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From Sam, via Gerry: Almost a clean sweep on the farm last night. Sean Reid-Foley continues to be lights out in High-A ball and Ryan Borucki had one of the better starts of his career.

Louisville 6 BUFFALO 9

A big sixth inning paced Buffalo last night. Jesus Montero had three hits. Junior Lake joined him, but doubled twice and tripled. Drew Hutchison pitched six innings of three run baseball. He walked three and struck out seven. His ERA stands now at 2.99.

DUNEDIN 6 Tampa 1

Dunedin put up a four-spot in the top half of the ninth to give them some breathing room. Richard Urena had two hits including a triple. He threw the ball away though for the nineteenth time this season. Sean Reid-Foley has yet to give up an earned run in high-A ball this season. He pitched six innings of three-hit baseball. He also struck out three and walked no one. Brett Cecil allowed an earned run in his inning of relief. Franklin Morales walked one and allowed a hit in his.

West Michigan 1 LANSING 5

Ryan Borucki pitched eight innings of one run baseball. He struck out eight. Max Pentecost had three hits, as did Andrew Guillotte. Justin Atkinson homered.

Hillsboro 2 VANCOUVER 4

Cavan Biggio is hitting .400 in his brief professional career. He doubled in last night’s game. Jacob Anderson is back from the dead with three hits, including a homer. Dalton Rodriguez pitched into the seventh, finishing with four strike outs, two walks, and two unearned runs in six and a third.

Bristol v Bluefield RAIN

DSL Blue Jays 3 DSL REDS 6

Three Stars

3. Jesus Montero

2. Ryan Borucki

1. Sean Reid-Foley

Box Scores

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uglyone - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 01:40 PM EDT (#325234) #
Just did some productive friday afternoon work and updated my Traded-Jays Prospects list.

These are all the prospects and or young jays that AA traded away. fwar only for hitters, fwar/ra9war average for pitchers.

Starting Lineup

1. 3B Lawrie (26): 2333pts, 100wrc+, 2.6war/650pa
2. DH D'Arnaud (27): 860pa, 102wrc+, 2.6war/650pa
3. C Gomes (28): 1548pa, 97wrc+, 3.6war/650pa
4. 1B Wallace (29): 1354pa, 98wrc+, -0.3war/650pa
5. LF Snider (28): 1971pa, 93wrc+, 1.0war/650pa
6. RF Gose (25): 1252pa, 81wrc+, 1.1war/650pa
7. SS Hechavarria (27): 2043pa, 72wrc+, 0.5war/650pa
8. 2B Pastornicky (26): 268pa, 68wrc+, -3.4war/650pa
9. CF Marisnick (25): 837pa, 63wrc+, 1.1war/650pa


UT Thames (29); 684pa, 96wrc+, -0.1war/650pa
OF Becerra (21): A+ 119wrc+, A 118wrc+, Rk+ 133wrc+
IF Barreto (20): AA 90wrc+, A+ 122wrc+, A- 141wrc+
IF Lugo (21): A+ 89wrc+, A 91wrc+, A- 74wrc+
C Perez (25): 459pa, 66wrc+, 1.1war/650pa

Starting Rotation

SP Syndergaard (23): 38gs, 75era-, 5.1war/32gs
SP Alvarez (26): 92gs, 96era-, 1.9war/32gs
SP Desclafani (26): 39gs, 109era-, 1.8war/32gs
SP Graveman (25): 35gs, 108era-, 1.1war/32gs
SP Nolin (26): 7gs, 175era-, -0.9war/32gs, AAA 4.68fip

Prospect Rotation

SP Norris (23): 15gs, 97era-, 1.0war/32gs --- AAA 3.05fip
SP Nicolino (24): 22gs, 113era-, 1.1war/32gs ---- AAA 4.56fip
SP Boyd (25): 17gs, 183era-, -2.1war/32gs, AAA 3.37fip
SP Hoffman (23): AAA 4.32fip, AA 3.42fip, A+ 3.70fip
SP Musgrove (23): AAA 4.88fip, AA 3.32fip, A+ 2.08fip


RP Dyson (28): 163.2ip, 65era-, 1.1war/65ip
RP Collins (26): 211.0ip, 87era-, 0.3war/65ip
RP Rzepczynski (30): 246.2ip, 94era-, 0.2war/65ip
RP Stewart (29): 103.0ip, 161era-, -0.3war/65ip
RP Magnusson (30): 14.2ip, 155era-, -0.4war/65ip
RP Wojciechowski (27): 16.1ip, 178era-, -0.4war/65ip
RP Rollins (26): 26.1ip, 186era-, -0.9war/65ip
RP Molina (27): AAA 8.41fip

Prospect Bulllen

RP Castro (21): 32.0ip, 125era-, -0.6war/65ip --- AAA: 5.36fip
RP Cordero (24): AA 3.42fip, A+ 3.24fip
RP DeJong (22): AA 4.00fip, A+ 4.22fip
RP Labourt (22): A+ 4.17fip, A 7.77fip, A- 3.41fip
RP Tinoco (21): A+ 6.25fip, A 3.13fip, Rk+ 4.04fip
RP Tirado (21): A+ 4.28fip, A 5.58fip
RP Comer (23): A+ 4.45fip, A 3.66fip
RP Wells (20): A 4.73fip, A- 2.66fip, Rk+ 4.24fip
Gerry - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 01:45 PM EDT (#325235) #
Wilfri Aleton got the opening day start for the GCL Jays today. He fanned 10 in five innings. Chris King was there and tweeted after the fourth inning:

LHP Wilfri Aleton has been impressive today. FB 91-94 T96 with late run. Pounding the zone. 4 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 BB, 8 K's
PeterG - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 02:39 PM EDT (#325236) #
2 hits for Bo Bichette in his debut and 3 for Kevin Vicuna.
jerjapan - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 02:56 PM EDT (#325237) #
Wow Gerry, that's an impressive start by a kid I hadn't clocked before due to his lower K numbers, but keep that up Wilfri!

Ugly, your list does put the whole idea that 'AA mortgaged our future' meme into some perspective, although there are a couple of prospects on your list that could still sting somewhat.  I'd rather have the MVP though...

I guess the main question is - would you rather have all the talent we acquired, with the associated salary costs, or Thor?     

Cecil and Morales with erratic rehab innings in Dunedin, I have literally no idea what to expect from Morales this year, but he's had his moments of being legit good in MLB. 

and Valddy Jr. batted third with one out in 3 innings when the Bluefield game was called.    orgs got a lot of faith in him, 17 years old and batting 3rd in bluefield. 

cybercavalier - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 03:34 PM EDT (#325238) #
to uglyone and other readers, would you still sign Pastornicky to Buffalo ? Age 26 means prospecty ?
uglyone - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 03:38 PM EDT (#325239) #
nah pastornicky is awful. not prospecty. no bat no glove.

jer - it's never put to rest I just like to keep learning.
dan gordon - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 04:39 PM EDT (#325242) #
In Reid-Foley's last 6 games, he's pitched 41 innings, and allowed just 20 hits and 6 walks for a WHIP of 0.63, 5 earned runs for an ERA of 1.10, and has a K/BB ratio of 41/6 (4 games Lansing, 2 Dunedin).
Gerry - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 09:11 PM EDT (#325247) #
First pro home run for Vlad Jr.
uglyone - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 09:36 PM EDT (#325248) #
Gerry - Friday, June 24 2016 @ 09:38 PM EDT (#325249) #
Unusual game for Francisco Rios K's in 6 innings. He had 10 fly ball outs. It sounds like he was up in the zone.
Gerry - Saturday, June 25 2016 @ 11:11 AM EDT (#325262) #
Video of Vlad Jr's home run with daddy in the crowd.
cybercavalier - Saturday, June 25 2016 @ 08:23 PM EDT (#325271) #
David Adams hit a 2R HR for Buffalo, scoring Ceciliani. Is it about time to lead off with Adams with Pompey on the DL ?
85bluejay - Sunday, June 26 2016 @ 04:06 AM EDT (#325274) #
Emilio Guerrero is on a hot streak and has cut down his SO, might be time for a shot at AA.
I wonder if Juan Kelly can find a defensive position where his bat can play.
That Yorman Rodriguez (DSL)looks like he can hit - I hope he gets a shot in the GCL before the season ends.
cybercavalier - Sunday, June 26 2016 @ 07:02 PM EDT (#325302) #
I notice David Adams and Domonic Brown left most men on base for today Buffalo's win over Indianapolis. Ceciliani, Dominguez. Kotchman and Burns all hit at least twice. Given that Brown had batted third, how about LHB Brown and RHB Adams taking turns at leadoff against RHSP and LHSP.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.