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Four games and four sets of unhappy fathers. There were a few good performances but no wins. Yariel Rodriguez pitched. Orelvis hit his 16th home run. Leo Jimenez is back but it's slim pickings.

Worcester 12 Buffalo 6

Richmond 5 New Hampshire 0

Spokane 5 Vancouver 4 - 10 innings

Bradenton 4 Dunedin 3

Three Stars

Third Star - Michael Dominguez

Second Star - Orelvis Martinez

First Star - Peyton Williams



Yariel Rodriguez started with a target pitch count of 89. He threw 79 in three innings and one batter. He did strike out seven but was charged with two runs on three hits. When he left the game the floodgates opened, Worcester scored ten in the fourth inning. Ryan Burr got the last five outs using 29 pitches. I mention this as he could be the one recalled temporarily if Yimi Garcia goes on the IL.

Buffalo did score six runs on ten hits. Orelvis hit home run number 16 and added a double. As mentioned previously May was not a good month for him, hitting just .205. But he is heating up again, he has hits in nine of his last ten games, going 14-37, or .378. Max McDowell went 3-4. Leo Jimenez came off the IL and went 0-3 with a walk. He played DH.

Even though New Hampshire were shutout Michael Dominguez pitched well. In five innings he just conceded one run with six strikeouts. He walked two.

Rainer Nunez had three of the Cats five hits.

In Vancouver Jackson Hornung hit a two run home run in the first inning. Peyton Williams hit his first Vancouver home run of the season in the fourth. Despite taking the lead the C's were down a run headed to the bottom of the ninth. With one out Dylan Rock homered to send the game to extra innings. Spokane scored a run in the top of the tenth and Vancouver were unable to match them in the bottom of the inning.

Peyton Williams had three hits while Jace Bohrofen had two. Rafael Sanchez started and was charged with three runs over six innings. He struck out four.

Bradenton scored two runs in the top of the ninth to with 4-3. It was probably deserved as they out hit Dunedin 9-3. Dunedin scored all three of their runs with out having a hit in the game. Their first run came on a double steal including Manuel Beltre stealing home. Three walks loaded the bases in the fifth before a sac fly scored the second run. The Jays scored a third run in the sixth with four walks. The Jays had three hits with Beltre having two of them.

Gage Stanifer was the Jays starter, he threw 4.1 innings and gave up two runs won two hits. He walked four and struck out two.

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bpoz - Monday, June 17 2024 @ 10:01 AM EDT (#447678) #
Very good that some injured players are returning.
John Northey - Monday, June 17 2024 @ 10:40 AM EDT (#447683) #
Orelvis has had hot and cold streaks, as every player does.
  • 2021: May 772, June 802, July 1218, Aug 754, Sept 1000 (3 games)
  • 2022: April 740, May 901, June 675, July 747, Aug 580, Sept 761
  • 2023: April 409 OPS, May 1.010, June-Sept in the 800's every month
  • 2024: March (3 games) 523, April 1.013, May 746, June 911
Ibe can see why he was pushed in 2022, and only in August did he hit as bad as 2024 George Springer. In truth, by month he has been far more consistent than I expected to see. At some point soon the Jays need to call him up if they can figure out where to play him - 36 games at 2B (913 fld% is very poor), 16 at 3B (905 fld% is again very poor), 10 games at DH (can't boot a ball there). I'm thinking they need to try him in the OF at this point. He has never played there, but maybe he can handle that instead. Gotta keep trying to find a position.
uglyone - Monday, June 17 2024 @ 12:24 PM EDT (#447695) #

* X Horwitz (26): 259pa, 17.0b%, 15.8k%, .401bip, .335avg, .179iso, 158wrc+
* X Barger (24): 217pa, 15.2%, 19.4k%, .292bip, .256avg, .211iso, 122wrc+

* 1B Tirotta (25): 60pa, 15.0b%, 25.0k%, .387bip, .306avg, .265iso, 161wrc+
* RF Lukes (29): 192pa, 9.9b%, 15.1k%, .375bip, .333avg, .146iso, 134wrc+
* SS Jimenez (23): 182pa, 15.4b%, 16.5k%, .291bip, .260avg, .158iso, 124wrc+
* C Serven (29): 120pa, 17.5b%, 26.7k%, .415bip, .293avg, .111iso, 124wrc+
* 2B Martinez (22): 269pa, 8.9b%, 24.2k%, .288bip, .260avg, .264iso, 119wrc+
* CF Berroa (25): 201pa, 11.9b%, 25.9k%, .368bip, .282avg, .144so, 110wrc+
* LF Robertson (26): 191pa, 12.6b%, 33.0k%, .316bip, .226avg, .177iso, 91wrc+
* 3B Lantigua (26): 215pa, 11.6b%, 22.3k%, .345bip, .266avg, .085iso, 89wrc+
* DH Palmegiani (24): 189pa, 12.7b%, 27.5k%, .276bip, .220avg, .165iso, 85wrc+

* PH Roden (24): 9pa, 00.0b%, 55.6k%, .250bip, .111avg, .000iso, -55wrc+
* OF Eden (26): 204pa, 11.3b%, 23.5k%, .244bip, .199avg, .114iso, 57wrc+
* IF DeLosSantos (26): 69pa, 11.6b%, 24.6k%, .282bip, .228avg, .123iso, 88wrc+
* C Henry (27): 94pa, 7.4b%, 18.1k%, .273bip, .244avg, .151iso, 81wrc+

* IF Turconi (25): 55pa, 3.6b%, 34.5k%, .294bip, .189avg, .038iso, 11wrc+
* C McDowell (30): 72pa, 2.8b%, 33.3k%, .262bip, .179avg, .090iso, 29wrc+
* C Clarke (26): 18pa, 22.2b%, 11.1k%, .250bip, .214avg, .071iso, 94wrc+

Buffalo lineup much much thinner now that Horwitz and Barger have moved up. They'll need Roden to hit and Tirotta to keep up near his surprising line if they want to make up for that loss.

IMO the next guys in line for a callup would be Lukes and Jimenez but both have injury issues.


* X Roden (24): 244pa, 11.9b%, 13.9k%, .287bip, .267avg, .165iso, 130wrc+

* OF De.Brown (24): 227pa, 14.1b%, 37.4k%, .436bip, .260avg, .151iso, 127wrc+
* IF Kasevich (23): 257pa, 6.6b%, 10.1k%, .340bip, .311avg, .092iso, 118wrc+
* IF Dejesus (22): 232pa, 8.2b%, 28.4k%, .341bip, .249avg, .120iso, 98wrc+

Nice to see Roden promoted. IMO he should have started the year in AAA at his age and performance level.

None of the others are exactly demanding a promotion though Kasevich is old enough and his batting skills look advanced enough to move up if they want him to. Whether he ever develops any power at all is what will decide if he's an actual prospect or not.


* OF Da.Brown (22): 203pa, 12.8b%, 24.1k%, .336bip, .260avg, .156iso, 130wrc+
* 1B Orf (22): 89pa, 15.7b%, 23.6k%, .260bip, .219avg, .219iso, 126wrc+
* OF Bohrofen (22): 217pa, 12.4b%, 27.2k%, .303bip, .227avg, .155iso, 113wrc+
* IF Goodwin (22): 208pa, 10.1b%, 29.3k%, .279bip, .213avg, .180iso, 109wrc+

Decent lines for these guys but all should be a level up at their age. The only one that actually seems like they're earning the promotion, though, is Dasan Brown - and really, they shouldn't hesitate to move him up at this point given his age and the fact he's been stuck at this level for 3 years now. And with Roden bumped up to AAA you'd think there's an open OF spot for him now.


* OF Arias (20): 210pa, 11.0b%, 22.9k%, .346bip, .270avg, .152iso, 133wrc+
* IF Beltre (20): 248pa, 9.3b%, 18.1k%, .320bip, .267avg, .115iso, 115wrc+
* C Duran (20): 163pa, 14.7b%, 16.6k%, .291bip, .235avg, .074iso, 102wrc+
* OF Joseph (19): 174pa, 6.9b%, 23.6k%, .297bip, .237avg, .132iso, 99wrc+
* OF Aponte (20): 218pa, 12.8b%, 28.9k%, .291bip, .204avg, .127iso, 95wrc+
* IF Toman (20): 218pa, 8.7b%, 31.7k%, .322bip, .223avg, .114iso, 90wrc+
* IF Nimmala (18): 125pa, 12.0b%, 34.4k%, .242bip, .167avg, .139iso, 75wrc+

All these guys are at various levels of "holding their own" for their age and this level, and none of them are old for the level so no rush to move any of them.

but the one standout here is Arias - no rush to move him up but he's deserving it if they want to. Maybe if they bump Dasan Brown up to AA they'll move Arias up to A+ to replace them.


* SS Nimmala (18): 16pa, 31.3b%, 31.3k%, .333bip, .182avg, .182iso, 132wrc+
* OF Bonilla (18): 121pa, 5.8b%, 32.2k%, .373bip, .259avg, .157iso, 99wrc+
lexomatic - Monday, June 17 2024 @ 07:20 PM EDT (#447718) #
I'm thinking they need to try him in the OF at this point.

I thought he'd at least get a couple of years on the Soriano path.
Ducey - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 01:33 AM EDT (#447743) #
Carryover FCL game today: Cade Doughty went 3 for 4 with a walk. Votto went 0-2 with a sac fly and the team won their 7th out of 30.
bpoz - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 08:58 AM EDT (#447746) #
I like our DSL team. Some 2024 signed players are doing well. I see that other orgs have 2 teams and often they play each other. I suspect the Jays have enough players to make 3 teams and they also play themselves but it is not recorded so no info.
Gerry - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 02:26 PM EDT (#447761) #
Eric Pardinho has been promoted to Buffalo.
Kelekin - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 04:17 PM EDT (#447772) #
With Tolhurst moving up to AA.
Nigel - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 04:26 PM EDT (#447774) #
Pardinho getting promoted and pitching well is a remarkable achievement regardless of whether he can make it all the way to the majors. His injury history is extensive and serious. Just last year I saw him live several times and he wasn't hitting 90 on the radar gun and was getting absolutely shelled. I thought retirement was the next option. Hard not to root for that story.
Kelekin - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 04:29 PM EDT (#447775) #
On another note, I just noticed Ryan Jennings has given up only 8 earned runs this year, 7 of which came in one start.
Nigel - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 07:17 PM EDT (#447784) #
Jimenez is back tonight in Buffalo. Doubled in his second AB.
uglyone - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 07:54 PM EDT (#447789) #
Make that 2 doubles for Leo. Kid might be good.

Berroa has a fun profile but personally i don't think his profile translates as an mlb hitter. Is his defense plus?
uglyone - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 07:57 PM EDT (#447790) #
Good news is that Doughty is crushing baseballs in low levels rehab so far. Bad news is he's 3 levels low for his age. Not sure if he has enough time to get there this year but you'd want to see him in AAA by the end of the year.

Given the injuries though, him finishing the year hitting well in AA would be a good enough result.
#2JBrumfield - Tuesday, June 18 2024 @ 08:57 PM EDT (#447795) #
Lazaro Estrada has pitched a complete-game seven-inning no-hitter with 8 Ks in Vancouver's 1-0 win at Tri-City in game one of their doubleheader.
Kelekin - Wednesday, June 19 2024 @ 01:52 AM EDT (#447817) #
Let's keep the promotion train coming. Perez and JWB to A+, Estrada and Jennings to AA, Macko and Wallace to AAA. DFA Aaron Sanchez and [insert filler]. Chop chop.
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