2  John Hattig
1  Ryan Roberts


Syracuse are 43-51, and are in sixth place, 10 and a half games behind Rochester
New Hampshire are 40-54, and are in sixth place, 14 and a half games behind Portland
Dunedin are 13-11, and are in second place, a game and a half behind Clearwater
Lansing are 9-15, and are in fifth place, ten games behind West Michigan
Auburn are 11-14 and are in fifth place, three and a half games behind Mahoning Valley
Pulaski are 17-6 and are in first place, two games ahead of Danville

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Lucky - Monday, July 17 2006 @ 10:51 AM EDT (#150812) #
I am curious as to why Christian Snavely isn't playing more at Dunedin.  Any ideas?  I know he has been considered a "prospect" and the Blue Jays had him learning several positions, the last of which was 1st base, but he hasn't played much at any position this year.
kpataky - Monday, July 17 2006 @ 10:55 AM EDT (#150813) #
I was at 4 of the 5 Fisher Cats games this weekend in New Britain - all losses. Here are some comments from what I saw (in no particular order):

1) Erik Kratz's home run yesterday in New Britain was the farthest I've ever seen hit - a real bomb. It clanked off the pole which supports the light stantion beyond the left center field wall - all the way at the top and then disappeared into the trees. In his next at bat, he smoked a ball off the chalk down the left field line for a double.

2) Kyle Yates was having problems throwing his curve ball yesterday because of the oppressive heat. He was constantly high, so he was working behind in the count constantly with fastballs and changeups - which New Britain was hitting.

3) Ryan Patterson has an extremly strange approach at the plate. It looks like he's just standing there all rigid. From the 1st base dugout looking at him, all you can see is the top of his helmet - it looks like he's staring at the ground in front of home plate about 10 feet, and he undercuts a lot of pitches.

4) Ryan Klosterman is an extremely enrgetic and upbeat kid. Always bouncing and moving around - even in the field between batters. He reminds me a lot of Aaron Hill.

5) Ismael Ramirez looked sharp in his start but hit the pitching count wall. Then the wheels fell off when they had to use their bullpen.

6) Brian Wolfe and Danny Hill looked overmatched at this level.

7) Jesse Litsch is one of the fastest working pitchers I have ever seen. He gets the ball back from the catcher and just chucks it.

8) Chip Cannon looks tired - and he is one of the slowest baserunners I've seen since Chris Chambliss.

9) David Smith is really cut and has an amazingly strong and accurate arm.

10) Curtis Thigpen had a dreadful series - playing in only 3 of the 5 games he was 3-12 at the plate, was 0-8 in  SB attempts, he had a throwing error and 2 PBs

11) Manny Mayorson looks comfortable playing 2B.

12) Adam Lind is one of the most fan unfriendly players I've seen come through the Eastern League.

13) Ricky Romero lacks confidence.
Marc Hulet - Monday, July 17 2006 @ 01:33 PM EDT (#150815) #
Probably because Snavely is struggling to hit .220 with little or no power.  And he is not a good defender at any position.
MatO - Monday, July 17 2006 @ 03:10 PM EDT (#150821) #

Auburn had an afternoon game and prevailed 4-1 behind the excellent pitching of 19 yr-old Aussie Shane Benson who gave up 1ER over 6IP with 5H 1BB and 8K.  He throws 86-88 so I'm guessing he must have good breaking stuff to pile up those K's.  I'm sure the Jays are hoping that Benson adds a few mph to his fastball as he matures.  He certainly has the frame to do so at 6'4" and 190 lbs.

Mike Green - Monday, July 17 2006 @ 03:16 PM EDT (#150822) #
Ted Serro threw 3 no-hit innings in relief of Benson, with 4 strikeouts.  He hasn't been scored upon yet this season.
Pistol - Monday, July 17 2006 @ 04:37 PM EDT (#150823) #

Exhibit A why college stats don't mean too much - Christian Snavely and Nick Swisher were teammates at Ohio St.  Snavely's 2003 was slightly better than Swisher's 2002:


2003 0.335 0.487 0.665
2002 0.360 0.438 0.596


2002 0.348 0.470 0.620

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