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Three wins and four losses for the minor league teams. All the losses were by one run, two of them in extra innings.

Syracuse 3 Louisville 1

Ryan Glynn delivered another excellent start. Glynn went seven, allowing the one run on seven hits. Glynn signed with Syracuse, in part, to work with Brad Arnsberg, who he had worked with previously. In his last four starts Glynn has pitched 26 innings, almost three games, allowing five runs. In the 26 innings Glynn has allowed 18 hits and three walks. An excellent pick-up for Syracuse.

After Louisville scored their run in the bottom of the third, Syracuse answered with a pair in the top of the fourth. Simon Pond doubled home Julius Matos and Glenn Williams, both of whom had singled.

In the sixth Gabe Gross doubled home Matos. Aquilino Lopez and Kevin Frederick each pitched an inning of scoreless relief.

Russ Adams returned from the DL and went 0-5. Gabe Gross was 1-4. Anthony Sanders and Julius Matos each had two hits.

Game Story

New Hampshire 7 Harrisburg 8 - in 10 innings

New Hampshire took a tough loss yesterday. The Cats took a three run lead to the bottom of the eighth and newly announced Canadian olympian John Ogiltree came out of the pen. He allowed three hits and one run in one third of an inning. Jordan DeJong came on and let Harrisburg tie the game with a ground out and a single.

New Hampshire looked like they had it won again in the tenth when they scored two runs on one hit, three walks and an error. Travis Thompson came on for the save but the first five hitters he faced reached base and a sac fly won it for Harrisburg.

Gustavo Chacin started and bobbed and weaved his way through five inning with ten baserunners, but only conceded two runs. The offense was led by Aaron Hill and Tyrell Godwin. Hill, fresh from being MVP of the futures game, went 3-5 with a home run and four runs scored. Godwin was 2-5 with a home run.

Game Story

Dunedin 2 Fort Myers 3 - in 10 innings

Dunedin's bat are cold right now. Dunedin have scored nine runs in their last four games. Vince Perkins started and scuffled through the first couple of innings. In the third Perkins allowed back to back jacks, but finished up retiring the last eleven in a row. Encouragingly Perkins only allowed one walk in his six innings along with five hits.

Dunedin got one back in the fifth. Miguel Negron tripled and scored on a single by Ryan Roberts. Roberts also singled in the seventh to drive in Ron Davenport with the tying run. Andy Torres pitched the seventh and eighth to preserve the tie. Bubbie Buzachero pitched a scoreless ninth but in the tenth two singles and two walks ended the game.

Dunedin had five hits on the night, two each by Miguel Negron and Ryan Roberts. When those two were not hitting there were a lot of 1-2-3 innings, eight of the ten Dunedin innings saw the minimum three batters.

Charleston 9 Lake County 0 - game 1
Charleston 2 Lake County 3 - game 2

Tom Mastny started game one and when Charleston scored four runs in the second inning the result was virtually assured. Mastny was not at his sharpest, he only went five innings giving up four hits, two walks and a hit batter.

Christian Snavely had the big stick going last night. In the second inning he doubled in two runs. In the fourth he hit a solo home run and, in the seventh, he singled in another. His line for the game was 3-4 with the double and home run. He scored one run and drove in four.

In the second inning, after Snavely's double, Joey Wolfe hit a two run home run.

Michael Galloway also had a big game, 3-4 with two runs scored and one RBI. Brian Patrick and Wolfe had two hits each.

In the second game John Wesley started and was solid through three innings, but in the fourth he allowed four of five hitters to reach before he was replaced by Felix Romero. Romero allowed two more runners to score to put the Cats down 3-2. The Cats had scored two in the top of the fourth. Robinson Diaz was hit by a pitch and Joey Reiman hit a two run home run.

Other than the fourth inning the Cats struggled against Rafael Perez who started for Lake County. Perez worked 6.1 innings giving up four hits, two of which were erased on double plays. He only walked one and had eight K's.

Willie Rivera had two hits while Snavely went 0-3 with 3 K's.

Game Story

Batavia 7 Auburn 14

The game took over three and a half hours to play, Auburn had 16 hits while Batavia had 13, not a good night to be a pitcher. This was a back and forth struggle, but Auburn scored seven runs in their last two at-bats to prevail.

Vinnie Esposito went 3-5 with two doubles and a home run, scoring twie and driving in five. His home run was a two run shot in the first inning. Vinnie also doubled in the three go ahead runs in the seventh inning. Curtis Thigpen was 4-5 with two doubles, a run and two RBI's. One of his hits came on a bunt for a base hit to third. Aaron Mathews was 3-5 with three runs scored, a walk and an RBI. Chip Cannon chipped in with two hits.

Taking the pounding on the mound was Randy Dicken, four runs in 2.2 innings, and Chris Neylan one run in three innings on four hits and two walks. Eric Rico got the win, pitching 3.1 innings and allowing two unearned runs. His record is now 5-1.

Game Story

Pulaski 3 Johnson City 4

This was a tight game. Brian Grant started and pitched well allowing a single run in the fourth and in the fifth. Grant left after five innings having allowed four hits. Pulaski tied it in the sixth. Charles Anderson hit a home run and Luke Hetherington doubled in Nick Thomas who had walked.

Russell Savickas replaced Grant and pitched two strong innings with just one hit allowed.

Pulaski looked like a rookie level team in the eighth. James Pidutti came on to start the eighth and walked the lead off hitter. The next hitter attempted to sacrifice but a Pidutti error put runners at first and third. Another error by the catcher on an attempted steal allowed the runner on third to score. Aaron Tressler relieved and a single, a walk, and a passed ball, allowed the eventual winning run to score. Brian Bormaster homered in the ninth to make it a one run game. Pulaski had only five hits in the game, no hitter had two hits.

Our Three-Star Selection

Hitters day today.....
The 3rd Star: Christian Snavely, 3-4, double, home run, four RBI's
The 2nd Star: Curtis Thigpen, 4-5, two doubles, a bunt single, a run and two RBI's
The 1st Star: Vinnie Esposito, 3-5, two doubles, a home run, five RBI's, drove in Auburn's first two runs, and three more to put Auburn ahead in the seventh.

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Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 10:52 AM EDT (#51606) #
Another night, another 5 internet radio broadcasts. Dunedin plays Daytona, with FSL player of the month Brandon Sing. The game can be heard via the Daytona broadcast. Charleston plays at Lake County, and the game can be heard on the Lake County network. Auburn is on the road at Batavia, and this game can be heard through
_mendocino - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:05 AM EDT (#51607) #
keeping with the tom mastny theme COMN

"Mastny was the Southern Conference Pitcher of the Year as a senior but slipped to the 11th round of last year's draft. He was selected for this season's South Atlantic League all-star team after going 5-2 with a 1.89 ERA for the Toronto Blue Jays' Class A affiliate in Charleston, W.Va., but two less effective starters were promoted to a higher class the same week."
_Marc - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:13 AM EDT (#51608) #
Curtis Thingpen doesn't seem to be having any trouble with short season ball. I smell a quick promotion: he's hitting for average, power and not striking out much.

And how about Snavely. After not hitting even one homerun in his debut season last year he's now cranked out 11.

And how quietly is Mastny mastering low A ball? He has an ERA well under 2 and no one outside the Jays organization seems to be paying attention. Partially thanks to BA's lack of interest in covering Jays' players: They rarely appear on the Hot Sheet and the daily list of hot minor league players almost never shows Jays' players from their short season teams even though they are DOMINATING their leagues.
_Bryan501 - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:28 AM EDT (#51609) #
no to be too negative, but prospect status has a lot to do with age, and many of the jays "prospects" are old. 23 is quite old to be considered a prospect when your only playing in low A.
_R Billie - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:31 AM EDT (#51610) #
Marc, there are only so many spots on the Hot Sheet there and they will always give preference to guys dominating at higher levels and who are young for their level. Mastny is doing very well but BA won't notice him if there are 20 year olds doing better in high A and AA. They pick their prospects for long term projectability as well as good current day performance.

So we're rarely going to see the Jays guys on there as most of them are college drafted and playing in the low minors. At least Jamie Vermilyea got his moment in the sun for the 13 perfect innings he threw. Josh Banks made the list earlier this year as he was dominating high A at 21 or 22.
_R Billie - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:35 AM EDT (#51611) #
Thigpen, a catcher, bunted for a single. He must think he's athletic or something. Either that or he pulled a Ramon Hernandez and did the last thing the other team expected. He sure is smacking the ball in the early going though; he and Lind and maybe even Matthews should be able to provide Dunedin with an offensive boost soon.
_Four Seamer - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:41 AM EDT (#51612) #
many of the jays "prospects" are old. 23 is quite old

Ah, to be old again! ;)
_R Billie - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:50 AM EDT (#51613) #
Mastny might become a guy like Cam Reimers at higher levels. Not having tremendous stuff or striking out a whole lot of people but he keeps getting the job done. As such he will keep advancing but people will always wonder about his ability against big league competition. He certainly deserves the chance though. Even if he just becomes another Ryan Franklin he'll have some value.
_Marc - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 11:58 AM EDT (#51614) #
From what I've heard Jays officials say Thigpen is quite athletic and has the ability to also play third base as well as first and the outfield.

I realize BA likes to focus on some of the higher players, but they don't seem to focuc on the Jays players even on their daily minor report sheet that lists 8 or 10 top performers for each league.

I'm sure fans of all the teams say the same thing... There's no pleasing everyone...

Mastny may be 23 but a dominating ERA is still a dominating ERA.
_Jonny German - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 12:21 PM EDT (#51615) #
The current Charleston roster, to the best of my knowlege, with ages:

Clint Johns'n 27.1 1B
Brad Esarey 25.8 LHP
Felix Romero 24.1 RHP
Eric Arnold 24.0 2B
Joey Wolfe 23.8 C
Joseph Wolfe 23.8 C
Jeremy Harper 23.7 RHP
Brian Patrick 23.6 2B
Joey Reiman 23.6 C
Joaquin Canizal 23.5 RHP
David Smith 23.5 OF
Tom Mastny 23.5 RHP
Brad Mumma 23.3 LHP
Michael Gal'way 23.2 1B
Jermy Acey 23.2 2B
Danny Core 23.0 RHP
Jordy Templet 22.9 RHP
Mark Sopko 22.6 RHP
William Rivera 22.6 IF
Kurt Isenb'g 22.5 LHP
Chris Snavely 22.2 OF
Morrin Davis 21.6 OF
Davis Romero 21.3 LHP
Juan Peralta 21.1 IF
Robby Diaz 20.8 C
_Finn McCool - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 12:23 PM EDT (#51616) #
I keep seeing people wanting to promote prospects who have just started their pro careers. Curtis Thigpen has all of 27 at bats while playing in Auburn. Let's see how he's doing after 150 to 200 at bats before we promoted him, and even if he is not promoted this year I have little doubt he will start next year in Dunedin.
_Marc - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 12:37 PM EDT (#51617) #
I would agree with you McCool on many cases, but many high draft picks with other teams are challenged right away with trips to A or A+ teams. Since he is dominating with average, driving in runs and with a good knowledge of the strike zone (and dominated in the college playoffs) I think Thigpen deserves an early promotion.
Special cases for (apparantly) special people.
_Sneeps - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 12:43 PM EDT (#51618) #
I'd rather leave Thigpen in Auburn for the rest of the year and let that team tear it up. Not much point in playing in Dunedin for a month.
_R Billie - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 12:52 PM EDT (#51619) #
I agree with guys spending some low pressure time in Auburn with other players who are in the same boat and learning the ins and outs of professional baseball. It has to be a different atmosphere in Dunedin where most guys are at least one or two year veterans of the system.

Thigpen might be able to handle Dunedin but it won't hurt to let him settle in at Auburn and possibly dominate for a month or so before moving up to a challenge. The Jays moved Hill right to AA for the full season the year after he was drafted so they don't seem afraid to move people if they think they can handle it.

It's exciting to see some young hitters making their way up though. Thigpen and Lind gives them some depth to add to existing guys like Diaz, Negron, Tablado, Vito, and Medina next year at Dunedin and New Hampshire. No stars but there's some semblance of offence in the system once Hill, Adams, and Quiroz graduate.
Gerry - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 01:28 PM EDT (#51620) #
If there is a move it will likely be half way through the season. Last year Aaron Hill played 33 games at Auburn and 32 at Dunedin. Jamie Vermilyea pitched 30 innings at Auburn and 20 at Dunedin.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 02:38 PM EDT (#51621) #
Agreed. It was more or less the same in 02 with Adams and Bush. The twist this year is Auburn's top 2 pitching prospects will probably arrive in August.

Anyways, not much turns on it. Josh Banks spent all of last summer in Auburn, but it hasn't meant that they're holding him back.
_Finn McCool - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 04:13 PM EDT (#51622) #
I wonder what would better serve Curtis Thigpen right now, playing on a team where he can be a impact type player, and hopefully lead his team to a championship. Something that last Auburn team, as good as they were did not achieve, or after month or so be promoted to Dunedin and go through a potentially, (look at Adam's and Hills stats from that period in dunedin) difficult adjustment.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 06:35 PM EDT (#51623) #
Highlights of tonight's games: Josh Banks starts for New Hampshire and faces Corey Thurman. Davis Romero gets the start for Charleston against Lake County. I'm out of action for BBRadio until 9 o'clock at the earliest.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:01 PM EDT (#51624) #
The F-Cats trail Harrisburg 9-4 after 6 innings. Brandon League just gave up 4 runs on 6 hits, 3 infield, and an error. JF Griffin is having some issues adapting to playing first base, and this led to the error by Dominic Rich (a ground ball in the hole that a first baseman would normally get, Griffin heads toward it and that turns away).
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:06 PM EDT (#51625) #
In the top of 7 AA:

French, who's limping, grounds out on a ball up the middle. He'd normally beat the throw. Godwin grounds out to the pitcher and Hill strikes out.

9-4 Harrisburg at the stretch.

JF Griffin has 2 homers on the night. I think that I'll try another game.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:21 PM EDT (#51626) #
Bottom of 7 in Dunedin:

It's 6-1 Dunedin. Oberholdt pitching for Daytona.

Vito singles to left. Tablado flies out to deep center. Negron bloops a single to center. Roberts lines a single to right-center. Vito scores, Negron to second. Rodney Medina singles infield, bases loaded. John Schneider walks, Negron scores, bases still loaded. Tingler up. Count goes to 2-0, and "Wild Thing" comes on over the stadium loudspeakers. Tingler runs the count to 3-2, then rips a ball down the right-field line for a bases clearing triple.

It's time for a "Wise Investment" call to the bullpen, and with the score 11-1 for the good guys, I think I'll try another game.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:29 PM EDT (#51627) #
Syracuse at Louisville AAA

3-3 in the eighth. Shackleford pitching for Louisville. One out. Gross on first. Glenn Williams up, and flies to deep right on a nice running catch by the centerfielder. Simon Pond flies out to deep left-center.

Marvin Benard is back in the Syracuse lineup, and drove in the third Syracuse run.

3-3 after 7 and 1/2 innings.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:38 PM EDT (#51628) #
Bottom 8 AAA:

Nakamura pitching for Syracuse. Smitherman lines out to third. Corky Miller grounds out to third. Felipe Lopez up, and Pevey pulls Nakamura and brings on Kerhsner to turn Lopez around. Lopez foils the strategy by lining a single to left. Kershner then hits Aaron Holbert with a pitch. First and second for Jim Chamblee grounds into a 5-4 fielder's choice.

3-3 after 8 innings.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:44 PM EDT (#51629) #
Top 9 AAA:

Sanders hits a grounder over the mound and Felipe Lopez makes a fine play to throw him out. Marvin Benard lines out to left. Guillermo Quiroz (0-2 with a walk) strikes out swinging.

3-3 after 8 and 1/2.
Mike Green - Friday, July 16 2004 @ 09:54 PM EDT (#51630) #
Bottom of 9 AAA:

Adam Peterson in to pitch. Rob Stratton runs the count to 3-1, and draws the walk. Ray Olmedo bunts in front of the plate, and Peterson throws wildly to 1st. The ball bounces over Fagan's head, but Julius Matos backs up the play smartly. Runners on first and second, nobody out. Jermaine Clark up. On a wild pitch in the dirt, Quiroz blocks it and Stratton takes off, Quiroz pounces on the ball and throws him out. Draws raves. Another wild pitch goes to the backstop and Olmedo advances to second. Talley Haines warming in the bullpen. Clark lines a single to centerfield. Sanders throw to the plate is late and Louisville wins.

4-3 Louisville final.
_Tim - Saturday, July 17 2004 @ 03:04 AM EDT (#51631) #
Thanks for the updates, Mike. You were everywhere tonight! Lots of losses tonight. At least the offenses had good nights for Dunedin and Charleston.
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