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Vancouver won. Dunedin lost. Buffalo's game against Worcester and New Hampshire's game in Binghamton were rained out. They will play two today.

Vancouver scored a run in the first three innings to put them on the road back to .500 against the Angels affilaite. Addison Barger had a sacrifice fly in the first, Davis Schneider homered in the second and newcomer Tyler Keenan had an RBI single. Barger belted his 10th homer of the year and that was followed by run-scoring doubles from Miguel Hiraldo and Schneider. A two-run double by Schneider in the ninth rounded out the scoring. Schneider had a four-hit night with four RBI. Trevor Schwecke had three hits while Barger, Hiraldo and Keenan each drew a walk to go with their safeties. Mack Mueller had two hits and a stolen base while Zach Britton heard ball four twice and stole a bag. Garrett Spain saw his first action since mid-May but went 0-for-5 with three stirkeouts. Steward Berroa scored a run but was also hitless in five at-bats.

Sem Robberse was the winning pitcher by pitching six innings in which he allowed a solo home run. That was among three hits and four walks but he struck out four and recorded six groundball outs. Abdiel Mendoza pitched a scoreless seventh, Will McAffer allowed an unearned run in the eighth and Jol Concepcion finished with a shutout ninth. Monty's Mounties are 24-24 on the year.

The Tigers affilaite built a 4-0 lead after four innings to down the D-Jays. Adrian Pinto drove in both runs with an RBI single in the fifth and an RBI triple in the seventh and stole his sixth base of the year. Damiano Palmegiani also had two hits. Rainer Nuez was 1-for-4 but Estiven Machado got the golden sombrero.

Matt Svanson served up a solo home run and two other runs on six hits and a hit by pitch over three innings with no walks or strikeouts. Justin Kelly gave up a run in the fourth. Trenton Wallace held the line with four shutout innings of two-hit ball, striking out five. Geison Urbaez tossed a one-hit ninth. Dunedin drops to six games under .500 at 23-29.

*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Adrian Pinto, Dunedin

2. Addison Barger, Vancouver

1. Davis Schneider, Vancouver
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Mike Green - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 06:33 AM EDT (#415088) #
Pinto played centerfield for Dunedin last might. The organization does seem to want middle infielders in the minors to also play the outfield.
bpoz - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 08:12 AM EDT (#415089) #
Pinto actually stole his 16 base this year. He has reduces his K & bb rate, Has 5 HBP.

Pinto being 5'6" made me feel that would prevent him from getting to the majors. Anyhow if SB skills have value then Pinto and Hiraldo have value if they can hit or have a good OBP. Biggio started his ML career that way OBP and good SB/CS ratio.
Jonny German - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 08:36 AM EDT (#415091) #
The organization does seem to want middle infielders in the minors to also play the outfield.

Of the actual prospects it's just Pinto and Samad Taylor tho, right? Am I forgetting someone?
Mike Green - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 08:45 AM EDT (#415092) #
Santiago Espinal, Cavan Biggio and Otto Lopez also came to my mind.
Jonny German - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 08:58 AM EDT (#415093) #
Ah right, I failed to think about recent history. And just forgot about Otto Lopez.

I had totally forgotten about Espinal getting some outfield reps in AA. Seems really strange that they tried that when he's such a good defender on the infield.
Mike Green - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 10:04 AM EDT (#415097) #
I guess that there are three possible motivations for the approach. Obviously, there are the possibilities of a position to the outfield, and preparation for a super-utility role. Less obviously, if you are going to have your second baseman moving to the outfield regularly for the 3-4 defense in the major leagues, it makes sense to give prospects some reps there.
Nigel - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 10:04 AM EDT (#415098) #
To be fair, Im not sure Lopez could ever really hold his own as a middle infielder defensively. Hes been a man without a home since before full season ball.
85bluejay - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 10:05 AM EDT (#415099) #
I read that the Rockies played Pinto over 40 innings in CF last year so perhaps he has a legitimate shot staying in CF and also perhaps he's not the best defensively at 2B and really the Jays need more quality outfielder prospects.
Mike Green - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 10:12 AM EDT (#415100) #
*the possibility of a position change to the outfield
Gerry - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 11:01 AM EDT (#415101) #
Kaitlin McGrath in the Athletic (if you have a subscription) talks to Joe Sclafani about all levels of the minor leagues. There is some bad news in there, Gabrial Martinez suffered a fractured wrist when hit by a pitch ten days ago.
Mike Green - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 11:19 AM EDT (#415102) #
There's a nice and encouraging tidbit in McGrath's article on Adrian Hernandez' fastball command.  It plays into my thinking on the relevant needs of the organization (and what Nigel talked about in regard to regular season and playoff use).  As of today, if the club was in the playoffs, the pitching situation would look like this in my view:

Manoah, Gausman, Berrios, Kikuch/Stripling
Romano, Mayza, Garcia, Cimber, Phelps with Richards doing mop-up work

With Cimber being so effective against LHBs, the pen is pretty solid for playoff purposes given the additional days off when everyone is healthy.  Is it reasonable to rely on a rookie who has been closing in triple A to come up and be the sixth man in the leverage chart and to do medium leverage work in the playoffs in the event of injury?  I think it can be.  I would want to see sooner rather than later how Hernandez responds to the MLB environment.  This would help the club to decide on the priority of needs. 

bpoz - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 11:28 AM EDT (#415104) #
2B was Biggio's to lose I think. Not many gave Espinal much of a chance but he has overperformed.

Our 3 C situation should be an interesting story in how it will sorted itself out. Jansen has been getting roadblocks in his bid to claim a regular job. Kirk is taking full advantage of his opportunity. Moreno is doing very well in earning his shot. Should get it soon.

Collins is probably overmatched by the other 3. I like P Clarke & R Gold as developing into something of value. Gold probably backup for defense and Clarke may develop offensively, both in AA.
Cracka - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 11:29 AM EDT (#415105) #
Royce Lewis (Twins prospect & former #1 overall pick) immediately comes to mind as a counter-example of exposing infield prospects to the OF. He's played SS almost exclusively in the minors, but is now blocked by Carlos Correa. His bat is MLB-ready, so the Twins tried him in CF and he hit a wall - literally - 3 innings into his first start and is now on the IL.
hypobole - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 11:42 AM EDT (#415106) #
When I had a subscription a few years back, I asked Kaitlin if she could do a PD interview. She replied that she'd look into it. Never saw one and and after Stoeten was canned (not that I liked the guy, but content) and Lott retired, I cancelled.

Terrible news about Martinez, wrist injuries are about the worst that can happen for batters.
John Northey - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 12:13 PM EDT (#415110) #
Just had to check - Moreno since May 1st (assume April was his 'spring training' given he missed it due to visa issues). 361/417/442 - dang if he doesn't look like a future batting champion after last years 370 average. Lifetime minor league line is 310/361/484. Be nice if the power would come, or if he'd take a few more walks. But with a 361 average you can be a singles machine and be fine (just ask Wade Boggs, and Tony Gwynn - both had power now and then but generally were singles guys and HOF locks).

Since May 1st: Gabriel Martinez 367/404/694; Alejandro Kirk 365/436/604; Addison Barger 330/420/485 - those are the 900+ OPS guys since May 1st. Jordan Groshans also getting hot: 321/426/381; and because we always need to check - Orelvis Martinez: 235/324/520
scottt - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 12:14 PM EDT (#415111) #
Santiago Espinal, Cavan Biggio and Otto Lopez also came to my mind.

greenfrog - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 12:55 PM EDT (#415113) #
Lots of comments about Jays prospects in Geoff Pontes of BA's recent Hot Sheet chat. Here's a summary:

- The notion that Tiedemann is the best pitcher in his draft class is "reasonable, and he's in the conversation. Lefties with that level of stuff and execution at a young age are almost unheard of"

- Groshans will be an above-average regular if he can develop some power

- Moreno is a good hitter but it's contact over power. His catching defense is good

- The Jays should hold on to Moreno for now and let the catching situation sort itself out over time
Nigel - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 01:25 PM EDT (#415119) #
I think most would agree that a SP, a highish leverage RP and a LHH of some magnitude are the big clubs needs. The only real internal options to fill those roles are A. Hernandez and Biggio. As the club has some time to decide how it would like to expend its available resources (budget and prospects) Id do what Mike suggests and call up Hernandez sooner rather than later to see what gives. Id also be playing Biggio regularly over Tapia and Zimmer to see if he can regain some of his former mojo. Then Id assess those two and decide what I really needed most.
Nigel - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 01:28 PM EDT (#415120) #
BTW - given the age and contract status of the current holders of the positions at the major league level, I would assume that Groshans is the clubs leading trade chit, not Moreno (not suggesting the two are similarly valuable).
Gerry - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 02:37 PM EDT (#415126) #
Tanner Morris has been promoted to Buffalo.
Gerry - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 02:39 PM EDT (#415127) #
Also, Jimmy Robbins has been promoted to Vancouver. Another pitcher for the C's. I am not sure if he will start or relieve, he has been used in a tandem situation in Dunedin.
Ducey - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 02:52 PM EDT (#415131) #
Was just looking at Trenton Wallace with DUN.

After last night he has given up 2 ER in his last 19 IP with 2 walks and 24K's. Looks like he has been on a tandem sched.

Is 23 and an 11th round draft pick, but he should maybe get a promotion soon.
Mike Green - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 07:27 PM EDT (#415153) #
Pinto is back in centerfield tonight and hit his 2nd homer.
uglyone - Wednesday, June 08 2022 @ 11:16 PM EDT (#415160) #
Welcome to the big, Gabe.
John Northey - Thursday, June 09 2022 @ 01:11 AM EDT (#415162) #
I wonder if this promotion is going to lead to a trade. I could see a team wanting to see Moreno in the majors for a week to be broken in first before dealing for him. Or the Jays wanting to see if he is ready before dealing Kirk. If he hits well over the next week+ and Jansen comes back the Jays will be in a "gotta do something" situation. 3 guys flipping between DH and C could work but one being used to get an all star level OF who hits left would be better.
hypobole - Thursday, June 09 2022 @ 08:26 AM EDT (#415166) #
"I could see a team wanting to see Moreno in the majors for a week to be broken in first before dealing for him."

What would they find out in a week that they don't already know? I have no clue.
85bluejay - Thursday, June 09 2022 @ 10:55 AM EDT (#415184) #
Calling up Moreno signals to me that Jansen will down for some time - I also wonder if Collins behind the dish with kikuchi was cause for concern.
hypobole - Thursday, June 09 2022 @ 11:04 AM EDT (#415186) #
From what I understand, Danny has a rod and pins in his hand from a previous injury that prevented the fracture being worse. It will be weeks but not months AFAIK.
Ducey - Thursday, June 09 2022 @ 11:41 AM EDT (#415193) #
Why doesn't Danny wear a protective glove or shield?

Kirk for one has gloves with pads on them. It doesn't seem to have impacted his hitting.
Polite Nate - Thursday, June 09 2022 @ 12:26 PM EDT (#415199) #
Jansen has always been one of those bare handed hitter guys, for whatever reason.

Feels like Collins is up for a bit of a cameo to ease Moreno into things. Calling up Moreno now seems a bit weird to me. He's doing very well at AAA it seems, but not like kick-down-the-doors well. Who knows what they think internally though.

Either way, I'm not in a rush to trade any of the catchers on the team. It'll either sort itself out based on performance or health, and if by the time we get to the offseason Moreno has proven himself the MLB equal of Kirk or Jansen, then we can talk.
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