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Yep -- as you will no doubt have noticed from the previous feature (oh, and billions of other media outlets), it's New Year's Eve. And that means one thing around North America -- making resolutions.

Now's your chance to share either your own baseball-related resolution, posted in public where you'll have no choice but to own up to it a year from now, or -- if you want to go for the cheap laugh, to post a resolution "on behalf of" someone in MLB.

That said, a few pointers ...

  • Don't go for the obvious; "The Toronto Blue Jays resolve to win the World Series in 2008." Well, duh, yeah.
  • Make them realistic, if possible -- "John McDonald resolves to hit 75 home runs this year, just to stick it to Barry Bonds" ... well, not so much, you know?
  • Speaking of Bonds, let's say -- no steroids-related resolutations, either way, okay?
  • Don't limit yourselves to just the Blue Jays -- there's a whole wide world of ballplayers out there!
  • Be nice -- or at least be civil! No "I (insert name of player) resolve to have a career-ending injury this year" shenanigans.

Too many rules? Nah -- now, have some fun and as the headline says, show some resolve!

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Mike Green - Monday, December 31 2007 @ 01:43 PM EST (#178350) #
Blue Jay pitchers resolve to hit the weight room regularly this off-season under the watchful eye of the strength and conditioning coach. Music to work out to comes from the Talking Heads: "This aint no party, this aint no disco, this aint no fooling around". 
HollywoodHartman - Monday, December 31 2007 @ 03:24 PM EST (#178358) #
Vernon Wells resolves to make sure his contract isn't seen as an albatross in its very first year.
jeff mcl - Monday, December 31 2007 @ 05:51 PM EST (#178363) #
Brian Tallet, Dustin McGowan and Reed Johnson all resolve to shave on a daily basis OR commit to the full Jeff Reardon beard.
brent - Monday, December 31 2007 @ 06:18 PM EST (#178364) #
Craig Biggio will resolve to stay retired and not tarnish a wonderful career. Richard Griffin will resolve to give credit to JP when credit is due.
clark - Monday, December 31 2007 @ 08:15 PM EST (#178365) #

I would like to see all the general managers and managers in baseball stop screwing Shea Hillenbrand.  Hey, the guy is a quality player in the prime of his career!

parrot11 - Monday, December 31 2007 @ 08:48 PM EST (#178366) #
Frank Thomas resolves not to hit any children in the Jays promotional video.
John Northey - Tuesday, January 01 2008 @ 11:29 AM EST (#178367) #
That HOF voters actually use statistics as a device to understand the players eligible rather than the way a drunk uses a lightpost (ie: the voter who said Raines should've ran in all situations rather than just the right ones to enhance his HOF chances, all those who say 'Morris had more wins in the 80's than anyone else' as a big reason for voting for him).

That we fans (myself included) accept that sportswriters have just one goal: to draw us in and read their article - not to tell the truth or to provide insight, thus explaining Griffen.

That all of us here go and enjoy the games in 2008, finding something new to enjoy every game rather than finding something new to complain about every game. First place or last place there is always something positive that can be found (for the 1899 Spiders it was seeing if they could get to 20 wins, Jack Harper pitching (only guy with an ERA+ over 69), getting any seat you wanted at their games, probably a lot of weird plays occurred too).
Chuck - Tuesday, January 01 2008 @ 12:12 PM EST (#178368) #
That we fans (myself included) accept that sportswriters have just one goal: to draw us in and read their article - not to tell the truth or to provide insight

John, I would argue that sportswriters believe that they are telling the truth and providing insight. Their problem isn't necessarily one of integrity, rather one of competence.
TimberLee - Tuesday, January 01 2008 @ 09:36 PM EST (#178376) #

The primary goal of every sportswriter is the same as that of any employed person - namely, to  keep the boss happy. In the writer's case, that means writing something. It must be difficult to find inspiration, energy and initiative every single day, but they still have to produce something. Jeez, just enjoy the good stuff. If a writer's stuff is consistently bad, just ignore it. Enjoy the Game. Enjoy the year. Enjoy life. Happy new year.

China fan - Wednesday, January 02 2008 @ 03:19 AM EST (#178379) #
   How about if we resolve to accept that statistics are a highly useful -- but not universal -- explanation for what happens in baseball.  And to accept that our own statistical obsessions will never be shared by everyone, and that it is unfair to blast others as "incompetent" if they don't share our statistical obsessions.  Most fans are equally interested (or more interested) in baseball players and managers as human beings and personalities, and this is naturally what we will see in the sports pages and on television.  I think that Bauxites should resolve not to behave as an arrogant elite who hold the sole truth.  Personality and character does explain some of what happens in baseball, and statistics are not the only predictor of future performance.   Personally, I highly value the insightful analysis that we receive from most posters on Batter's Box, and I find that it greatly enriches my understanding of baseball, but I think the wisdom of the Bauxites would spread faster if it was communicated more gently and with less snobbery.  
John Northey - Wednesday, January 02 2008 @ 12:26 PM EST (#178381) #
Well said China fan. I'm a big time stats guy (as many probably guessed) but anyone with a degree in it should know that no stat can explain 100% of anything. That is part of the fun with statistics, that there is always a variable out there that cannot be fully accounted for, especially if you are doing something involving people.

So, while stats make me feel strongly that Jeter is a poor defensive SS I try not to make fun of those who feel he is as there could be an element not showing up in stats (even though many have dug into it in many, many, many ways).

The only spot for making fun is whenever someone goes out and states the exact opposite of what they said earlier or tries to prove something with stats that show the reverse (protection for Dale Murphy was a big one back in the 80's, TBS announcers used to site stats with Bob Horner behind him in the order as proof Horner was providing protection when Murphy actually hit better without Horner behind him - yes, I am getting old).
SK in NJ - Wednesday, January 02 2008 @ 03:41 PM EST (#178386) #

Didn't know where to put these minor transactions, but here you go.

Blue Jays signed outfielder Reed Johnson to a one-year, $3.275 million contract.
Johnson, in his next-to-last year of arbitration, receives a $200,000 raise despite missing half of last season and hitting just .236/.305/.320 when healthy. The Jays will have him start in left field versus lefties and batting Matt Stairs for the at-bats against righties. This could prove to be his last year in Toronto, depending on how well Adam Lind progresses.

Blue Jays signed LHP John Parrish, RHP Lance Carter and LHP Ryan Ketchner to minor league contracts.
Parrish picked an odd place to sign, as the Jays already have Scott Downs and Brian Tallet assured spots as bullpen lefties, not to mention B.J. Ryan on the way back. There were plenty of clubs he would have had a better chance of making. Carter is back in the U.S. after posting a 4.48 ERA in 86 1/3 innings for the Orix Blue Wave last season.

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.