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Buffalo and New Hampshire lost by six but Vancouver won by seven. Dunedin's game in St. Lucie was rained out. They will try to play two today.

Iowa 8 Buffalo 2

Andrew Moore allowed a solo home run among two this over three innings but struck out two without a walk. Nick Allegyer also served up a solo shot in his three-inning stint. Mike Ellenbest did not give up a home run but he allowed two runs in the seventh to take the loss against the I-Cubs. Kyle Johnston was jolted for four runs in the eighth.

Cullen Large gave the Herd a 1-0 lead with an RBI double in the second. L.J. Talley had three hits including a triple. Stevie Berman and Jordan Groshans had two hits apiece with Berman getting a double. Spencer Horwitz drew a walk but Otto Lopez went 0-for-5.

Reading 6 New Hampshire 0

The Fightin' Phils scored twice off Luis Quiñones in the fourth for the only runs they would need for the win. Quiñones pitched 5-1/3 innings and allowed three runs on six hits and a hit by pitch but his K/BB total was 6-1. Andrew Bash allowed a Quiñones runner to score and gave up three runs in 1-1/3 innings. Thomas Ruwe stranded a runner and pitched 1-2/3 shutout innings with two strikeouts.

Addison Barger struck out in his first two Double-A at-bats before singling in his next two. Orelvis Martinez was also on base twice with a hit and a walk. Cam Eden doubled while Davis Schneider and John Aiello singled.

Vancouver 10 Hillsboro 3

The C's broke a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the sixth and poured it on late to hammer the Diamondbacks affiliate. Miguel Hiraldo doubled home a pair of runs in the sixth to give the C's their first lead after tying the game in the fourth with a sacrifice fly. Hugo Cardona homered to begin the seventh. Leo Jiménez went 3-for-4 with four RBI by doubling home a first inning run, adding a sac fly in the seventh and singling home two more in the eighth. Zach Britton drew a bases-loaded walk in the eighth, his second free pass along with a double. Riley Tirotta had two doubles in his return to the C's lineup. Damiano Palmegiani singled and walked. Garrett Spain singled and threw out a runner at first base at part of a 9-3 double play.

Nick Frasso gave up two runs in three innings in his Nat Bailey Stadium debut. One of the runs was unearned but the other was a solo home run. He had two strikes on eight different hitters but could only manage one strikeout while walking one. Frasso did reach 100 miles per hour on the radar gun and was also up to 98. Sean Wymer got the win by scattering two hits and a walk over three shutout frames. Juan Nuñez served up a solo dinger in the seventh. Jol Concepcion walked a couple but struck out three over two innings to earn his fourth save.

*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. L.J. Talley, Buffalo

2. Miguel Hiraldo, Vancouver

1. Leo Jiménez, Vancouver
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greenfrog - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 03:01 PM EDT (#417188) #
BA has posted its midseason top 10 prospects for each team. Here is the updated list for the Jays:

1. Moreno
2. Tiedemann
3. Groshans
4. Martinez
5. Zulueta
6. Pearson
7. Robberse
8. Juenger
9. Jimenez
10. Meza

Some fast risers among the pitching prospects.
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 05:30 PM EDT (#417202) #
It's a pretty weak list unfortunately after Moreno and Tiedemann. On the other hand, there have been a few players in the 11-40 range who have made strides. Like Dasan Brown.
greenfrog - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 07:42 PM EDT (#417219) #
Rounding out the top 30:

11. Horwitz
12. Martinez (Gabriel)
13. Frasso
14. Castillo
15. Santos
16. Pinto
17. Beltre
18. Barger
19. Palmer
20. Lopez
21. Morris
22. Carter
23. Taylor
24. Hernandez
25. Van Eyk
26. Rojas
27. Aponte
28. Garcia
29. Machado
30. Brown

Pretty impressive ascent by Horwitz to go from a relatively nobody to #11.

BA’s rankings aren’t perfect but I find they have the best track record when it comes to predicting which prospects are most likely to succeed. For example, they were the high publication on Gurriel Jr. (I believe).
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 07:54 PM EDT (#417220) #
There are a bunch of players I like there.  It's not a really deep system, but the 2nd line is now pretty decent. 
Gerry - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 07:59 PM EDT (#417221) #
Barger is 2-2 tonight and now hitting .667 in AA.
Maldoff - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 08:24 PM EDT (#417227) #
Which Garcia is on the list?
greenfrog - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 09:17 PM EDT (#417234) #
Luis Garcia, SS (2021 IFA signing)
greenfrog - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 09:42 PM EDT (#417237) #
Orelvis with the golden sombrero tonight. He was adequate in April, good in May, and has been pretty awful since then. It's unfortunate given that we're in the last few weeks before the trade deadline. I can't imagine his trade value is very high right now.
John Northey - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 10:31 PM EDT (#417243) #
People - Orelvis Martinez is a 20 year old SS in AA hitting 213/283/472 - most 20 year olds are either in college or low A. His power is insane - a 259 ISO is crazy. Vlad's best (last year) is 290, 215 this year. Clearly Martinez needs to work on making contact but at his age and level I'm not worried about it. Leave him in AA all year, next year AAA, and he should be ready to take over at 3B or LF/RF in 2024 as a solid power hitter (Chapman/Gurriel/Hernandez all free agents after 2023). I rank that as a great prospect who many years would be the Jays top 1 or 2. The fact we have 2 better prospects right now is a great thing.
Glevin - Wednesday, July 13 2022 @ 11:16 PM EDT (#417248) #
Jays with five top-100 picks in the draft and a top international prospect in January. That will help system depth a fair bit.
John Northey - Thursday, July 14 2022 @ 12:41 AM EDT (#417251) #
As long as they keep digging deep and finding the gems in the IFA like Moreno (August 3rd) & Kirk (September 24th) in 2016 who signed combined for about $50k iirc.  If they go to a full draft I suspect the Jays will trade for high picks as often as they can. 

You can find the data from that draft here and you can see they also signed Otto Lopez.  Others signed were Joseph Reyes (OF), Kenny Mauricio (SS), Jose Theran (INF).   Also Gurriel Jr (kind of a unique case along with his brother being from Cuba - Jays signed him in November).  Yuri Gurriel got the biggest bonus ($47 mil), and other Cubans got big bonus' as well (Adrián Morejón, Jorge Ona, Alfredo Rodriguez, and Vladimir Gutierrez all got $4.7+ million apiece).  The top non-Cuban was Kevin Maitan ($4.7 mil) who is now in AA hitting 267/350/351 at 3B for the Angels.  Looking at the list of top signings no names jump out like the guys the Jays got and Yuri Gurriel.  So the IFA is a crapshoot in many respects, but the Jays clearly have good guys on the ground there.

So the Jays sign a fair number, but nothing crazy. At least as far as I could find.  8-11 a year.  The international draft, as first proposed, was 20 rounds which would get every last guy and then some.  In 2021 there were 286 signed by 30 teams, or under 10 per team.  A draft of 5-10 rounds would be more than enough.  I think an international draft of 5 rounds with full trading available would be ideal - 115 had their draft bonus known ($103.5 mil total) which would cover nearly 4 rounds.  But that covered 2 years worth as 2020 was a mess.  So 2016 for comparison had 211 signed (7 rounds plus 1) - $143.9 mil spent for 86 players or just shy of 3 rounds.   The league proposed 20 rounds $181 mil guaranteed spending (hard slots).  Union proposed 20 rounds without hard slots but total of $260 mil.  Owners want a $20k per player post 20 round max, players a $40k cap per player on post 20 rounds (that part is obviously close to irrelevant given the past signings).  I see 20 rounds as pure silliness given the past data, just a lot of cash going to random guys (300+ probably).  Should be interesting to see if this gets settled or not.

Jonny German - Thursday, July 14 2022 @ 07:43 AM EDT (#417256) #
Hard to argue with who's included on the BA list. The most notable guys absent are Rikelbin de Castro, Miguel Hiraldo, Adam Kloffenstein - they've all put up bad numbers this year.

The system feels bottom-heavy right now, with lots of potential at the low levels but with the most of the AA and AAA guys either not performing well or being guys without a high ceiling.
ISLAND BOY - Thursday, July 14 2022 @ 11:11 AM EDT (#417263) #
Most of the prospects in AA and AAA seem to be position players, also. AAA seems particularly bereft of promising pitchers. Hopefully there will be some good arms added in the upcoming amateur draft.
Mike Green - Thursday, July 14 2022 @ 11:36 AM EDT (#417265) #
At this point, the club ought to be thinking that Orelvis will probably start 2022 in double A, and once he shows that he has a handle on the strike zone, they can consider a promotion.   I repeat that a 20% HR/FB rate is not "insane" power.  It's very good power for a 20 year old- but part of his high IsoP arises from his high fly-ball rate which reflects an uppercut and results in high K and pop-up rates.  Paraphrasing Ry Cooder (and Sydney Bailey), the very thing that makes him strong, makes him weak. 
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.