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Steward Berroa has been one of the biggest pleasant surprises this season. He homered on Thursday helping Buffalo win. Dunedin and the FCL Jays hit well in their wins. New Hampshire and Vancouver did not hit well and both lost.

Worcester 4 Buffalo 6

Harrisburg 4 New Hampshire 0

Everett 6 Vancouver 2

Dunedin 8 Fort Myers 3

FCL Tigers 1 FCL Blue Jays 5

Three Stars

Third Star - Enmanuel Bonilla

Second Star - Manuel Beltre

First Star - Steward Berroa



Buffalo scored six runs with ten hits. The bottom three in the batting order had seven of the hits. Brian Serven and Leo Jimenez had two each. But the star was Steward Berroa who went 3-3 with a home run, a double, a sac bunt and drove in three runs. Berroa is now hitting .368 with an OPS of 1.028. Berroa will strike out almost 30% of the time and his BABIP is very high but he does take a walk. He usually does not hit the ball extra hard. His single and double on Thursday both came off the bat at 84 mph. The home run did register 103. It was Berroa's fourth home run of the season, his season high prior to this year is seven. His OPS high prior to this year was .794. This level of performance from Berroa is way above his career to date, which is a cause for caution. However he is 24 years old, so still developing, and he showed good progress in AA last year. For an organization that hasn't been great at developing hitters, he is a positive so far.

Spencer Horwitz and Addison Barger each had a double. Orelvis was hitless but he did hit a ball 108 mph straight to Bobby Dalbec at third.

Just three hits, all singles for the Fisher Cats. Adam Macko took the loss but pitched well. Two hitters took him deep for two solo home runs but that was it for runs. Over five innings they had four hits and no walks. He struck out seven.

Similarly Vancouver had just five hits, two were doubles by Estiven Machado. Their two runs came on solo home runs from Dasan Brown and Glenn Santiago.

Ryan Jennings started and shutout Everett over five innings with three K's. Three relievers gave up runs.

Every Dunedin starter picked up a hit. Manuel Beltre and Christian Feliz had two each with Beltre driving in three runs. Yhoangel Aponte had the two hardest hit balls in the game at 102 and 103 mph.

Grant Rogers started for Dunedin and just gave up one run on five hits over six innings. He had six K's with eight whiffs. He threw a lot of sliders, 34 out of his 73 pitches. His FB maxed out at 91.

In the FCL the baby Jays had ten hits. Enmanuel Bonilla was 2-4 with a triple, his BA is .500 early in the season. The next hottest hitter is Kendry Chirinos, 19 years old from Venezuela. He had a single and a double and he is hitting .438. Sam Shaw also had two hits.

Unusually for the FCL, the starting pitcher, Eminen Flores, went 5.1 innings, one run five K's.

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Mike Green - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 10:16 AM EDT (#445800) #
We do indeed need to talk about Steward Berroa, and there are quite a few things to say.

He turns 25 in a month, and so the natural instinct is to treat him as a superannuated prospect.  I think that's a mistake.  The pandemic has, in my view, changed reasonable developmental expectations.  He was in rookie ball at age 18-20, and his numbers were pretty decent for a very fast centerfielder.  At age 21, he would surely have been given a chance at full-season ball, but that was 2020.  As a lower-range prospect, he wasn't in the developmental camp (I believe) and so it was, in my view, a lost year for him.  In 2021, he was in A ball and he hit a little better than he had in rookie ball, with some pop.  In 2022 (now 22 going on 23 in June), he was in A+ ball, he had the lowest BABIP of his career and posted a poor batting average, but the average plate control and medium range pop persisted. Last year, in double A ball, he had a good season- hitting .272/.383/.414 with his typical high BABIP, average plate control and medium range pop.  That was good for a 123 wRC+.  And now he's tearing apart triple A  with the help of increased pop, a little better plate control and an unsustainably high BABIP.  In my view, he's a genuine prospect given the lost year to the pandemic.

Berroa has been a prolific and efficient base thief: 55/9 SB/CS in 82 games in low A ball, 40/7 in 60 games at A+, 53/10 in 127 games in double A and 22/4 in 52 games in triple A.  The websites list him as 5'9", 179 lbs, but it appears to me that he's picked up muscle mass in the lower body since then, which likely is the source of the additional pop since he was in Rookie Ball.  Compare this picture from 2022 at C+Baseball with the way he looks now on the videos on  I don't have much to say about his defence and would welcome comments from people who saw him regularly in Vancouver or who have been watching the Buffalo games on

Finally, he's a switch-hitter.  He appears to be more natural and fluid from the left-side, and the numbers over his career bear that out.  However, he has enough power from the right side that he can be useful against LHPs as well.  His K rate is about 26% over the last 2 years, and if he can knock that down even just a bit, I think that he's got a chance to be a major league regular (depending on his defensive capabilities). 

bpoz - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 11:13 AM EDT (#445801) #
Ohashi had another good game. I don't know when promotions happen but he and Urbaez could be heading to NH.
Super Bluto - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 11:23 AM EDT (#445802) #
I actually watched Ohashi's 1.1 inning last night. He looks like he's put on muscle weight from last year. There was no velocity reading but a lot of movement. Really sharp breaking balls. His K numbers are well down from his career average which I assume means he's taking a different approach, relying on movement to induce weak contact. It appears to be working.
Ducey - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 11:44 AM EDT (#445803) #
A short tour around the Al Gore led me to BA's 2022 best Jays prospects article. Under best tools they listed Berroa as being both the best defensive outfielder and the fastest baserunner in the organization. Any other nuggets are behind a paywall.

Of course the Jays let him hit the market as minor league free agent this winter. Lucky they got him back.

Nigel - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 12:00 PM EDT (#445804) #
A few first had observations from 6 or 8 live viewings of Berroa. I really don't remember his defence! That sounds (and probably is:)) unhelpful (and in such a small number of viewings I really try not to make rush judgements on defence) but generally I think that means he was not a standout negatively or positively. What I do remember is that he really is a good baserunner - fast obviously - but he actually knows something about base stealing technique (not a common trait at A ball). I remember him having a really nice LH swing and excellent plate control. I didn't think he could hit a lick RH but that was based on such a small sample size that comment has no value:).
GabrielSyme - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 01:38 PM EDT (#445806) #
I've been talking about Berroa (at least a little)!

Berroa is currently running a 34% line drive rate, so at least part of his inflated babip is supported by the contact he's generated. So it's not just speed and luck this season.

One encouraging thing about Berroa is his fairly rapid progress last season and this season. He posted a 152 wRC+ in for July and August in New Hampshire last season before his promotion to Buffalo. And after a slow start in Buffalo both in September last year, and for the first couple weeks this year, he's obviously turned it on tremendously.

Berroa still needs to improve his power (his max EV has been 104.9, which would be in the bottom 10% of major leaguers) or contact ability significantly for him to profile as an everyday player, but I think he has a pretty good profile as a 4th outfielder.
Mike Green - Friday, May 10 2024 @ 04:07 PM EDT (#445809) #
Berroa's batted ball profile this year so far is just about perfect for a speedster- 37% LDs, 27% fly balls (1 popular vs. 4 home runs) and the rest ground balls. A .400 BABIP or higher is possible if he can maintain that.
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