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Buffalo was the only affiliate not to score double figures yesterday. It was a six game clean sweep on the farm. Even though there were 52 runs scored in the five full games played on Thursday, no batter had three hits in a game. The hits were spread around which is good for scoring and for total hitter development. It wasn't a great night for the pitchers. Nick Allgeyer was the only starter who went five innings. Elvis Luciano was the best of the starters.

Buffalo 8 Syracuse 5 - game 1

Buffalo 5 Syracuse 4 - game 2

New Hampshire 10 Bowie 2

Vancouver 13 Eugene 9

Dunedin 12 St Lucie 11 - game 1, continuation of suspended game

Dunedin 16 St Lucie 7 - game 2

This is what I noted from yesterday's games.

Thomas Hatch had control problems in hame one. He threw 77 pitches, 42 strikes, 35 balls. He walked four in four innings. He only gave up one run. Nick Allgeyer started game two. It took him 99 pitches to get through five innings. He had nine baserunners on six hits and three walks. He struck out six.

Although Buffalo played two games, it was the guys who played one game that led the hitters. Dilson Herrera homered in game one. Richard Urena homered in game two. Kevin Smith played in game one and went 2-3 with a walk.

Vinny Capra went deep again, his fourth, one of his two hits. Capra kept his average above .400, at .415. At 24, Capra is age appropriate for AA. His 2021 hitting is out of character, but maybe he learned something in the 2020 downtime. However, he was on the IL and returned June 13th and it is since then that he has hit .556 to drive up his average. Hi BABIP is over .600 in those last twelve days so we do need a bigger sample to see what is real. Samad Taylor and Otto Lopez were among those with two hits. Austin Martin was hit by a pitch and left the game an inning later.

Elvis Luciano pitched three shutout innings as he builds himself up. One hit and one walk was all he allowed. The bullpen took it from there. Kyle Johnston is still coming out of the bullpen, he went three shutout innings too.

Cameron Eden had just one hit but he scored four runs. He walked twice. Spencer Horwitz hit a three run home run to turn a 5-3 deficit into a 6-5 lead. Sebastian Espino, Ryan Gold and Luis De Los Santos had two hits each.

Adam Kloffenstein battled through three innings, throwing 70 pitches. He was charged with four runs. Mr. Reliable, Brandon Eisert threw the next three innings and allowed one run to get the win.

Dunedin scored two runs in the top of the seventh to win game one, which was a continuation of the game suspended on Wednesday. In the regular scheduled game the Jays scored 16 runs, with 11 hits and 16 walks! Addison Barger hit his seventh home run and walked twice. Harry Ray also homered and walked three times. Orelvis Martinez, Leo Jimenez and Zach Britton each had a single and a double.

Three Stars

Third Star - Addison Barger

Second Star - Ryan Gold

First Star - Spencer Horwitz


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hypobole - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 08:45 AM EDT (#400854) #
I remember years back Gerry going over the prospects around the mid-point of their seasons and rating them. Can't recall the exact terminology (improved-flat-disappointing?).

There have been quite a few positive performances so far. Injuries have played a large part with too many guys, but the one guy who stands out as being truly disappointing, relative to my expectations at least, is Kloff.
bpoz - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 08:57 AM EDT (#400855) #
Kloff is definitely struggling.

I am surprised that Leo Jimenez is doing so well. Avg .295, bb/k 21/21 in 112 ABs.
finch - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 09:19 AM EDT (#400856) #
I think Jimenez was a bonus baby and a favourite of Andrew Tinnish's at the time. International signing bonus of $825K or there abouts. Maybe he's finally putting all the tools together :)
hypobole - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 09:42 AM EDT (#400858) #
AFAIK, Jimenez is the prospect with the best chance at being a plus defender at SS currently playing in our system. The 20 raw power label however is definitely warranted in his case. Anyone who went through the EV's I posted a while back could see that.

His first 91 AB's, through June 11, he had 1 double - his only extra base hit. He still doesn't have a HR, but he's hit another 4 doubles since then in 21 AB's. Maybe luck. maybe progress, or both, but it's a positive sign.
ramone - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 10:09 AM EDT (#400860) #
A little draft talk, Baseball America has the Jays tied to HS righty Andrew Painter, they mention the Jays have "invested" a lot of looks at him.
greenfrog - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 10:27 AM EDT (#400862) #
I would be pleased if Harry Ford fell to the Jays.
hypobole - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 10:35 AM EDT (#400864) #
Law 2nd mock the other day had Ford going 15th, Painter 30th. Law has us with HS OF Jay Allen. Had a lot of scouts at his state's All-Star game late in the year.
hypobole - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 01:34 PM EDT (#400886) #
Longo on Samad today:

Samad Taylor: thoughts?
Eric A Longenhagen
12:28 Lol, I watched him a bunch over the winter in Australia and though he barely looked like a prospect and now he's absolutely crushing it. I talked about him with a scout this week and we both were totally flummoxed by what's going on. He definitely needs re-evaluation but, based on my winter look, I'm skeptical.
hypobole - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 02:05 PM EDT (#400890) #
2 more:

No specific question, I just would like to see you chat about Gabriel Moreno please.
Eric A Longenhagen
1:20 I don't know what else to say. He was on the offseason 100, we were early compared to others and still too light.

Anyone in particular you're really hoping to catch at this years Future Game?
Eric A Longenhagen
1:23 Orelvis Martinez
scottt - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 03:00 PM EDT (#400891) #
This is a weird draft because the data on college players is lighter than usual.
I'm expecting them to pick a pitcher in the first round because they don't have a second round pick.

Gerry - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 05:02 PM EDT (#400900) #
Martin was hit on the helmet. He is going on the IL.

my speculation would be that its concussion related.
greenfrog - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 06:33 PM EDT (#400902) #
This seems like a significant development. I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be any mention online of the incident. Hopefully he is OK.
John Northey - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 06:47 PM EDT (#400903) #
The draft is weird, the league is weird, what isn't weird this year and last? Heck, the Jays used a guy who was playing softball this year already (Jared Hoying) so anything is possible. I'm hoping the Jays get very lucky and a far better quality player drops (injuries, whatever) to their slot. Remember, the best 1st round picks ever were not top 5 guys but #17 (Halladay), #16 (Shawn Green), #15 (Chris Carpenter), (all the 30+ WAR guys) then you get two top 5's in Wells (#5), Moseby (#2), and back to #19 (Rios), #19 (Shannon Stewart), and #13 (Aaron Hill). That covers all 20+ WAR guys drafter in round 1.

3 times the Jays had the #2 overall pick, 2 didn't reach the majors, plus Lloyd Moseby. 3rd pick once, didn't reach, 4th pick once (Billy Koch), 3 5th overall (Austin Martin, Matt Williams - a pitcher, not the power hitter, and Vernon Wells). Boy did Gillick screw up with high draft picks eh? He was a great GM but that was an annoying issue. Funny thing is the year Harris was taken 2nd overall the best 1st rounder other than the guy who went #1 played the vast majority of his career here - Kelly Gruber (rule 5 pick) and the best 2nd round pick spent time here (Dan Plesac). Boy that was a weak draft year. A shame the Mets took Darryl Strawberry 1st overall.

The 1982 draft was worse though - took Augie Schmidt over Dwight Gooden. Ugh.
Gerry - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 07:56 PM EDT (#400906) #
I should have said the minor leaguer posted video of Martin getting hit on his twitter feed.
Gerry - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 07:57 PM EDT (#400907) #
Grand Slam for Groshans tonight.
Gerry - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 08:35 PM EDT (#400909) #
Add a two run shot for Groshans. Thats six RBI so far.
hypobole - Friday, June 25 2021 @ 08:35 PM EDT (#400910) #
And a 2 run shot. 10-0 Fisher Cats
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