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The Giants swept the Tigers and major league baseball on the field is over for 2012.  But the off the field action is just getting going, free agents are filing, options are being picked up and declined and target lists are being finalized.  Free agents can sign as of Saturday so get ready for the Jays to .... not do much.

And don't forget the team needs a manager.

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The Jays are starting their second manager search in two years.  Media stories suggest the Jays are not out front of this yet.  Reportedly Sandy Alomar or Brad Ausmus had not been contacted by the Jays as of yesterday.  I would have thought that the Jays had seen the writing on the John Farrell wall at least a week ago and would have a list of interview candidates ready to go yesterday.  There are not a lot of manager openings at this time so the Jays can still have a lot of guys to pick from, even if they take their time.  However AA told all the coaches that they were free to seek work elsewhere.  While some might be OK with seeing Boston pick up John Farrell, they might be less happy if he picks over the best of the Blue Jay coaches.
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Th Detroit Tigers will get on a plane today and head for San Francisco to begin the 2012 world series.  This match-up seemed improbable last Thursday when St Louis took a 3-1 lead in the NLCS.  But St Louis went from looking like world series champions to looking like the playoff version of the 2012 Yankees.   You have to think that the start by Barry Zito was the key turning point for the Giants.

It's good that Marco Scutaro gets to play in a world series.  Scutaro came into his own here in Toronto and has played very well since.

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Where there is smoke there is fire. There are now numerous tweets and reports saying that the Jays and Red Sox are in serious talks over compensation for John Farrell. The latest from Kevin Kennedy says:

#RedSox look like they will land John Farrell as manager from #BlueJays. Compensation talks getting serious, players will be headed to TOR.

Nick Cafardo tweeted something similar earlier.

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The ALCS starts Saturday with Doug Fister versus Andy Pettitte. The story of the division series was the non-hitting of A-Rod, Cano, Swisher, Miggy Cabrera, etc. Things change fast in baseball and often the MVP of one series becomes the 100 hitter of the next. On the other hand some of these laggards will be big producers in the ALCS.

The last three World Series champions are in the playoffs. The fourth team is Detroit who last won in 1984. Detroit beat the Yankees last season in the division series in the maximum five games.

The NLCS starts Sunday with Lance Lynn facing Madison Bumgarner.

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With two wild card games in the book it's now division series time. There are two games on Saturday, four on Sunday and two on Monday to accompany your turkey eating.

The first wild card game was wild, in particular the Braves players after the game.

"Bleepety-bleep," screamed one Brave, as Torre was explaining why he'd denied the Braves' protest. "Ohhhhh bleep, Joe," grumbled another, after listening to Torre say that it sure looked like an infield fly to him. "I'm outta here. That's weak," muttered another Brave, after Holbrook said he'd seen the replay and concluded it was "absolutely" the right call.

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The Toronto Blue Jays 2013 schedule is out.  They will play the Cleveland Indians for the second straight year in their season opener but this game will serve as the Jays home opener as well.

The Blue Jays will host the Cleveland Indians at the Dome in the first of a three-game series Tuesday, April 2.
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Well, there's no question about it now ... That kid headlining the Mariners' rotation, he's pretty good.

Felix Hernandez shut down the Tampa Bay Rays this afternon, 1-0. 27 up, 27 down, (Jesus Montero's third-inning RBI single brought the scoreboard operator's day to an early end.) Perfect!

Whatchagot to say 'bout that, now, Mr. McIlroy?

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According to a press release from, the Toronto Blue Jays have signed catcher Jeff Mathis to a two-year contract extension for $3 million dollars.

Jeff Mathis, scoring a run in Seattle July 31, will call Toronto home for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.
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The bullpen shuffle continues, as last night's winning pitcher (that would be Jesse Chavez) has been DFA'd. (Quick update there!)

And coming up to replace him... Chad Jenkins?

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