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The Globe & Mail reports this morning that Jamie Campbell has been named the voice of the Blue Jays for Rogers Sportsnet.

Campbell told the G&M, "Because I am a hard-core baseball fan, I know how a lot of baseball fans are going to react to this announcement. Baseball fans are an interesting bunch. And, for the hard core, this might not be a popular choice."

Hey Jamie, here at Batter's Box, we're the people you're referring to. And you had us at "I am a hard-core baseball fan."

Congratulations, and welcome aboard!

Editor's Note: Campbell has tentatively agreed to an interview with Batter's Box. Details will be announced as they become available. Questions for Jamie? Ask'em here and we'll pass them along.

Blue Jay President and CEO Paul Godfrey will be the keynote speaker at the 2005 SABR Convention in Toronto August 4-7. Non-members of SABR are welcome to attend.

I've been listening to Tom Cheek on the radio as long as I can remember. He's an integral part of my childhood and teenage memories. When someone says "baseball", I think of Tom Cheek. I have to get that out of the way off the top before someone accuses me of being a homer -- when it comes to Tom Cheek, hell yes, I am a homer.
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Spring Training has started down in Florida and Arizona, and now seems like a good time to introduce you to those who will be making their debut in 2005.
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Batter's Box version 3 is very different from its previous incarnation. Most noticeable is that, in order to post comments, you need an account. In this thread, I hope to answer any questions you might have about how to use this new Box.
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Upgrades Ensure Continued High Quality Content

February 19, 2005

TORONTO -- You know how some big league ballplayers will kick the chalk line around to re-draw the batter's box to better fit what they want as they step to the plate? Well, it's time for Batter's Box, formerly "Batter's Box Baseball Blog," to kick the technical chalk a little bit, expand its virtual space and continue to grow into its All-Star potential.

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It's official: the Toronto Blue Jays have acquired Shea Hillenbrand from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Adam Peterson. Hillenbrand presumably becomes the Blue Jays' full-time DH, spelling Eric Hinske at 1B now and again. And except for a few million dollars that may or may not be spent in the next several weeks, that's your 2004-05 Blue Jays' off-season.
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In unsurprising news Wade Boggs and Ryne Sandberg were elected to the Hall of Fame today.
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Bob Elliott reports in today's Toronto Sun that Blue Jay opening day hero Doug Ault passed away on Wednesday December 22, 2004. We offer our condolences to his family.
Batter's Box favourite Aaron "Named for Hank" Reynolds and his wife Vanessa were blessed with a baby boy early this morning. Further details will be forthcoming; the new parents have more important things to do right now.

I know I speak for all of us here at Batter's Box when I wish the entire Named for Hank family health and happiness for years to come.

Correction by Joe: Theodore was born late on the 23rd, not early on the 24th. An extra-early Christmas present!