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Believe it or not, a "Twinterview" is not an interview conducted during a Twins game, even though that's exactly how it happened. Guess you'll just have to click through to find out what the bleep I'm talking about...
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Bart Given is the former Assistant General Manager of the Blue Jays.   Given has filled many roles with the Blue Jays including the role of travelling secretary.  Since leaving the Blue Jays Given has created his own website,  On his site Given provides perspective on front office activities such as rules around roster management and dates, waivers, player options, rule 5 draft and other rules the front office needs to be aware of.  Given agreed to be interviewed by Batters Box.
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Gary Cathcart won the Bobby Mattick award in 2007 based on managing the Lansing Lugnuts to a franchise-record 78 wins.  This year things haven't been going as well for Cathcart in New Hampshire, the Fisher Cats are last in the Northern Division.  As I entered the coaches room in Erie last week I said to Cathcart that I assumed 2008 wasn't living up to his expectations.  Cathcart replied that my comment was the understatement of the year, as he went on to add that the team pitching and defence have been very disappointing this season.  Cathcart then answered some questions for Batters Box.
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Brian Jeroloman was a sixth round selection by the Jays in 2006.  Jeroloman is now in AA and looks to have a very good chance to reach the major leagues in a couple of years.  Jeroloman is recognized as an above average defender but the jury is out on his ability to hit major league pitching.  Jeroloman has maintained his hitting stats on his way to AA which is a positive sign and JP Ricciardi oftens mentions Jeroloman as one of the prospects on the way in the minor leagues.  Recently Brian sat down with Batters Box for an interview while the the Fisher Cats were in Erie.
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Batters Box caught up with JP Arencibia a week ago in Fort Myers.  Arencibia talked with us about the draft, working with Greg Zaun and catching BJ Ryan.
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Brett Cecil talked with Batters Box just over a week ago, the day before his second start.  Cecil has had two very good, albeit abbreviated, starts since then.  Cecil will build up his stamina over the next month and if things go well Cecil could be in AA in mid-season.  One of the interesting answers in this interview is that Cecil became a closer in college because he threw the hardest of the pitchers.  That's a simple way to pick your closer.
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Keith Law is well known to Batters Box.  Keith was employed by the Blue Jays from 2002 through 2006 and in 2003 dropped into Da Box for an interview.   Keith now provides a scouting perspective at where his weekly chats have become a favourite of mine because of Keith's honesty; the large number of questions he answers; and his willingness to answer questions on two of his other passions, books and food.   At ESPN Keith also breaks down trades and publishes prospect reports such as the top 5 prospects by organization and the overall top 100 prospects in baseball.  Keith agreed to an e-mail interview with Batters Box, reproduced below.  Batters Box thanks Keith for the generous allocation of his time to this interview.
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Dick Scott is the Blue Jays Director of Player Development and a regular interview subject here at Batters Box.  Recently Scott answered questions from Batters Box regarding the 2007 minor league season and some of the Jays prospects.  The 2006 edition of this season-ending interview can be found here.  Batters Box would like to thank Dick Scott for giving us some of his valuable time.
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New Hampshire Fisher Cat manager Bill Masse recently sat down with Batters Box in Binghamton, New York, to answer some questions about his team.  Masse is new to the Blue Jays this season having been a manager in the Yankees system last year.  As a newcomer to the organization Masse was able to give a new perspective on several prospects to Batters Box.

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Dick Scott is the Blue Jays Director of Minor League Operations and has made several visits to Da Box in the past.  Dick sat down with Batters Box last week to talk about the Jays minor league system and to specifically talk about twenty of the Jays players.  Finally Dick told Da Box why the Jays are shutting down their Pulaski team for 2007. 
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Dave LaRoche is the pitching coach for the New Hamsphire Fisher Cats.  LaRoche pitched in 647 major league games over 14 seasons, mostly in relief.  Younger fans will know LaRoche through his sons, Braves first baseman Andy LaRoche, and Dodgers prospect Adam LaRoche.  Dave shared his thoughts on some of the New Hampshire pitchers with Batters Box ten days ago in New Hampshire.

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It is often said that baseball is a nomad's life.  The organization that signs you will dispatch you to various parts of North America where you could find yourself thousands of miles away from home, friends and family.  It is very rare for a player to be able to live at home while he plays ball.  Toronto's Jesse Litsch was one of those rare players.

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Dane Johnson is the roving minor league pitching instructor for the Blue Jays.  Johnson spent a long time in the minor leagues before making the major leagues at age 31.  Johnson spent some time with the Blue Jays in 1996.  Johnson has been a coach in the Jays system and since 2004 has been the roving pitching instructor.  In that position Johnson shuttles between all the minor league teams working with the pitchers and supporting each teams pitching coach.  Batters Box caught up with Johnson last week in Syracuse where he took time to talk about some of the lesser known pitching prospects.


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How many of you would like to be working for the Toronto Blue Jays instead of whatever it is you are doing today? How would you like to be living in Florida right now, enjoying the warm weather? Meet Charlie Wilson, a Toronto native, who now works in Dunedin as the Blue Jays Manager of Minor League Operations. Currently Wilson is one of the busiest men in Florida as he prepares for an influx of players to minor league spring training.
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John Sickels is a long time minor league analyst and in his latest book he has rated over 1,000 prospects.

He recently released his Blue Jay Top 20 Prospect Ranking over at his terrific website and agreed to step into Da Box to discuss the Jays prospects further.

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