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The MLB Draft concludes today with rounds 11-20. You can follow the MLB Draft by clicking here.

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Round 11 - 338th overall. RHP Pat Gallagher - Connecticut. Bats Right, Throws Right. 6-foot-0, 196 pounds. Born June 30, 2000.

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Matt Feld @mattyfeld612 The Toronto Blue Jays have selected RHP Pat Gallagher in the 11th round of the MLB Draft. Gallagher starred at Leominster before becoming one of the top right-handers in the country this year for UCONN. Gallagher helped lead UCONN to the Super Regionals.

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Round 12 - 368th overall. RHP Nolan Perry - Carlsbad HS, New Mexico. Bats Right, Throws Right. 6-foot-2, 195 pounds. Born September 2, 2003.

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Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 368th pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected high school RHP Nolan Perry. He struck out 115 over 66 IP with a 0.42 ERA. As a batter, Perry hit .436 with a 1.268 OPS. #NextLevel

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Round 13 - 398th overall. RHP Bo Bonds - Louisiana-Lafayette. Bats Right, Throws Right. 5-foot-11, 200 pounds. Born January 10, 2001.

Baseball America - After a successful season at Chipola (Fla.) JC, Bonds transferred to Louisiana-Lafayette, where he had piled up plenty of strikeouts (83 in 55 innings) thanks to an extremely lively 91-93 mph fastball. He manages to get above hitters bats, although he's not always particularly pitch efficient. His fastball/curve combination will likely work best in pro ball in a relief role.

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Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 398th pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected college RHP Bo Bonds from Louisiana. Over 55 innings pitched this season, he had a 3.11 ERA with 83 strikeouts and projects to be a bullpen arm. #NextLevel

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Round 14 - 428th overall. C Sammy Hernandez - Lakeland HS, Florida. Bats Right, Throws Right. 5-foot-10, 185 pounds. Born June 1, 2004.

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Round 15 - 458th overall. SS Michael Turconi - Wake Forest. Bats Left, Throws Right. 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. Born June 24, 1999.

Twitter Reaction - Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 428th pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected college SS Michael Turconi out of Wake Forest. Over 61 games this season the lefty hit .314 with 31 extra base hits and an OPS of 1.006. #NextLevel

Tieran @Tieran711 Michael Turconi is a patient hitter with above average contact rates. He has very little power but he has some of the best launch and spray and control in the entire draft while avoiding mishits. Utility type who could become really interesting if he adds stength.

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Round 16 - 488th overall. RHP Kale Davis, Oklahoma State. Bats Right, Throws Right. 6-foot-4, 225 pounds. Born April 14, 2000.

Twitter Reaction - Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 488th pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected college RHP Kale Davis from Oklahoma State. Pitching as a reliever, he struck out 11.9 batters per nine innings this season. #NextLevel

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Round 17 - 518th overall. LHP Ryan Chasse - Campbell. Bats Left, Throws Left. 6-foot-3, 250 pounds. Born December 11, 1999.

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Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 518th pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected college LHP Ryan Chasse from Campbell University. Mainly as a reliever, he had a 2.81 ERA over 41.2 IP this season. #NextLevel

Jeffmlbdraft @jeffMLBdraft Campbell with a third player Ryan Chasse to the Blue Jays. The lefty had control issues but missed a lot of bats.

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Round 18 - 548th overall. LHP Jeremy Pilon - Ecole Secondaire De Montagne. Bats Left, Throws Left. 6-foot-0, 185 pounds. Born September 11, 2005.

Twitter Reaction - Mitch Bannon @MitchBannon. The #BlueJays drafted 🇨🇦 Canadian LHP Jeremy Pilon in the 18th round of the 2022 MLB Draft. From Salaberry-De-Valleyfield QC, Pilon throws 88-90 on the fastball with a good breaking ball and changeup.

Carlos Collazo @CarlosACollazo Jeremy Pilon is currently 16 years old and turns 17 in September. I am assuming no one younger will be drafted.

Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 548th pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected high school LHP Jeremy Pilot from Valleyfield, QC. He is only 16 and is a member of the @baseballcanada national junior team! #NextLevel

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Round 19 - 578th overall. RHP Gage Stanifer - Westfield HS, Indiana. Bats Right, Throws Right. 6-foot-3, 201 pounds. Born November 18, 2003.

Nathan Rode @NathanRode #BlueJays 19th rounder, Gage Stanifer. #mlbdraft "Feb 6 RHP Gage Stanifer pumping 93-95 out of his sleeve. Mixing in sharp mid-80s SL and firm 89-90 CH. @PBRIndiana @prepbaseball #super60 #mlbdraft"

Scott BlueJaysAlways @BluejaysAlways With the 578th (and our final) pick of the #MLBDraft, our #BlueJays have selected high school RHP Gage Stanifer. He throws a fastball up to 95 mph, however, I would be surprised if he signed this late in the draft instead of pitching in college. #NextLevel

Westfield Baseball @GoRocksbaseball Big Congratulations go out to @GageStanifer on being selected by the @BlueJays today! He is the 5th MLB draft pick from @WWSWHS

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Round 20 - 608th overall. OF Gregory Pace Jr. - Detroit Edison Academy. Bats Right, Throws Right. 6-foot-2, 187 pounds. Born August 3, 2004 . - Pace is one of the fastest players in the Draft, but most scouts think his bat isn't ready for pro ball. He ran a 6.21-second 60-yard dash and showed some raw right-handed power in batting practice at the East Coast Pro showcase last summer, but his uphill swing doesn't produce a lot of results in game action. He'd be best off refining his hitting skills and center-field instincts at Michigan rather than signing now.

Baseball America - Pace Jr. has huge tools and a great frame at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds that should add plenty of strength in the future. Heís a premium runner and turned in the best 60-yard dash time at East Coast Pro, clocking a 6.23-second run timeóan 80-grade result. He has plus arm strength as well and should be able to provide above-average defense in the outfield at any position, with more than enough speed to stick in center. Offensively, there are more questions. Some scouts have called his swing low maintenance and noted some progression over the summer showcase circuit as he adjusted to the premium velocity and stuff he saw regularly. Most scouts still wonder about how much he will hit at the next level. His performance over the circuit wasnít great, he showed rigid movements at times and has plenty of swing and miss. Because of those bat questions and a perceived hard commitment to Michigan, Pace might get to campus and try and prove his hitting ability in the Big Ten. Still, his upside, tools and youth (he turns 18 just after the draft) make him an intriguing upside pick.

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John Northey - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 02:23 PM EDT (#417617) #
10 top 100 prospects still out there. Today is the no risk day - draft them and they don't sign you only lose that pick and few 11th and beyond reach, let alone become stars. I expect the Jays will draft one as a just in case they have spare cash situation.
99BlueJaysWay - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 02:32 PM EDT (#417618) #
Thanks to #2JBrumfield for putting these awesome aggregate posts together. I enjoy seeing the consolidated comments, photos, and other background info that is gathered. Iím not a big amateur baseball guy, so this is my go-to for learning about whatís happening in the draft, and MiLB.

Thanks for the excellent content and for gathering it in such a timely fashion. I appreciate it!!
Spifficus - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 04:46 PM EDT (#417622) #
I'll second that - the aggregation posts are a much-appreciated convenience after wrapping up the workday wondering what I'd missed. Thanks 2JB.
bpoz - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 05:04 PM EDT (#417624) #
With the extra picks and the extra money we had a good chance to pick what our scouts and FO thought were good players.

I am interested in knowing how we saved money on day 2 to pay for the expensive players. And of course how much money we saved.

Already on day 3 we have picked some young players that should be long term projects. Some will have to be paid more than the $125,000.
Mike Green - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 05:10 PM EDT (#417625) #
Jeremy Pilon born September 11, 2005. So, 16 years old.  I didn't know that you could draft a 16 year old.  Good luck, M. Pilon. 
bpoz - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 05:17 PM EDT (#417626) #
5 HS players picked on day 3.

Our top 5 picks in the draft are the only players ranked. Top ranked #15 Barriera and lowest ranked was #175 Allan Roden.
Hodgie - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 05:25 PM EDT (#417627) #
I am surprised that Pilon is eligible as well, I thought he would have needed to turn 17 within 45 days after the draft. That said, CFL teams have drafted dead people in the past so maybe MLB is trying to be more inclusive.
bpoz - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 05:37 PM EDT (#417628) #
It will be interesting to see if todays 5 HS players all sign. Being unranked they might sign for $50,000 over the $125,000.

Last year #172 ranked Luke Holman did not sign.
Ducey - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 06:08 PM EDT (#417629) #
Good luck, M. Pilon.

He picked the right sport. That's a tough name to have as a defenseman.

scottt - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 07:27 PM EDT (#417632) #
I think the requirement is to graduate from high school.
There is an age rule, but it only says that all 21 year old are eligible.
That's for those attending college.

Once a player enrolls at a 4 year college they become eligible until they complete their 3rd year.

scottt - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 07:31 PM EDT (#417633) #
Pilon translates as Pestle.
A pylon is un pylone.

scottt - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 07:35 PM EDT (#417634) #
Last year, pick 11, Trenton Wallace, got 172.5K, pick 14, Palmegiani, got 157K.
Nobody else was over 125K. Swanson an Burnette signed for 50K. Bucknam and Holman did not sign.

hypobole - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 07:45 PM EDT (#417635) #
Wasn't JC Masson 16 when we drafted him a few years back?
scottt - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 07:45 PM EDT (#417636) #
Another thing that might play out is the guys left to dry by the super short 2020 draft.
So there might be more value now at the end of the draft.

Gerry - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 07:57 PM EDT (#417637) #
I believe there is something about the Quebec high school system that makes players draftable at a younger age.
mendocino - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 08:56 PM EDT (#417638) #
13r RHP Bo Bonds says he'll sign .. had TJ surgery last month
14r C Sammy Hernandez says he'll sign

FA Div 3 player of the year SS Ryan McCarty signs for $120k
.529 avg 29 hr 22 sb
Ducey - Tuesday, July 19 2022 @ 10:47 PM EDT (#417640) #
Nice get on sammy at #14.
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 20 2022 @ 02:37 AM EDT (#417643) #
Right, Gerry. It's CEGEP after Grade 11 in Quebec. Completion of Grade 11 is the end of high school there.

Thanks everyone. Completion of high school required and not age limited.
Mike Green - Wednesday, July 20 2022 @ 03:10 PM EDT (#417661) #
BA's database now indicates that all the Blue Jay draftees are unsigned.
rtcaino - Saturday, July 23 2022 @ 01:20 PM EDT (#417883) #
Per Davidi (

Blue Jays sign comp-round selection Cade Doughty for No. 78 pick's full slot of $833,600, per source. Nicknamed King Cade, infielder developed a rep for big hits at LSU.

Sounds like SS Tucker Toman, the 2022 LSU recruit taken at 77, is nearing a deal, too.

Not sure if a fresh thread to track signings makes sense?
bpoz - Saturday, July 23 2022 @ 02:52 PM EDT (#417888) #
Something I just read on the Jays site. Draft signing tracker.

"If a player has exhausted his collegiate eligibility he can sign up until 1 week prior to the next draft".

Draft and follow picks --- HS and Junior college players selected after round 10 who attend a 2 year college after the draft -- can sign with their selecting team for up to $250,000 until 1 week prior to next years draft.

I did not know this and cannot accurately explain what it means.
jensan - Sunday, July 24 2022 @ 05:23 PM EDT (#417967) #
Ryan Jennings signed for $70,000, savings under slot by about $390,000
92-93 - Sunday, July 24 2022 @ 06:53 PM EDT (#417972) #
Tucker Toman loves the Jays development system so much that he signed for only 2MM with a slot value of 847K.
mendocino - Sunday, July 24 2022 @ 07:24 PM EDT (#417975) #
BA Draft Database Tor has signed
3r OF Alan Roden 497,500/623,500
8r OF Dylan Rock 22,500/173,900
10r LHP Ian Churchill 7,500/150,400
mendocino - Sunday, July 24 2022 @ 07:53 PM EDT (#417978) #
13r RHP Bo Bonds 125,000
14r C Sammy Hernandez 200,000 (75k over slot)
17r LHP Ryan Chasse 50,000
mendocino - Monday, July 25 2022 @ 03:41 PM EDT (#418000) #
9r Devereaux Harrison 122,500/158,600

2r Josh Kasevich 997,500/1,220,000
7r Peyton Williams 197,500/210,500
11r Pat Gallagher 125,000
15r Michael Turconi 75,000
Mike Green - Monday, July 25 2022 @ 04:28 PM EDT (#418001) #
All right.  If I did the calculations right, the Jays pool was 8,375,400, and if they go 5% over, it would be $8,794,170.  For every pick in the 1st 10 rounds but Barriera, they have spent $5,040,000 which would leave $3,335,400 (slot is $3,075,000) for Barriera without going over their pool money and $3,754,170 if they want to keep it to 5% over and not lose the draft pick.  We'll see what happens. 
Mike Green - Monday, July 25 2022 @ 05:25 PM EDT (#418003) #
It occurs to me that Nolan Perry is a fabulous name for a right-handed pitcher. 
jensan - Monday, July 25 2022 @ 08:36 PM EDT (#418009) #
Did you subtract the overage of 75,000.00 for the catcher Hernandez , $3,678000 left for the #1 pick.

Is that interpretation correct Mike?
Mike Green - Monday, July 25 2022 @ 08:56 PM EDT (#418010) #
I did not.

In any event it does not look like Barriera will be offered much over slot. We'll see.
jensan - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 06:55 AM EDT (#418013) #
Providing an increase of between )$250,000 -$500,00 over slot is not insignificant amount of monies.

Ask the mainstream people who work daily, what an extra $500,000 bonus to their daily lives would mean.
Mike Green - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 08:05 AM EDT (#418015) #
Barriera was expecting to be drafted higher with a much higher slot value. He may see the amount over slot for the 23rd pick as "not much". We'll see.
bpoz - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 09:08 AM EDT (#418016) #
Barriera is a protected pick.

Bluebird Banter has a draft signing table which tells how much a player signs for. Also how much over or under slot. But I could not find it.

So using my memory the 1st pick from 2010-17 would get a lot of the bonus budget. The % of budget can also be calculated. Deck McGuire, DJ Davis, Stroman, J Harris, Warmoth, Zeuch.

Stroman was very good. His height probably caused him to drop. Zeuch may still have some success. But he seems to be in the Hatch, Lawrence category. He has been given opportunities and only been mediocre or worse. The others on my list are failed 1st round picks. They can always do a J Bautista and excel in their 30s for some team that gets lucky.

I don't mind injuries slowing down advancement or even causing a failure. Players like Pearson and Groshans will not be blamed by me because this kind of stuff happens. Forrest Whitley is an example like Pearson with the injury issue.

Deck McGuire did not throw that hard I believe but C Sale could throw 97mph based on the scouting report available before the draft. Jon Harris could also throw hard 96 I believe.

Since I don't have the signing amounts and draft budget I am going to guess that the 1st pick got about 25% which is a lot. I wonder about the calculation for Manoah.
scottt - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 10:19 AM EDT (#418019) #
Barriera stopped pitching mid-season to be sure to avoid injury before the draft.
When you cash you chips, it's because you'd rather keep the money you have then risk it all for more.
He praised the Jays for an organization that does not hesitate to promote young players.

At any rate, it's a protected pick and the Jays have a few guys signed on day 3 who could use the extra money if they can't sign their first rounder.

Toman was asking for more than 2M when asked by other teams scouts.
He's an advanced switch hitter, something we haven't seen in Toronto in a long while.
Mike Green - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 10:24 AM EDT (#418020) #
I don't know that Toman is an advanced switch-hitter.  His swing from the left-hand side is beautiful; the one from the right not quite as much and I'd need to see more how it actually works in a game.
PeterG - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 10:39 AM EDT (#418025) #
Barreiera signed for 3,597,500.00
hypobole - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 10:55 AM EDT (#418026) #
Yeah, reports were Toman was asking almost 2.5 million from other teams.

With Barriera, judging by his comments, he felt he should have been drafted higher and will not be overly pleased with what the Jays can give him.

But he also knows the risks involved, as evidenced by the early shutdown. The Jays remaining pool money plus the 5% will still give him an overslot bonus. Could go either way, but my guess is that he will sign.
Marc Hulet - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 11:14 AM EDT (#418029) #
The Jays would have had an idea on his price before drafting and Porter, who was the top healthy prep arm, only got $3.7-$3.9M. Barriera was the top lefty and second best prep by my rankings so his bonus is right in line with what was expected.

Prep arms for the most part always get drafted lower than the public rankings due to the high risk factors.

Jays should still have enough (about $75K) to offer to one of the unsigned prep players $200,000.
bpoz - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 11:40 AM EDT (#418031) #
My post earlier talking about Draft and follow picks being able to sign for up to $250,000 up until 1 week before the next draft is stated on all the other teams draft signing trackers put out by

So our round 12,14,18,19 and 20 all qualify for the draft and follow category being HS players. #14 Sammy Hernandez has signed.
Marc Hulet - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 01:07 PM EDT (#418037) #
This is the same draft and follow they used to have... But the prep players have to go to junior college, not a four-year school. Perry (Texas Tech), and Pace Jr. (Michigan) are unlikely to forego college for the smaller sum. Stanifer (U of Cincinnati) is not a great baseball school, and I don't believe Pilon had a commitment.
hypobole - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 01:28 PM EDT (#418038) #
Who is the best Blue Jay signed as a draft and follow?
Marc Hulet - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 01:58 PM EDT (#418040) #
I don't recall the Jays being overly aggressive with the draft and signs but the one that comes to mind was Orlando Hudson.
hypobole - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 03:58 PM EDT (#418048) #
Didn't realize Hudson was a draft and follow.

The best Jay signed as a draft and follow wasn't signed by the Jays though. It was Jose Bautista.
mendocino - Tuesday, July 26 2022 @ 05:14 PM EDT (#418053) #
Jays also signed 12r RHP Nolan Perry
Forkball - Wednesday, July 27 2022 @ 10:23 AM EDT (#418106) #
Based on slot values the Jays signed:

* Barriera for money between picks 19 and 20
* Toman between picks 39 and 40.
* Kasevich between 68 and 69
* Doughty for 78
* Roden for 121

Actual picks in first three rounds:
23, 60, 77, 78, 98

Slot money spent in first three rounds:
20, 40, 69, 78, 121

Lining these up, the first 5 picks ended up being:
+3, +20, +8, 0, -23

Simplistically, the money saved in rounds 3 through 10 allowed the Jays to pick up a player 3 spots higher in the first, 20 spots in round 2, and 8 spots in late 2/2s.
bpoz - Wednesday, July 27 2022 @ 05:57 PM EDT (#418143) #
The signings were successful. Unsigned Kale Davis College RHP, J Pilon HS LHP, G Stanifer HS RHP and G Pace Jr HS OF.

# NDFA as well who got decent signing bonuses.
mendocino - Saturday, July 30 2022 @ 04:37 PM EDT (#418403) #
Jays sign 19r RHP Gage Stanifer
hypobole - Sunday, July 31 2022 @ 10:17 PM EDT (#418501) #
Bluebird Banter has a draft signing table which tells how much a player signs for. Also how much over or under slot. But I could not find it.

bpoz, here's what you were looking for. Stanifer still needs to be added.
bpoz - Monday, August 01 2022 @ 08:07 AM EDT (#418506) #
Thanks hypobole.
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