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Only Dunedin and Lansing were in action and both of them had the bullpen blow leads. Dunedin survived to win in extra innings. Lansing came back to win in the ninth. It was a hitters night, the Dunedin hitters had 18 hits, the Lansing hitters had 16. Both Buffalo and New Hampshire had a scheduled day off. Lansing second baseman Cullen Large had a five hit night. Dunedin's Rodrigo Orozco had four.

Dunedin had a 9-4 lead heading to the eighth but the game was tied after the top of the eighth. The Jays used three relievers in the inning but a fielding error by Yeltsin Gudino and two throwing errors by Josh Palacios meant three of the runs were unearned. The Jays won the game in the tenth. Richard Urena started the inning on second and immediately Brad Jones singled him home for the walk-off 10-9 win.

The Jays racked up 18 hits, it would have been tough to lose with that hit total. The Jays have four hitters with batting averages over .300 and they each had a big night. Rodrigo Orozco had four hits, Josh Palacios had three hits and two walks, Nash Knight and DJ Davis had two hits each. Among the hitters with low batting averages Logan Warmoth and Richard Urena had two hits. The starter was Taylor Saucedo who gave up four runs, three earned, over five innings. Nick Hartman was the best of the relievers, two perfect innings with four K's.

Lansing had a 4-2 lead after five innings. Graham Spraker and Turner Larkins have been piggybacking and Spraker had done well for five innings, just two runs allowed. Larkins came on for the sixth, walked a hitter and then was hit by a batted ball. He was removed to be checked out and Andy Ravel came on. As often happens when a pitcher doesn't get a full warm-up Ravel gave up a hit, walked a pair, followed by a passed ball and a wild pitch. Suddenly the 4-2 lead was a 6-4 deficit. It was 7-5 in the bottom of the eighth when Kacy Clemens drove in two with a single to tie the game. In the bottom of the ninth Cullen Large and Ryan Noda singled, Matt Morgan bunted them over and Norberto Obeso singled in the winning run.

Lansing had 16 hits. Cullen Large was 5-5 with two doubles. Chavez Young was 3-4 with a walk. Ryan Noda and Kacy Clemens each had two hits.

Three Stars

Third Star - Chavez Young

Second Star - Rodrigo Orozco

First Star - Cullen Large


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Mike Green - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 10:26 AM EDT (#357012) #
Chavez Young was an under-the-radar prospect prior to the year but is off to a nice start.  He's a switch-hitting centerfielder with some extra-base pop and speed.  This year so far, he's displayed better control of the strike zone and has improved his stolen base efficiency.  He is 20 (turning 21 in July), so he is just about right in terms of age and developmental level.

Anybody have impressions on his defensive abilities from his time in Vancouver?

Nigel - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 12:56 PM EDT (#357021) #
Sorry Mike. I only got to see Young once. I think he was only in Vancouver for a couple of games but maybe my memory is wrong. I couldn't give you a real report on his defence after one game. I will say though that he is one of those players who just appears to be more athletic than everyone else. My first impression (and that's all it was) was that his skills were fairly unrefined but, frankly, his track record (limited as it is) suggests that he's more than just a tools freak. I think he's a very interesting prospect. He and Palacios are the two OF prospects outside of AAA that I am interested in following. I liked everything about Palacios when he was in Vancouver.
bpoz - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 01:17 PM EDT (#357023) #
C Young is from Freeport Bahamas. So could be behind on his baseball playing experience. He is also a switch hitter.
Mike Green - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 01:57 PM EDT (#357026) #
Thanks, Nigel.
dan gordon - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 07:28 PM EDT (#357028) #
Young is a switch hitter, and in both 2016 and 2017, he was considerably better as a righty batter. He has not only improved his left handed batting, but his numbers are actually quite a bit better so far this year hitting left, with a slightly better average and more power. Too early to draw conclusions, but he may be developing into guy who can do a good job from both sides. Nice to see the improved walk rate so far this year - his K/BB ratio was over 4 each of the last 2 years, and this year is down to about 2.
diamonds38 - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 08:27 PM EDT (#357033) #
Red-Foley is dealing again. First six outs were strikeouts. Currently through 4, this is his line:

4 IP
0 Hits
0 Runs
3 BB (2 in this inning)
7 K
67 pitches (at least 20 in this inning)

His slider has been nearly unhittable. Fastball command is deserting him a little bit in this inning.

Vladdy just got caught stealing in the bottom of the 3rd.

diamonds38 - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 08:46 PM EDT (#357035) #
Red-Foley's no hitter is gone on a line drive to right. Through 5, it is still 3-0 Fisher Cats as they ended up looading the bases on another hit and a hit by pitch but he pitched out of it.

He has allowed 2 hits with 3 BB and 8 K's - 88 pitches

After he gave up the hit, he spun a perfect double play ball to Bichette, who couldn't get it out of his glove cleanly so they only got one. On the handful of plays I have seen Bo make this year, he looks like a 19 year old kid learning to play shortstop. He has got a ways to go if he is going to play short in the big leagues. At second with the shorter throw, I suspect he will be fine.

diamonds38 - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 09:03 PM EDT (#357036) #
Fisk comes on the 6th and gets the Thunder 3 up 3 down with 2 K's. Decent fastball and a sharp offspeed pitch. Now has thrown 13 shutout innings this year with 15 K's.

Vladdy just hit a ground ball into the hole at short that deflected off the shortstop's glove into shallow left and he hustled it into a double. One out later, Pentacost singles him home but gets thrown out going for two.

Bisons had a chance to win it in the bottom of the 9th tied 7-7. Runners on second and third with nobody out. Fields pinch running on third. Leblebijian struck out on a slider in the dirt. Lopes who already had 3 hits tonight came up and hit a line drive to shallow centre. It was caught and Fields was thrown out at the plate.

Moll just gave up a home run and it is 9-7 Pawsox.
dan gordon - Friday, April 27 2018 @ 10:45 PM EDT (#357040) #
Reid-Foley's early season numbers are now an ERA of 1.16, WHIP of 0.81, and K/BB ratio of 21/10 in 23 1/3 innings. Only 9 hits allowed. You'd like to see fewer walks, but otherwise, he's been terrific - great to see him taking a big step forward after last year. Buffalo by the end of May?

The Jays may have found themselves something by moving Fisk to the bullpen. He had some decent seasons as a starter, nothing great, but now as a reliever, he's been outstanding, pitching 14 scoreless innings, allowing just 7 hits, with 15 K's.

Kacy Clemens had another big game today. HR, double, 2 walks, 3 runs scored and 3 RBI's. Now has a line of .317/.500/.550/1.050. If he keeps this up, might have to start considering him an actual prospect, although he's 23 and only in A ball.

Tim Lopes now hitting .472 after his 3 hits today.
hypobole - Saturday, April 28 2018 @ 01:30 AM EDT (#357041) #
One player no one mentions is Kevin Smith. One of our few SS prospects without questions of him being able to remain at the position, a bit of pop and and speed. He's 21 at Lansing, so not too old. Big issue has been his hit tool/swing-and-miss, but that seems to be trending in the right direction, and he wasn't Woodman bad to start with.

ISLAND BOY - Saturday, April 28 2018 @ 05:47 AM EDT (#357042) #
Speaking of Woodman, he has 24 strikeouts in 52 at-bats so far this year.
GabrielSyme - Saturday, April 28 2018 @ 09:13 PM EDT (#357056) #
Chavez Young still has a lot of swing-and-miss in his game - 15% in the early going, pretty comparable to what he did in Bluefield last year. Kevin Smith, on the other hand, is making a lot more contact - 8.1%, down from 15% last year. That's a pretty major improvement, and very promising. Incidentally, he's now 15 for 15 stealing bases as a professional. He's getting pretty close to Warmoth as a prospect, in my opinion.
hypobole - Saturday, April 28 2018 @ 10:08 PM EDT (#357057) #
Yeah, the SB's for Smith. The Pipeline report calls him a below average runner, but I found this at the time of the draft:

"Almost 21y/o listed at 6-0 188lbs, well-built body with obvious muscle, lacks much future projection quality athlete with excellent speed, have routinely timed him between 4.14-4.19 seconds home to first from the right side."

Those times are 60-65 grade - definitely not below average.
dan gordon - Sunday, April 29 2018 @ 03:18 AM EDT (#357059) #
Kevin Smith had another big game today, getting a walk, single, double and triple, and is now hitting .329 with an OPS of .946. In addition to Smith's 3 hits, Young, Vicuna, Noda and Clemens each had 2 hits as Lansing scored 13 times. Clemens hit 2 more home runs, raising his OPS to 1.131, and he has walked 22 times vs only 13 K's. The Lugnuts have an amazing offense, and have scored 153 runs in 22 games, roughly 7 runs per game, including 66 in their last 7 games, and are now 15-7. If you want to put a smile on your face, have a look at the team's hitting stats.
bpoz - Sunday, April 29 2018 @ 10:27 AM EDT (#357063) #
These results could produce fast promotions.
diamonds38 - Sunday, April 29 2018 @ 02:10 PM EDT (#357075) #
Bisons up 1-0. Mcguire crusing through 4 - with 8's and 1 hit allowed. Fastball sitting at 91 or 92. His command has been good. Tight breaking ball is a good out pitch for him. Janssen with a home run for the only run so far.
diamonds38 - Sunday, April 29 2018 @ 04:26 PM EDT (#357077) #
Lugnuts win 1-0. Diaz goes 6 more shutout innings. His fastball was sitting at 95/96. He has now thrown 27 2/3 innings allowing 1 run on 6 hits with 29 K's. Tice pitched the 7th for the save and also sat at 95/96. Tice struck out two but was a little lucky as the first hitter crushed a ball into the wind that a stumbling and flailing Noda caught on the track. Tice's ERA still sits at 0.00 through 7 2/3 with 11 K's.
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