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After a losing day yesterday the top tier got back on the winning side on Friday. Buffalo and New Hampshire were the only winners. It was Ricky T day for Vancouver. If Ricky was wondering what it would be like to pitch in the major leagues he got a taste of it in the first inning when rehabbing Mariner Kyle Lewis took him deep on the first pitch he saw for a two run home run. Tiedemann and Yosver Zulueta are headed to the futures game. Both need to tighten their repertoires before that game.

Syracuse 1 Buffalo 6

Hartford 2 New Hampshire 6

Vancouver 5 Everett 10

Clearwater 7 Dunedin 1

FCL Yankees 9 FCL Blue Jays 3

This is what I noted from yesterday's games.

Chavez Young turned 25 today. To celebrate he homered for the second game in a row. It was a two run shot, his third of the season. LJ Talley hit a three run shot, his first for Buffalo. Otto Lopez tripled and singled. Jordan Groshans doubled and singled.

This was another bullpen game for the Bisons with five pitchers used. The longest outing by a pitcher was Anthony Kay's 2.2 innings.

Rafael Lantigua was a one man wrecking crew at the top of the order. He went 3-3 with a walk and a double, scored one and drove in two. Ryan Gold homered. Davis Schneider picked up two hits as he gets accustomed to AA.

Hayden Juenger started and threw 3.2 innings with two hits allowed, both home runs. Juenger has been homer prone this season. Those two make it eleven homers allowed in 52 innings. That's almost two per nine innings. Braden Scott struck out five of his six outs.

It was Ricky Tiedemann day for Vancouver and he wasn't sharp. He walked five hitters in 4.2 innings while striking out seven. In addition to the Lewis home run, top Mariners prospect Noelvi Marte also took him deep. Each home run was preceded by a walk.

The C's scored five runs on two hits. Walks, hit batters and errors helped Vancouver.

In the Dunedin game Juan Gonzalez hit his first home run of the season. That was it for the offense. Meanwhile Connor Cooke gave up four runs while getting one out before being pulled. Later Jonatan Bernal went five shutout innings.

In the FCL Yhoangel Aponte continued his hot run going 2-3 with a walk.

Three Stars

Third Star - Yhoangel Aponte

Second Star - Otto Lopez

First Star - Rafael Lantigua


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John Northey - Saturday, July 09 2022 @ 07:11 PM EDT (#416983) #
One thing to remember with Tiedemann is he is just 19 - many top prospects are in college at his age. This is also his first pro-season. Yet only 4 games were sub 5 IP out of 14 so far, none under 4 IP (Kikuchi can only dream of that). He has allowed 4 runs once, 3 runs once, 2 runs 5 times, 1 run once, 0 runs 6 times. So 8 times he allowed runs, 6 times he didn't. In 4-5 innings each time. Dang, that is nice. His K's range from a low of 4 to a peak of 10. That 4 was his only time K'ing less than a guy an inning. Walks, not as nice - 5 once, 4 twice, 2 5 times, 1 3 times, 0 3 times. Batters faced range from 15 to 21 so he has faced guys a 3rd time only 8 times, and never more than 3 guys a 3rd time. The 15 faced was in his perfect 5 inning game - 15 up 15 down, 9 by K.

For comparison, Manoah at 19 was in college. At 21 he went pro and only pitched in 6 games - throwing from 1 to 4 innings, allowing 0-5 hits, twice allowing runs (3 and 2) while no runs in 4 more times, 0 walks twice, 3 times 1 walk, once 2 walks, K's ranged from 2 to 8, only once with fewer K's than IP (2 in 3 IP). At 23 (bloody COVID) he only had 3 minor league games. 6 IP each time, 1-2-4 hits, 0 R twice, 1 run the final start, 3 walks total, 12-5-10 K's.

The next best comparison in Jays history that comes to mind for Tiedmann is Stieb - at 20 he pitched in the minors (at 20 he was still trying to be a hitter too, but wasn't an Ohtani with a 509 OPS in A ball), at 21 he was in the majors. 19 total games (no game logs), 128 IP, 116 H 43 BB 64 K (much lower K environment then - 5 K/9 IP was like 9K/9 IP today). So super fast progression is possible, and for the guy not to blow his arm out and be effective. Stieb was an all-star at 22, his first full season in the majors (a year younger than Manoah was when he reached the majors).

Roy Halladay was a pro at 18, reached at 21 for 2 September starts (including a near no hitter), but he didn't dominate in the minors (from 18-21 his peak K/9 was 8.6 at 18, then 5.2 to 6.0 the other 3 years, his BB/9 was 2.5 to 4.1 which seems sky high vs what he'd become - outside of his 10.64 ERA season and before, and his final injury season, he was 2.6 or less, 9 times under 2 BB/9).

So what to expect for Tiedemann? I'm sure others have dominated in the low minors at his age and flopped, but I wouldn't bet against him. I hope he gets some innings in AA this year so he can reach at age 20 maybe if all goes well, if not then he gets some pounding in and adjusts or fails before he reaches. But I LOVE the idea of another kid in the rotation. FYI: Max Castillo's first year dominating in the minors was this year - never before at 8+ K/9 outside of his age 18 season (9.9 in rookie ball but with a 3.80 ERA) - I really was Castillo to get a full shot at the rotation over the retreads the Jays seem determined to give that slot to.
greenfrog - Saturday, July 09 2022 @ 09:47 PM EDT (#416988) #
Horwitz was 3/4 with a double and a home run today. The double came off a lefty SP with decent AAA numbers.

He's off to a .421/.450/.737 start (20 PA) in AAA after hitting .297/.413/.517 in AA this year. His performance has been impressive considering he was the 717th overall pick in the 2019 draft.

Maybe he can overachieve his way to the majors and possibly even do well there.
greenfrog - Saturday, July 09 2022 @ 09:57 PM EDT (#416989) #
Also noteworthy is the increasing power output (which is the one question mark BA had about him entering the season). In 2021 Horwitz had 30 doubles and 12 home runs in 405 AB. This year he has 22 doubles and 11 home runs in 251 AB.
John Northey - Sunday, July 10 2022 @ 02:09 AM EDT (#416998) #
Horwitz is hitting great but where could he play? As a pro he has only played 1B/DH. In college he had 6 games in LF, 5 more in LF in summer leagues, and 1 game in RF in a summer league. In the Arizona Fall League he did play a tiny bit in LF (18 innings) but I guess that didn't go well as he hasn't done it this year when the Jays could use a LF backup. His 300/411/514 line is damn fine, and might draw another team to want him in a trade. But for him to force the issue here it'd take insane numbers with Vlad & Kirk eating up 1B/DH time - basically his 421/450/737 numbers in AAA would need to continue or even get better to force it imo.
99BlueJaysWay - Sunday, July 10 2022 @ 09:40 AM EDT (#417006) #
I would bet that they’re going to use him as a trade chip, not bring him up to the ML.
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