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The bad news is that Oakland's a good team that's just beginning to learn how terrifying its best 9-man lineup can be. The good news is that Oakland's strong bullpen is thoroughly depleted and the Jays avoid Dan Haren.

Tonight's starting pitcher is ex-Red Sox lefty Lenny DiNardo, making his seventh start of the year after a very good run in Oakland's bullpen as their Scott Downs. Here is the book on DiNardo from Theo Epstein via Sox Prospects: "DiNardo is a very crafty lefty. His stuff does not blow you away, but he really knows how to pitch. He changes speeds, he has a good changeup, he's tough on righties with his changeup. If he sticks, it will be as a left-handed long guy. A guy to turn a lineup around." He also throws a slop curveball. DiNardo's cut fastball hovers around 80. Eight zero. Like Shaun Marcum's changeup, and nobody's ever called that guy overpowering, at least not in the traditional sense. But DiNardo has been extremely effective for the A's; he sports a 2.47 ERA and very high groundball rate.

DiNardo had a HR/Fly rate in the 20s last year and a .372 BABIP pitching in Fenway, possibly the worst place on earth to be a lefty who tops out in the low 80s. His emergence appears to be fueled by nothing more than good luck replacing very bad luck and a favorable park replacing a very unfavorable one (it's definitely not a product of strikeouts and walks). It's an illustration of why it's almost always wise to regress those two particular stats toward 11% and .300 respectively when predicting a pitcher's future, and regress 'em good. The guy DiNardo's facing tonight is one instance of a pitcher who is a very good candidate for a similarly shocking turnaround in 2008, if not the next three months.

To a man, the Jays owned DiNardo last year, with only one exception: Lyle Overbay, who was made to look hopelessly inept every time up on the way to a 0-5 line with 3 strikeouts. The Jays should aim to get on base at all costs and knock DiNardo out as swiftly as possible to put a heavy workload on Oakland's pen in the first game of the series.

It gets more difficult tomorrow. Joe Blanton will be the toughest obstacle the Jays' bats face this series. Blanton is a big, hard-throwing control pitcher in the midst of a breakout season. He gives the bottom of the strike zone a beating. He throws in the low 90s and has four good pitches, particularly his 12-6 curve which is a big strikeout threat. For what it's worth Blanton threw a large quantity of changeups to lefties in obvious fastball counts in the one start I saw. The Jays' most successful hitter against Blanton has been one Reed Johnson. Vernon Wells is 5-15 with a homer and a walk.

The second Joe the Jays face is Joe Kennedy, the lefty who defeated them 1-0 on Tony Fernandez Day in 2001. There are two important things about Joe Kennedy: down, and away. He's a trashball lefty in the same mold as DiNardo, except he throws much harder and therefore has a greater velocity difference between his 90ish fastball and his breaking stuff. Like DiNardo, though, his K/BB numbers are not good, and his groundball tendencies are the #1 cause of his success. Vernon Wells is 4-27 with 4 walks and a homer against Kennedy. Jason Phillips is 1-1 with a double and 2 walks, and Wednesday's game is a matinee after a night game, and Curtis Thigpen is apparently banned from starting at catcher, so...

Oakland's bullpen is banged up. Huston Street, Justin Duchscherer and Kiko Calero are all on the disabled list. In their place are a bunch of lefties. Alan Embree has been used as a closer, while live-armed righty Santiago Casilla is the A's top fireman; both pitched yesterday. Casilla has been a major revelation this year, as he's finally overcome the walk problems that troubled him in each of his last three shots at pitching in the majors. They also have this Canadian kid, Rich Harden, who throws real hard and has a nasty splitter. He's pitched very well in a couple of relief appearances after returning from injury and might go for the save tonight if the opportunity arises. The A's pen is full of flyball pitchers, with one notable exception: lefty Jay Marshall. Gregg Zaun, Matt Stairs and Lyle Overbay are huge DP threats against Marshall.

Then there's the guy I'm really looking forward to seeing. Dallas Braden, a 23-year-old lefty out of Texas Tech who rocketed to the majors on the strength of his screwball. He had a run as a starter earlier this year and was recently recalled from the minors to strengthen the bullpen. "Braden's strong start" on this page is a video of him making a bunch of righthanded Devil Rays swing at air.

The A's lineup looks prepared to become a second-half juggernaut like it usually is, thanks to unexpected contributions from Jack Cust and Dan Johnson. For the benefit of those who live under rocks, the A's acquired the comically powerful Cust this offseason and gave him a shot at DHing when the injured Mike Piazza got injured. They have been justly rewarded, as Cust is playing up to his potential and beyond. The line in the chart speaks for itself.

Shannon Stewart, uncharacteristically bad in 2005 and injured in 2006, was a nice buy-low for the A's this year. For $1M, they have a leftfielder who's a professional hitter and OBP machine who isn't hurt too much by hitting in Oakland. The A's are sacrificing a bit of defense to get him into the lineup everyday, but such is life.

With Travis Buck, Bobby Kielty and (surprise!) Chris Snelling hurt, line-drive-hitting stud catcher prospect Kurt Suzuki, vet outfielder Dee Brown and hustling infielder Donnie Murphy have been called up to comprise the bench.

The Credit Section: All offensive stats, pitches per PA for pitchers and league average stats are from the Hardball Times. Pitchers' stats and leverage indices are from Fangraphs. Minor-league stats are from Minor League Splits. K% and BB% are strikeouts and walks as a percentage of plate appearances; GB% + LD% + FB% = 100.

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Mike Green - Monday, July 02 2007 @ 10:54 PM EDT (#170940) #
Cust's line is even a little better than the chart shows!  Of the balls he has hit in the air this season, 2.9% have been of the infield variety and 41.6% have gone over the fence. Now that's a lovely ratio.   You can strike out 190 times a season with those kinds of numbers, and still be effective.
scottt - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 12:41 AM EDT (#170944) #
In his last 3 outings, Frasor has yielded 7 earned runs through 1.1 innings.  Pitcher's slump? It's not like he's been pitching under a lot of pressure.
China fan - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 03:04 AM EDT (#170945) #

   In today's Globe, Jeff Blair is reporting that the Jays will consider trading A.J. Burnett before the trade deadline.  He reports: "There is considerable sentiment within the organization to cut the relationship with Burnett.....  It would require some financial creativity on the part of Ricciardi, but Burnett's lack of reliability may mean it's time for the Blue Jays to cut their losses."

   My comment:  I think Blair is accurately reporting the mood of frustration within the Jays organization.  He is talking to serious baseball people within the organization, and this is their conclusion.  For whatever reason, it seems that Burnett cannot pitch for more than a couple months without going onto the DL.   It doesn't matter whose fault it is.  Maybe Burnett is legitimately feeling pain when he goes onto the DL each time, but the Jays just cannot afford to have a pitcher who is so unreliable.  As fans, a lot of us sympathize with Burnett -- some even claim that Burnett is "picked on" by peope who are "too macho" -- but I tend to put greater faith in Blair and his sources, which have proven reliable in the past.

  By the way, the latest news is that Burnett will be gone from the Jays lineup for several weeks with "mild strain" in his shoulder.


Mike Green - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 09:51 AM EDT (#170956) #
The operative word in the diagnosis section of the Blair piece on Burnett is "impingement".  The word is sometimes used loosely, but as you can see, is often reflective of a significant condition. It surprises me that Dr. Andrews did not order an MR scan, unless one was done in Toronto.

Litsch has actually had 24 double A and triple A starts now, with FIP around 3.5, and solid K/W/GB ratios.  I think that it's a little early for him, but on sober second thought, it is not as clear a case as Janssen last year.  He might end up sticking this time.

Mick Doherty - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 10:40 AM EDT (#170962) #

You can strike out 190 times a season with those kinds of numbers, and still be effective.

Ah, but Cust is on pace, for a 600-AB season (which he won't get of course) to strike out 236 times. And that's a hell of a lot, a number even Adam Dunn might blush at.

Mike Green - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 10:54 AM EDT (#170963) #
Yep, Cust does strike out more than Adam Dunn.  But, Dunn hits oodles of pop-ups.  Anyways, Cust's minor league record from 04-06 does suggest that he's a little over his head.  He is still a heck of an acquisition off the scrap heap.
Lefty - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 11:12 AM EDT (#170965) #

But with the Blue Jays showing little inclination to force general manager J.P. Ricciardi to become a buyer at the July 31 trade deadline, there is at least a likelihood that Ricciardi will see if there is any interest in Burnett when he starts sifting through trade possibilities.

You know, I just read that Blair piece a little differently. Not that I'm not saying that there remains at least a likelyhood.

ayjackson - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 11:21 AM EDT (#170967) #
It's nice to see that Jesse was able to get his confidence back right away upon being demoted.  His recent stint at AA and AAA must reinforce his confidence that he can dominate in the minors and is ready for exposure to major league pitching.  The first time around came out of the blue.
Pistol - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 12:14 PM EDT (#170968) #
Jeff Blair is reporting that the Jays will consider trading A.J. Burnett before the trade deadline

I can't see this happening for a couple of reasons:

1.  Burnett is on the DL and it sounds like he won't make a start for the Jays for a month.  So I can't imagine anyone trading for him prior to the July 31 deadline if he's on the DL.  I can't see a team putting in a claim for him in August coming off of an injury either.

2.  Even if 1. isn't a factor Burnett's opt out complicates things.  If you trade for him and he pitches well and is healthy at the end of next year he's going to require an extension or sign somewhere else.  If he doesn't pitch well he's going to cost the team that trades for him $24 million in 2009 and 2010.  Who's going to trade something of worth for that?

And even if the Jays just plain dumped him for the cost savings who are they signing with that money?

The Jays best option is to ride Burnett out and get what they can out of him.  It's the Jays problem if they're frustrated with Burnett - they knew what they were getting.
timpinder - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 12:40 PM EDT (#170969) #
I don't see it happening either, but I'd love to see Glaus and/or Burnett traded if it brought in young, controlled, healthy talent.  For all their up-side, Glaus and Burnett are useless when they're sitting on the bench or in a doctor's office.
danjulien - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 12:53 PM EDT (#170970) #
Has anyone noticed that Marcum now leads the team in VORP, this snuck up on me, I know he's pitching quite well but this kid is starting to have a season for himself.  I'd be more than ok with the team trading Burnett with all the average starters the Jays have if he can get .95 cents on the dollar for him.  He's not greatly overpaid but has proven to be an injury concern.  I'd love some good position prospects...
Ryan Day - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 12:56 PM EDT (#170971) #
Glaus isn't that frail. Sure, he'll probably need a stint on the DL once a year, and he needs games off now and then, but he still played 149 games in 2005, 153 in 2006, and after his weird foot problems in April he's played 23 games in June and 24 in July. I'm not complaining.
Thomas - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 12:59 PM EDT (#170972) #
Over on BTF Keith Law suggests the substance of Blair's article is coming right from JP's mouth.
Ryan Day - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 01:02 PM EDT (#170973) #
Well, that probably means Blair is completely making it up and Burnett is about to sign a five-year extension.
Rob - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 01:27 PM EDT (#170976) #
Keith Law suggests the substance of Blair's article is coming right from JP's mouth

Blair's taken it upon himself to be Ricciardi's mouthpiece before and this time, when it involves Blair's favourite pitcher, I don't doubt for a second that he wanted to share that nugget right away.

To say it in a less convoluted fashion, Keith's right.
Mike Green - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 01:27 PM EDT (#170977) #
The suggestion that the Blue Jays might "force" Ricciardi to be a buyer at the deadline seems bizarre to me.  I had always thought that GMs came running to owners asking for cash at the deadline, if they thought it advisable to buy, rather than being forced by owners flush with cash to spend it.

I had also thought that there was money in the kitty, courtesy of the non-signings of Lilly and Meche in the off-season.  Surely, if the club decides to be sellers rather than buyers at the deadline, it will have everything to do with an estimation of the team's chances of winning in 2007 (which presumably is in the GM's rather than the owner's bailiwick).
Ron - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 01:45 PM EDT (#170983) #
I would like to know what kind of pictures JP has on Ted Rogers that allows him to keep his job. Blair has proven to be the best Jays insider and I have no doubt he is speaking the truth here. Frankly, the Jays have very little to complain about when it comes to AJ Burnett. This is the same player that was booted out of the clubhouse and sent home before he hit the open market. AJ Burnett has always been moody and injury prone his whole career. If you signed AJ thinking he would give you 35 starts per season and be a mature model citizen the whole 5 years, you simply didn't do your homework.

It looks like this marriage has gotten ugly and I can only hope JP doesn't make a sunk cost kind of deal. if you're going to dump AJ just to clear some salary, you might as well start a firesale and dump Doc, Wells, Glaus, Thomas,. etc... and start a new 5 year plan with a different GM.

In his last chat, Joe Sheehan said the Jays are a .500 club today and a .500 club in the future. Frankly, I can't disagree with him. I sure hope Ted Rogers isn't happy with mediocrity. Mark my words, the Jays will never make the playoffs/win the World Series with JP as the Jays GM.

PaulE-O - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 01:52 PM EDT (#170984) #
I have to agree with Ron actually. This team has no identity.  I think JP has shown that he's effective at fielding a team on a shoe-string budget, but that's he not able to build a playoff team
BigTimeRoyalsFan - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 02:35 PM EDT (#170992) #
I think JP has shown that he's effective at fielding a team on a shoe-string budget, but that's he not able to build a playoff team

JP has never shown any ability to field an effective team on a tight budget.

Four Seamer - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 02:42 PM EDT (#170994) #

The suggestion that the Blue Jays might "force" Ricciardi to be a buyer at the deadline seems bizarre to me.  I had always thought that GMs came running to owners asking for cash at the deadline, if they thought it advisable to buy, rather than being forced by owners flush with cash to spend it.

Mike, it may be that I am misreading Blair, but I took his comment to mean that the team on the field was doing nothing to force JP's hand, eg by running off a long win streak.  I don't think ownership enters into it.

Mike Green - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 02:53 PM EDT (#170997) #
You're probably right, Four Seamer.   I suppose anticipatory defeatism is better than avoidance of responsibility, but still.  If it is true that Jeff Blair is speaking words straight from Ricciardi's mouth, it does not speak well of him.  A good general manager would not feel the need to lay the public relations groundwork for selling at the deadline, but rather would have the confidence to do it, if the need arose, at the time. There is nothing wrong with quietly exploring options, but it cannot be good for team morale to discuss it 4 weeks ahead of the deadline, when the club could, with a little run, find itself back in the thick of things.

Four Seamer - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 03:15 PM EDT (#170999) #
I agree with you there, Mike.  The only thing that isn't clear to me is whether it is grand design on JP's part, or another example of his tongue getting ahead of his brain.
Ryan Day - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 03:27 PM EDT (#171000) #

I don't know how much Ricciardi can blame the team while the team still includes the likes of Jason Phillips and Royce Clayton. Is it at all possible for Curtis Thigpen to be less useful than Phillips? And Clayton... well, how bad is it when I'm hoping to see John McDonald on a regular basis?

I understand the reason for signing these guys, and hey, it worked out with Matt Stairs. But there is clearly no lightning in the bottle, nor life in the battery, and it is time to move on to Plan B. Or C. I'll settle for Plan Q, as long as it doesn't involve Clayton.

King Rat - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 04:23 PM EDT (#171007) #
J.P. seems to do this every year at this time: the story wherin he says that unless the team forces his hand, he's going to stand pat or sell is something of a July tradition. And, as other people have pointed out, it's a little weak when he persists in keeping Royce Clayton and Jason Phillips on the roster.

It's important, I think, not to overstate the amount of bad luck the Jays have had this year. It's certainly been extensive, but they've also been lucky repeatedly, particularly with the pitching. If you'd told me at the beginning of the season that Accardo, Janssen, Marcum and McGowan would be performing well in July as the closer, set-up man an 3 and 4 starters, I wouldn't have believed you. The problems with this year's team aren't questions of luck-they're problems of design.

scottt - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 04:23 PM EDT (#171008) #
I don't see Burnett's health having much impact on the team.

Let's see. Reed Johnson, B. J. Ryan, Chacin, Overbay, League, Glauss and Zaun even Halladay has hit the DL. Okha got the boot. Thomson never made the team and Zambrano has been terrible.

Wells has had a awful half season. Right off the bat, Ryan lost 2 games that were already won by trying to close injured and then they made Frasor lose a couple more before running out of option and giving Accardo the job.

Since the May Meltdown, they've been as good as any team in the AL East. Boston is likely to slow down considerably in the second half--Lowell always struggle after the AS break. The Yanks will likely get someone to play first base and improve their pen.

Glauss is fine at 3rd. No point in making a trade unless it solves the catcher/SS situation for at least the next 2 years. If the offense picks up, we'll have a race. If it doesn't, there will be a couple of holes to patch next year. 

For now, I'd like to see Downs getting some starts. A leadoff hitter who can steal bases and a catcher who can throw out runners might be too much to ask.
BigTimeRoyalsFan - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 04:47 PM EDT (#171009) #
While I too wish we had a leadoff hitter who could steal bases, what's the sense in wasting money on one if management won't let them run anyways? I hate how Vernon and Rios are only allowed to run with a 3 run lead.
Rob - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 05:41 PM EDT (#171013) #
Let me get this straight...

Ron (August 8, 2005):

On the positive side, I feel like the Jays are only a number 2 pitcher and number 4 hitter away from being serious playoff contenders. Hello AJ Burnett and Carlos Lee!

Ron (July 3, 2007);

AJ Burnett has always been moody and injury prone his whole career. If you signed AJ thinking he would give you 35 starts per season and be a mature model citizen the whole 5 years, you simply didn't do your homework.


Ron (March 25, 2006, emphasis mine):

What evidence do you have of AJ being treated poorly besides what AJ has said?

Ron (March 27, 2007, emphasis mine):

One player that has been ignored by the media and fans this Spring is AJ Burnett. AJ says he's %100 healthy right now. Is this the year AJ finally lives up to his potential/terrific stuff and contends for the CY Young?

So you believe him some of the time and you didn't do your homework? Do I have that right?
Ron - Tuesday, July 03 2007 @ 09:55 PM EDT (#171018) #
Rob, I don't understand the point/question you're trying to make.

I was happy when the Jays signed AJ as a free agent and still think he's a solid starter when healthy. The problem is that he has trouble staying healthy. When the Jays signed him, I didn't expect him to make every scheduled start during the 5 seasons.

braden - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 08:51 AM EDT (#171023) #

I'll bet Glaus wishes he'd missed the bus to the park yesterday.  I'm not sure I've ever seen him have such a bad game.

- 1st inning: Rios on third, one out.  Troy can't get him home.

- 2nd inning: Throwing error leads directly to unearned run.

- 5th(?) inning: Rios on second, nobody out.  Glaus can't get him over/home.

-7th inning: Glaus on first, nobody out.  Caught trying to tag on Thomas's fly ball.

-9th inning:  Troy is the tying run and grounds out to end the game.


Of all his faults last night, running himself into the double play was the most puzzling.  I know the Jays were trying to manufacture a run there since Blanton wasn't giving them anything, but Troy should have realized about a quarter of the way to second base that he was cooked.  I'm sure they were hoping Kotsay would take a lazy approach to the play but he was settled under it nicely.  Glaus has to recognize that.

AWeb - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 10:04 AM EDT (#171025) #
The Jays have struck me as a team that is gasping for air as they head to the all-star break. They've been committing a lot of errors lately, including a baffling number by the pitchers with 16 so far. No team has had more than 22 from their pitchers for an entire year since 2001 (didn't check farther back than that. Throw in league leading error totals from Catcher and First base, and this likely confirms my impression that many of the errors have been throwing (errors are rarely assigned to catchers and pitchers on non-throws), on pickoffs and attempted throws to second. It has looked sloppy, as they press themselves into errors in vain attempts to control the opposition running game.

With Glaus always slightly hobbled, McDonald and Stairs unexpectedly playing everyday, Zaun back after a long injury, the Jays could use a day off or three. And the return of Johnson and Overbay.
Barry Bonnell - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 10:18 AM EDT (#171026) #
Frank Markotich - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 11:07 AM EDT (#171030) #

"Bang on"? Hardly. This is typical ignoramus sportswriter blather.

So this guy thinks the problem with the offense is that they're waiting for home runs that rarely materialize? The fact is that the team is third in the league in home runs. The problem with the offense is blindingly obvious to anyone with a functioning set of brain cells. The team is 12th in the league in on base percentage. That's why the offense is struggling, not because Troy Glaus and Frank Thomas don't steal enough bases.



ayjackson - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 11:19 AM EDT (#171031) #

Halladay and Marcum get the first two starts this weekend in the Cleveland series.  Who should get the Sunday start heading into the All-Star break?

  1. Towers regular start on five days rest.
  2. Litsch on four days rest.
  3. McGowan on three days rest.
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 11:36 AM EDT (#171033) #
Towers should get the start.

Frank Markotich is precisely right.  The major offensive problem is poor on-base percentages from the catchers, shortstops, centerfielder and leftfielders. These problems are partially remediable with Johnson's return, a return to form from Wells and increased use of Curtis Thigpen. 

China fan - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 11:46 AM EDT (#171035) #
   How about Taubenheim or Banks or even Zambrano, rather than Towers?    It's obvious that Towers won't be with this team next year, so it's time to figure out whether anyone else is able to step up to the rotation.
John Northey - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 12:16 PM EDT (#171040) #
Actually, given how he has pitched so far I'd say send Litsch down for a start then bring him up, then send down, then bring up ... :)

Towers should start on Sunday though, with Litsch getting a couple of innings in as well if Towers is gone by the 4th.
Dave Till - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 12:21 PM EDT (#171041) #
If the Jays are only going to score one run a game, it doesn't matter who starts. So I'd go with the guy with the longest rest.

I'm not sure how you cure Toronto's hitting problems. The Jays are hitting home runs and doubles, and their walk total is respectable (tied for fifth in the league). They're just not getting many base hits.

I guess it might be time to change hitting coaches again. Or is it just bad luck? Have they been hitting a lot of baseballs right at people?

Ryan Day - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 12:47 PM EDT (#171042) #

The big problem (duh) is that at any given point, if one player is hot, at least two others are cold or injured.

In April, Hill and Wells hit quite well. Thomas was okay (793 OPS), Rios and Overbay were mediocre, and Glaus was hurt.

In May, Rios caught fire, Overbay heated up, Glaus was okay, Vernon Wells fell off the cliff, and Hill sunk to mediocrity.

In June, Wells continued to suck, apparently brought Hill with him, and Overbay got hurt. Glaus and Thomas hit very well, and Rios was pretty good.

I don't know why everyone got so streaky all of a sudden. And not just "hot and cold" like you'd expect, but some serious, flat-out suckitude. How do you explain Vernon Wells' horrible performance? Even in what's probably his worst season (2005), he never had a month as bad as May 2007. Even if you don't think he's an all-star calibre player, he's never been this bad before.

The knee-jerk reaction would be to fire the hitting coach. And at this point, I'm not sure I'm entirely opposed to a knee-jerk reaction or two.

AWeb - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 12:59 PM EDT (#171043) #
And at this point, I'm not sure I'm entirely opposed to a knee-jerk reaction or two.

I like it! I'd say any reaction at all would be a good one, aside form the media bleatings of  "injury, injury, unlucky!" that the team gives. It's one thing to be steady and calm, but when the offense is underperforming (due mainly to the gaping holes we all feared in March at SS and Catcher) for as long as it has, shouldn't someone in the organization get the blame once in a while? And by get the blame, I mean get shown the door, as is traditional in most professional sports. If the current personnel is supposed to be good enough to contend (and with Wells, Thomas, Zaun and Lind all underperforming expectations, it wasn't unreasonable to expect better), then hold someone accountable for the failure. Show us, the fans, that another year of mediocrity is not acceptable.
Craig B - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 04:23 PM EDT (#171053) #

And at this point, I'm not sure I'm entirely opposed to a knee-jerk reaction or two.

"The executions will continue until morale improves."

(I'm not opposed to a knee-jerk reaction or two either, though)

Craig B - Wednesday, July 04 2007 @ 04:33 PM EDT (#171054) #
Hill has also tailed off badly, he's hitting .235 with one homer and a .650 OPS in the past month.  Over the same time, Lind has been even worse (.226/.263/.376).  Clayton, of course, has hardly played but has been unspeakable (.152/.216/.212). 
Maldoff - Thursday, July 05 2007 @ 08:53 AM EDT (#171073) #
Quick summary of JP on the Fan 590 this morning: - Reed Johnson will be back tomorrow night (no word on corresponding roster move) - No idea yet on Glaus - have to wait for the swelling to go down - Burnett needs to learn to pitch through minor discomfort; he's probably been scarred by all the major injuries - If Burnett keeps getting hurt, they'll bump McGowan and Marcum up in the rotation and put at AJ as the 4th starter - He thinks Hill can play a very good SS (not as good as 2B, but definitely good enough); maybe even Adams comes up this season to play 2B - League has been OK, but not good enough yet; possible he spends the whole season in AAA
Maldoff - Thursday, July 05 2007 @ 08:56 AM EDT (#171074) #

Sorry about the lack of formatting (it looked right in the preview). 

JP also mentioned that the organization thinks that Janssen's future is in the rotation.

Rob - Thursday, July 05 2007 @ 03:36 PM EDT (#171137) #
Clayton, of course, has hardly played but has been unspeakable (.152/.216/.212).

Where have we seen that before?
CeeBee - Thursday, July 05 2007 @ 07:51 PM EDT (#171166) #

At least Alfonso only got 42 plate appearances. Clayton and Phillips have been here not only too long but also played way too much.

Bring back Sal and Russ  or Olmendo or almost anyone with a wee bit of potential.!!!

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