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I picked her up by chance
She speaks to me
With ultra-high frequencies
Radio band of gold
Gonna listen til I grow old
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Shadows paintin' our faces
Traces of romance in our heads
Heaven's holdin' a half-moon
Shinin' just for us
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It's been a rough start to the Series for the Cardinals, with 17 runs allowed in 2 games in Fenway. What is likely to happen when the Series moves to Busch Stadium, and the teams play without the DH?
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We slept in and we need to run out the door right now if we're going to make a meeting on time. So today you get to make your own roundup. Enjoy!
October, that's when they pay off for playing ball.
-- Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson

That's right, it's that time again ... with today's off-day for October World Series travel, we're pleased to introduce the Batter's Box All-October team ...
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Cover up your trembling hands
There's indecision when you
Know you ain't got nothing left
When the good times never stay
And the cheap thrills always seem to fade away
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On this date 11 years ago Joe Carter 'touched them all' as the Jays beat the Phillies for their second straight World Series victory.
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Diamond has been missing since the beginning of the season. No one associated with the ballclub will confirm or deny any of the reports on her whereabouts.

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and I don't believe in hate
I don't believe in generals
or their stinking torture states
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Sunday mornings with a cup of tea
Super powers always fighting
But Mona Lisa just keeps on smiling
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Sent to me by Jobu, here's his wrapup of the ejection pool:
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With Jim Edmonds launching an absolute bomb into the St. Louis night, the 2004 postseason became the all-time single-season leader for postseason walk-off home runs, with five.

As well, David Ortiz became the first player ever to hit two walk-off bombs in the same postseason (to add to his game-winning single in Game 5 of the ALCS), and just the second player ever to hit two walk-off postseason homers in his career, after Bernie Williams.

Meanwhile, Dan Miceli becomes the first pitcher ever to surrender two walk-off homers in the same postseason, and the second pitcher ever to serve up two walk-off postseason gopher balls in his career. The first was not Byung-Hyun Kim, who gave up two game-tying jacks but only one walk-off in 2001. Instead, it's the great Lee Smith.

Finally, the 2004 NLCS became the first series ever with back-to-back walk-off homers, and only the second postseason series of all time with two walk-off jacks. The first? The 1988 World Series, with Kirk Gibson's memorable Game 1 pinch-hit longball and Mark McGwire's game-winner in Game 3.

Of course, the addition of third divisions and the wild card added several postseason games, many of which have been played in parks unprecedentedly friendly to the home run. Still, I find this statistic staggering:

Number of walk-off postseason homers prior to Joe Carter's in baseball history: 19

Number since Joe Carter's homer: 18

Here's the complete list.
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Or one of the seven stars
That shine after 3:30 in the morning
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Magpie found a great picture of the A-Rod play from last night. So I thought we could run a caption concept. No prizes, this is all for pride.
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