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It was time.
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It's spring training. Michael Saunders hit two home runs and Darwin Barney drove in five runs in a game, which is really fantastic!


... you know.

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When the trees gain colour as they sway in the breeze
When slivers of grass poke out from a trodden cold mud

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There's really not a whole lot happening...

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Things are quiet in Blue Jay land, not that that stops us from yakking non-stop. Very minor Jays news...
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Here I come to save the day! Or at least, your scrolling fingers...
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Hopefully the party is just getting started.
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The 25 man is now almost set.  8 man pen and Travis at 2B with Pompey & Pillar in the outfield.  Drew Hutchison opening day starter.
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9 games in Florida left plus 2 in Montreal vs the Reds.  So what do we know at this point? 
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The draft order and budgets are now set with Shields signing out in San Diego.  It doesn't look good for the Jays and might explain why they are planning to blow the budget on international free agents.
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It's January, it's probably cold out, let's talk some baseball...
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Athletics Acquire Ben Zobrist, Yunel Escobar, meanwhile the Rays Sign Juan Francisco.  Phew, one less team to worry about in the AL East...hopefully.
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Nothing too exciting right now.  This is more a thread to clear out some minor stuff and start a new thread now that the 'current news' one is over 300 posts.
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The winter meetings are over.  The Jays did a few minor moves, the Red Sox some major ones. 
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Mariners, Blue Jays Swap Michael Saunders, J.A. Happ. Another Canadian here, and we lose an expensive #5/6 starter.
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