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Buffalo shutout Worcester, Orelvis Martinez homered. Dunedin scored a run in the ninth to win. Vancouver left the bases loaded in the ninth and lost by a run. New Hampshire gave up three runs in the eighth and lost.

Worcester 0 Buffalo 5

Harrisburg 5 New Hampshire 3

Everett 4 Vancouver 3

Dunedin 4 Fort Myers 3

Three Stars

Third Star - Jace Bohrofen

Second Star - Arjun Nimmala

First Star - Paolo Espino



Orelvis Martinez had one hit, a three run home run in the seventh. It was his tenth of the season. Damiano Palmegiani also homered, his seventh home run of the season was a solo shot. Orelvis hit his at 105 mph and it went 398 feet, Damiano hit his harder, 108 mph, bit it was shorter, 346 feet. Orelvis also had a fly out at 104 mph that went 379 feet. Brian Serven and Rafael Lantigua had two hits each. In the major leagues Serven didn't look like he could hit but his average is .375 in AAA.

Five pitchers combined on the shutout. Paolo Espino had one of his best starts, six shutout inning, four hits, two K's.

In New Hampshire, Ian Churchill gave up three runs in the eighth to turn around a 3-2 NH lead. Miachael Dominguez had started and went 5.2 innings. Four hits led to two walks. He had three K's.

Michael Turconi had three hits, Riley Tirotta two. Alan Roden was 1-3 after being dropped to fifth in the order. Roden reworked his swing in the off season and its not paying off yet. He is hitting .241.

The Vancouver game came down to two fateful innings. In the bottom of the fourth inning Brennan Orf tripled, Jackson Hornung doubled, Glenn Santiago and Dylan Rock walked and Jaden Rudd singled. The C's scored one run. Why? Hornung was out trying to get to third base and Santiago was thrown out on the bases. The five hitters in the inning reached base and two outs on the bases limited the result. In the bottom of the ninth the C's trailed by two. They loaded the bases with two outs. Santiago singled, but it was just an infield single so one run scored. But then Dylan Rock struck out leaving the bases loaded.

Hornung and Jaden Rudd had two hits each. Jace Bohrofen went 3-4 with a walk. Lazaro Estrada struck out seven in four innings. He gave up one run on six hits.

A sac fly from Tucker Toman gave Dunedin the lead in the top of the ninth. That was the game winning play. Earlier, in the first inning, Arjun Nimmala and Manuel Beltre went back to back with home runs. Nimmala's was a two run shot, Beltre's a solo homer. Nimmala added a single. Nimmala's home run went 415 feet at 107 mph. Edward Duran, a sleeper prospect, went 3-4.

Gage Stanifer started and went three innings, no runs, three hits, three K's.

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GabrielSyme - Monday, May 13 2024 @ 03:54 PM EDT (#445938) #
Nimmala is doing just enough to justify keeping him in full-season ball. There's a troubling amount of swing-and-miss, but it's not off the charts. The main thing I'd like to see this season is some improvement over the course of the season.
uglyone - Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 11:54 AM EDT (#446001) #

* CF Berroa (25): 90pa, 16.7b%, 26.7k%, .489bip, .356avg, .178so, 169wrc+
* 1B Horwitz (26): 169pa, 17.8b%, 15.4k%, .400bip, .333avg, .152iso, 154wrc+
* 3B Barger (24): 106pa, 17.0b%, 16.0k%, .318bip, .279avg, .233iso, 142wrc+
* RF Lukes (29): 109pa, 10.1b%, 17.4k%, .378bip, .330avg, .165iso, 137wrc+
* 2B Martinez (22): 149pa, 9.4b%, 20.8k%, .289bip, .277avg, .292iso, 136wrc+
* LF Robertson (26): 104pa, 16.3b%, 30.8k%, .313bip, .244avg, .279iso, 132wrc+
* SS Jimenez (23): 126pa, 18.3b%, 16.7k%, .264bip, .237avg, .155iso, 123wrc+
* C Henry (27): 78pa, 7.7b%, 20.5k%, .327bip, .282avg, .169iso, 107wrc+
* DH Palmegiani (24): 152pa, 12.5b%, 29.6k%, .296bip, .233avg, .195iso, 97wrc+

* UT Lantigua (26): 136pa, 11.0b%, 25.0k%, .360bip, .264avg, .074iso, 85wrc+
* OF Eden (26): 113pa, 12.4b%, 23.0k%, .275bip, .227avg, .134iso, 78wrc+
* IF DeLosSantos (26): 69pa, 11.6b%, 24.6k%, .282bip, .228avg, .123iso, 89wrc+
* C Serven (29): 46pa, 13.0b%, 28.3k%, .538bip, .375avg, .150iso, 162wrc+

Pretty much the whole team is tearing the cover off the ball in Buffalo. Hard not to see Berroa as a babip fluke, but the walks and just enough power for a speed guy is encouraging. Horwitz Barger Orelvis all showing very well, but not quite overwhelming the level. Jimenez is getting more and more interesting for a glove-first SS - he's consistently showing elite walk rates this year, and is now showing just enough pop to think he's making real contact out there - and babip isn't doing him any favors either.


* OF Brown (24): 102pa, 7.8b%, 37.3k%, .500bip, .312avg, .161iso, 142wrc+
* IF Kasevich (23): 124pa, 7.3b%, 12.1k%, .374bip, .330avg, .087iso, 131wrc+
* OF Spain (23): 97pa, 9.3bb%, 26.8k%, .236bip, .218avg, .230iso, 109wrc+
* OF Roden (24): 123pa, 8.9b%, 17.1k%, .279bip, .241avg, .120iso, 100wrc+

Roden is the biggest dissappointment of the early milb season for me so far. He's too old for this level to be struggling, and there's nothing in this year's line that gives room to shine him up at all. I thought he was looking like a real prospect last year but this is nowhere near good enough for that. And with Brown and Kasevich looking like babip-product guys for the most part here, the only semi-interesting line here so far is Spain, though that's only assuming his babip is low for random chance reasons. Nothing here to get excited about unfortunately.


* OF Bohrofen (22): 102pa, 22.5b%, 25.5k%, .458bip, .301avg, .110iso, 174wrc+
* 1B Orf (22): 89pa, 15.7b%, 23.6k%, .260bip, .219avg, .219iso, 131wrc+

Bohrofen's babip is too high to get too excited, but a 174wrc+ is a 174wrc+ and he's building nicely off of last year. Again though he's a bit too old for this level so hopefully he earns a quick promotion. Orf is also putting in a solid performance but as an all-bat prospect it's nothing good enough to get excited about yet.


* OF Arias (20): 104pa, 9.6b%, 26.0k%, .391bip, .283avg, .152iso, 134wrc+
* C Duran (20): 94pa, 16.0b%, 17.0k%, .328bip, .263avg, .066iso, 122wrc+
* IF Nimmala (18): 125pa, 12.0b%, 34.4k%, .242bip, .167avg, .139iso, 78wrc+

Arias and Duran are doing well enough to get on my radar, but again these guys are imo a bit old for the level so can't get too excited. Nimmala hasn't been great but as mentioned he's doing well enough for his age to not get down on him yet.
Kelekin - Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 02:03 PM EDT (#446008) #
Life's been busy so I haven't had much time to post, but still reading everything. Hope the BB crew is doing well!

On the above...I was shocked Roden was sent to AA, which makes his struggles even more shocking. I know they've done a lot of work trying to unlock more power; hopefully those attempts haven't affected too much. But as always, it's a long season, and he could just be struggling right now.

Thanks for posting the BABIP on Bohrofen too - he gets a ton of buzz around many box score observers, but from what we've heard of the flaws in his games, he could be a candidate to struggle at the AA level. Would like to see him there sooner or later so he can start adjusting.

On the whole, it does feel like there's limited excited performances on the hitting side below AAA thus far as those stats bear out.

Pitching has felt a bit brighter - Dominguez, Wallace, and Macko all off to good starts in AA. and nice to see Pardinho seeing some success after struggling to find himself post-injuries. Wallace is of course on the older side, but he was drafted late and missed time last year.

Ryan Jennings is also on the drafted-old-and-missed-time side of things, but he has good stuff and they need to move him quickly.

Dunedin has been the strongest for our pitching - with Perez, O'Halloran, Rogers, and Maroudis (pre-injury) all putting in good performances. JWB has been hit or miss, but he was a pretty polarizing prospect at the draft.
Glevin - Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 04:30 PM EDT (#446013) #
"Pretty much the whole team is tearing the cover off the ball in Buffalo."

This might be the best Buffalo team I remember. Not because they are filled with amazing prospects but it feels like there are like 10 guys who could play in the majors. Jimenez is still (barely) 22 and he and Orelvis are the easiest ones to see being regulars. Rest of the system as you say is pretty uninspiring. A level guys and especially FCL guys are too young/small sample size to read too much but at least there is potential there.
GabrielSyme - Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 05:57 PM EDT (#446025) #
Devonte Brown is a bit of a puzzle. The strikeouts are sky-high this season, but his swing-and-miss is only 12.1%, which isn't all that bad, and it's down from 13.3% last season in AA. He's been playing mainly in centre, and if he can play centre respectably and bring his strikeout rate down to a number closer to what his underlying contact numbers would suggest, there could be something there. He makes me think a little of Anthony Alford: a multi-tool player who isn't always getting to all his power, strikeout concerns, not clear if he can play centre... Alford came up much younger than Brown, though, who is 24 now.
GabrielSyme - Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 08:10 PM EDT (#446037) #
Jean Joseph is off to a nice start in Dunedin, and has his second home run tonight. He's still 19, makes a decent level of contact, and is sharing CF with Arias and others in Dunedin. He's got a little bit of power right now, it would appear.
Joe - Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 10:45 PM EDT (#446044) #
Hasn't been mentioned here yet, but Nimmala has been placed on the development list. Hopefully for just a short time; saw one person think it'd be for a reset & some time in the lab.
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