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Thanks to a comeback victory in New York and a Devil Ray loss in a make-up game, the Jays can climb out of 5th tonight with a win.

Here are the updated "Draft Bowl" standings:

1. Arizona Diamondbacks 47-106 .307 ___
2. Kansas City Royals 56-96 .368 9.5
3. Seattle Mariners 58-94 .382 11.5
4. Milwaukee Brewers 63-88 .417 17.0
5. Washington "Expos" 64-89 .418 17.0
6. Toronto Blue Jays 64-88 .421 17.5
7. Tampa Bay Devil Rays 64-87 .424 18.0
8. New York Mets 67-86 .438 20.0
9. Colorado Rockies 67-85 .441 20.5
10. Pittsburgh Pirates 68-84 .447 21.5

Arizona's "Upton number" is 1 - they have clinched a tie for first pick overall.
The Jays have been shut down by the veteran Cuban Orlando Hernandez this year - to the tune of 17 IP, 9 hits, 6 walks, 20 strikeouts and no runs allowed in 3 starts. El Duque is undefeated in 13 starts with 8 wins to his credit this season overall. He might be the Yankees' best starting pitcher right now.
The word is that Doc will be limited to about 65 pitches, so getting through 4 innings against the patient Bronx Bombers will be considered a success. That means the bullpen will be front and centre today. Will we see Brandon League's major league debut tonight?
Due to scheduling changes caused by hurricane, today's sceduled off-day has been moved to Thursday. It seems that TSN, which was to broadcast the 3-game set in New York, will not pick up tonight's game. My Extra Innings package lists the game as being available - let's hope that holds up.

Gustavo Chacin, the lefthander who tore up the Eastern League in the second half and thus did more than any other Blue Jays farmhand to improve his stock since mid-season, will get the difficult starting assignment.

One up, one down for Miller.