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Cam Eden hit a two run home run which was enough to give New Hampshire a win with good pitching from Hayden Juenger and Andrew Bash. Vancouver also won while Buffalo, Dunedin and the FCL Jays all lost. Irv Carter had some positives and negatives in his start.

Buffalo 3 Scranton 4 - 6 innings

New Hampshire 4 Portland 2

Spokane 3 Vancouver 4

Dunedin 1 Fort Myers 3

FCL Blue Jays 3 FCL Phillies 5 - 7 innings

This is what I noted from yesterday's games.

Because of a shortage of starters Bowden Francis was back starting for Buffalo. It wasn't any better as he allowed four runs in 2.2 innings. New signing Andrew Moore went 2.2 innings, no runs, but three hits and a walk.

Nick Podkul had two hits and two RBI.

Cam Eden hit a two run home run in the sixth to give New Hampshire their winning margin. Trevor Schwecke was 2-5 to keep his average at .316. Spencer Horwitz was 1-4.

Hayden Juenger gave up a home run in the third inning but that was the only run he allowed in his usual three innings. He struck out five. Andrew Bash followed with four hitless and shutout innings.

Vancouver bunched four of their six hits in the third inning to score four runs. Glenn Santiago got it started with a triple. Tyler Keenan and Leo Jimenez went back to back with doubles. An error helped and PK Morris finished the scoring with a single. Jimenez had two hits, welcome on a disappointing season.

Jimmy Robbins conceded a run in three innings.

Dunedin had eight hits. Rainer Nunez and Jose Ferrer had two each.

Dahian Santos took the loss with two runs allowed in four hits in five innings. He struck out six.

The FCL Jays out hit the Phillies six to four but three of the Philly hits were home runs off Irv Carter who is still struggling to find his groove. Carter did go four innings but the three home runs led to five runs, four earned. On the positive side those were the only hits he allowed while he struck out six.

Three Stars

Third Star - Trevor Schwecke

Second Star - Leo Jimenez

First Star - Cam Eden


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bpoz - Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 10:12 AM EDT (#416707) #
All our minor league teams will play on Monday July 4 and have Tue off.

Frasso starts for Vancouver today.
bpoz - Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 11:21 AM EDT (#416710) #
AS break and draft in about 2.5 weeks. Then trade deadline Aug 2.

I will be interested in the actual moves made by the trade deadline. Speculation is fine but I also like reality.
bpoz - Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 12:40 PM EDT (#416714) #
Just checked C's+ baseball (a favorite) like da box. Nice videos.
Gerry - Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 01:42 PM EDT (#416717) #
C's+ baseball is the site of our own #2JBrumfield who writes some of the minor league updates on here.
John Northey - Sunday, July 03 2022 @ 03:40 PM EDT (#416722) #
With trade season underway - the Jays have 4 on the top 100 at - #4 Gabriel Moreno; #28 Orelvis Martinez; #66 Jordan Groshans; #91 Ricky Tiedemann. Moreno would be very, very hard to give up, Martinez was seen as near untouchable pre-season, but in AA he is only hitting 216/290/475 with 80 K's in 262 PA (30.5%) of course, he is only 20 thus still a killer prospect but those K's worry me - and might worry the Jays enough that they could use him as a centerpiece in a trade. I see Groshans as a high probability to be traded as he is ready now it seems but his power has vanished (265/371/319 in AAA) which will drop his value a lot. Tiedemann is growing fast so unless someone is willing to pay a LOT I don't see the Jays trading him.

One thing to always remember is prospects fail more than they succeed. But ranking matters.

For example, via Baseball America (1990-2022), skipping top 5 who should be locks to be good, Jays who were the #6 prospect Shawn Green (OF 1995), Alex Rios (OF 2004), Travis Snider (OF 2009); #7 Nate Pearson (RHP 2020), Gabriel Moreno (C 2022); #8 Alex Gonzalez (SS 1995), Bo Bichette (SS 2018/19); #9 prospect (none); #10: Jose Silva (RHP 1994); #11 Travis Snider (OF 2008); #12 Vernon Wells (OF 2001), Roy Halladay (RHP 1999); never #13; #14: Nate Pearson (RHP 2021); #15: Derek Bell (OF 1992). So prospects #6-15 the Jays have had 14 players - twice each for Bo, Pearson, and Snider. We get a HOF'er in Halladay, All Stars in Green, Rios, Bichette, and Wells. Good players in Alex Gonzalez, and Derek Bell. Backup in Snider, and flop in Silva, yet to know in Moreno & Pearson (although he is quickly moving to flop). Huh, not what I expected - the Jays in #6-15 have done quite well.

For 16-25 we get...
Dustin McGowan (RHP); Travis d'Arnaud (C); Daniel Norris (LHP); Austin Martin (SS); Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (3B); Eddie Zosky (SS); Roy Halladay (RHP); Mark Whiten (OF); Kyle Drabek (RHP); Anthony Alford (OF)
So 1 HOF (Halladay), 1 All-Star (Vlad), 2 solid ML (Whiten, d'Arnaud), 2 had a career (McGowan, Norris), 3 flops: Drabek, Alford, Zosky.

You get the idea. The lower in the ranks the fewer all-star calibre and the more flops you find. To really show it... 90-100

Daniel Norris (LHP), Nate Pearson (RHP), Kevin Smith (SS), William Suero (2B), Jose Pett (RHP), Jayson Werth (OF/C), Deck McGuire (RHP), Rowdy Tellez (1B), Aaron Hill (SS), Orelvis Martinez (3B/SS), Jason Arnold (RHP), Dustin McGowan (RHP), Marcus Stroman (RHP), Paul Spoljaric (LHP), Kevin Witt (1B), Joe Lawrence (CA), Chris Carpenter (RHP).
0 HOF, 4 All-Stars (Jayson Werth, Hill, Stroman, Carpenter), 2 Solid MLB (Tellez, Spoljaric), 2 had a career (Norris, McGowan), 6 flops (Suero, Pett, McGuire, Arnold, Witt, Lawrence)

More All-Stars at the bottom than I expected to be honest. Still, the flops by then (or 'had a career' which means guys you could've replaced with AAAA guys) become the majority. Still it is clear that trading a top 100 prospect is a big risk - even at the lower levels 4 of 14 (28.5%) were all-stars, 6 of 14 (43%) were solid ML'ers+ thus high value to keep. So that is the risk the Jays face this year. 4 guys who land in the 'high risk', lord knows with the rest. Basically, never trade a top 100 for a reliever imo, and be very careful about it for a rental unless it is a 'final piece' guy ala David Cone in 1992, or Rickey Henderson in 1993. Longer term guys I'm a lot more open to (such as the Berrios trade last year) but be aware of the high risk.

FYI: Last summers big trade guys: Austin Martin age 23 in AA 249/378/313 (vs Groshans 265/371/319 in AAA at age 22 for comparison), Simeon Woods Richardson 21 in AA 3.40 ERA under 5 IP per start, 3.2 BB/9 vs 9.0 K/9.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.