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The #BlueJays affiliates had just two games but they won both Monday night. Dunedin and Lansing had the night off.

Buffalo 6 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 2

The Bisons scored twice in the second and fourth innings and once in the sixth and seventh to win on the road. Tim Lopes must wonder what he'll have to do to get a call-up. He went 3-for-4,  knocked in a run and stole a base. Jason Leblebijian and Rowdy Tellez had two hits apiece with Leblebijian going deep and Tellez swiping a bag. Dalton Pompey and Danny Jansen also pulled off a double steal of third and second. Jansen had a hit and a walk and two RBI. Pompey was 0-for-4. Anthony Alford was 1-for-5 while Reese McGuire and Darnell Sweeney had doubles. Dwight Smith Jr. was 0-for-5. Roemon Fields was 0-for-1 pinch-hitting for Pompey.

Chris Rowley hung around for six innings of one-run ball as he had to work around five hits, three walks and a hit by pitch. He had three strikeouts and eight outs on the ground. Murphy Smith gave up a run in 1-2/3 innings. Sam Moll stranded two of Smith's runners to get the final four outs, three by strikeout, for the save.

New Hampshire 6 Reading 2

The Fisher Cats scored in five different innings in front of the home crowd. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Cavan Biggio and Harold Ramirez had two hits apiece. Guerrero and Biggio both had triples with Guerrero also drawing a free pass. Bo Bichette had a double in five at-bats. Max Pentecost was 1-for-3 with a walk.

Jordan Romano fought his control over five innings by issuing five free passes but limited the damage to two runs on three hits. He struck out seven to run his record to 4-0. Zach Jackson, Conor Fisk and Andrew Case shut the door in relief with Jackson going two innings. No walks were issued by the relievers

*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Tim Lopes, Buffalo

2. Jason Leblebijian, Buffalo

1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., New Hampshire

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85bluejay - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 12:15 AM EDT (#357149) #
Looks like Devon Travis is taking his time getting to the Bisons.
ayjackson - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 01:31 AM EDT (#357154) #
Is Tim Lopes Davey's son? If so, what a year our farm of proteges is having. I wonder if we can field an all-offspring team in the minors.
Maldoff - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 11:14 AM EDT (#357166) #
Anyone know why Pompey was pulled last night?
uglyone - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 03:40 PM EDT (#357180) #
April MILB Update


2B Lopes (24): 53pa, 9.4b%/15.1k%, .525bip/.438avg, .083iso, 195wrc+
C Jansen (23): 56pa, 10.7b%/16.1k%, .343bip/.304avg, .196iso, 167wrc+
RF Teoscar (25): 18pa, 0.0b%/38.9k%, .333bip/.278avg, .389iso, 165wrc+
LF Smith (25): 70pa, 14.3b%/22.9k%, .268bip/.228avg, .140iso, 102wrc+
CF Pompey (25): 44pa, 6.8b%/22.7k%, .286bip/.243avg, .108iso, 91wrc+
1B Tellez (23): 54pa, 11.1b%/18.5k%, .289bip/.229avg, .042iso, 73wrc+
CF Alford (23): 30pa 6.7b%/33.3k%, .353bip/.222avg, .037iso, 65wrc+
C McGuire (23): 47pa, 4.3b%/21.3k%, .242bip/.205avg, .091iso, 49wrc+

LH Borucki (24): 14.2ip, 19.7k%/7.6b%, .435bip, 4.30era, 3.78fip, 3.65xfip
RH Biagini (28): 15.2ip, 12.9k%/7.1b%, .259bip, 5.17era, 4.27fip, 4.33xfip

LH Mayza (26): 3.1ip, 61.5k%/7.7b%, .750bip, 0.00era, -0.46fip, 0.10xfip
RH Guerreri (25): 7.0ip, 18.2k%/3.0b%, .423bip, 5.14era, 2.15fip, 2.82xfip

Jansen continues to look like the best catcher prospect in baseball, but the other three young guys - alford tellez mcguire - are struggling badly.

Of the older guys Teoscar obviously has been awesome, and lopes continues his babippy hotness, but pompey and smith have cooled down after they started off hot.

Borucki has been a bit above average and biagini a bit below.


3B Guerrero (19): 96pa, 10.4b%/10.4k%, .394bip/.380avg, .203iso, 192wrc+
2B Biggio (23): 81pa, 13.6b%/24.7k%, .341bip/.288avg, .333iso, 184wrc+
2B Gurriel (24): 55pa, 5.5b%/10.9k%, .364bip/.347avg, .163iso, 157wrc+
SS Bichette (20): 99pa, 10.1b%/20.2k%, .377bip/.292avg, .135iso, 133wrc+

RH R-Foley (22): 23.1ip, 23.3k%/11.1b%, .190bip, 1.16era, 2.66fip, 3.53xfip

Vladdy looking generational and Bo good. Biggio and gurriel deserving promotions. SRF off to a great start.


CF Palacios (22): 90pa, 8.9b%/22.2k%, .417bip/.333avg, .148iso, 145wrc+
SS Warmoth (22): 85pa, 9.4b%/16.5k%, .283bip/.240avg, .093iso, 92wrc+
C Adams (22): 67pa, 4.5b%/32.8k%, .293bip/.203avg, .109iso, 52wrc+
SS Gudino (21): 43pa, 11.6b%/11.6k%, .188bip/.176avg, .000iso, 30wrc+
SS Urena (22): 29pa, 3.4b%/20.7k%, .182bip/.148avg, .000iso, -13wrc+

RH Zeuch (22): 30.1ip, 15.6k%/6.6b%, .264bip, 3.86era, 4.47fip, 4.00xfip

Palacios looking good. the others not so much - though warmoth has been recovering steadily from a cold start. was expecting more from zeuch.


SS Smith (21): 97pa, 8.2b%/15.5k%, .366bip/.330avg, .239iso, 161wrc+
OF Young (20): 88pa, 10.2b%/18.2k%, .355bip/.295avg, .154iso, 128wrc+
SS Vicuna (20): 94pa, 2.1b%/13.8k%, .385bip/.330avg, .055iso, 109wrc+
2B Taylor (19): 83pa, 14.5b%/21.7k%, .280bip/.217avg, .101iso, 96wrc+

RH Castillo (19): 20.0ip, 21.6k%/6.8b%, .344bip, 4.50era, 4.10fip, 3.68xfip
RH Diaz (21): 28.2ip, 26.6k%/11.9b%, .077bip, 0.31era, 3.70fip, 4.16xfip

Smith and Young off to great starts. Vicuna looking quite good despite no power whatsoever. Taylor scuffling a bit.
Gerry - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 03:42 PM EDT (#357181) #
Richard Urena has now joined Buffalo after rehab.
mendocino - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 05:04 PM EDT (#357189) # mock draft

12. Blue Jays: Ryan Rolison, LHP, Mississippi top 30 International FA's

Luisangel Acuna, SS, Venezuela: The younger brother of Braves top prospect Ronald Acuna Jr., the teenager plays shortstop but might end up at second base. He is best known for his bat and has shown some power at the plate.

Luis Tejada, SS, Dominican Republic: Tejada profiles as an offensive second baseman, but he has a chance to stay at shortstop. This teenager can hit and has impressed scouts with his bat.
mendocino - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 05:21 PM EDT (#357191) #
Nate Pearson pitching in XST game

Steve Givarz

Pearson sitting 94-95 T97, lacks feel for offspeed.

9:17 AM - 1 May 2018 from Bradenton, FL

Jays lineup for Pearson game

1. LF Dom Abbadessa
2. 2B JC Cardenas
3. 1B Brandon Grudzielanek
4. RF Mc Gregory Contreras
5. DH Tyler Ladendorf
6. CF DJ Neal
7. SS Luis De Los Santos
8. CA Owen Spiwak
9. 3B Will Savage
jerjapan - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 06:02 PM EDT (#357192) #
Tyler Ladendorf?  Will Savage?  Who the heck are these guys?

FWIW, Lopes is 23.  Is he a prospect of interest to anyone?  He is remarkably consistent, and still relatively young for a guy drafted in 2012.

PeterG - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 06:24 PM EDT (#357194) #
He will soon become interesting if he keeps it up through the end of May.
Mike Green - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 08:06 PM EDT (#357198) #
Ben Badler tweeted Vladdy BP video. Since the video, he has bee up twice and walked twice. No surprise The Fisher Cats have made an ungodly number if outs on the basepaths tonight and trail 3-1.
cybercavalier - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 09:59 PM EDT (#357201) #
Buffalo Bisons' radio broadcast of today match against Scarton/WB
hosted a brief interview. In it, Jason Leblebijian was compared to Kevin Pillar in their striving efforts of progressing in baseball while not having the labels of elite prospects. If that content can be taken as how Leblebijian is perceived in the Jays' organization, a promotion to Toronto as an infielder may be possible in recent future.

Ngoepe is not hitting at all in Toronto. Diaz is slumping. Gurriel Jr. follows Diaz' in going south in hitting performance. Devon Travis is already playing in Buffalo. Espinosa has been released from Bisons' roster. Is it time to promote Leblebijian before that Tulo returns from the DL and rehab assignment?
dan gordon - Tuesday, May 01 2018 @ 11:38 PM EDT (#357206) #
Lopes had another 3 hits today, including 2 doubles. His numbers have been remarkably steady throughout his minor league career, and the .453 average and 1.066 OPS are, of course, small sample size (53 AB) aberrations. On the other hand, since he's just 23, turning 24 next month, he's likely still improving, and could have another 2-3 years of development before he reaches his peak. His slash line has averaged about .275/.340/.375/.715, and maybe he achieves that, or even a bit more this year in AAA. Given that he plays 2B, I would say he's got a reasonable shot at being an OK mlb player for a few years, and an outside shot at being a good one.

Tellez had 2 hits today, and is 10 for his last 25. Travis was 1 for 5, hitting in the 2 spot. Borucki struggled today, giving up 6 runs.

Biggio had another HR, giving him 5, along with a walk and single. Palacios a couple of hits and a steal. Clemens also had a walk, single and HR, also his 5th.
uglyone - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 01:02 AM EDT (#357220) #

DavidtheDeuce - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 11:07 AM EDT (#357233) #
With JD still on a rehab assignment in Dunedin it has made me wonder which prospects the Jays brass have asked him to mentor down there. Wondering which players (if any) Bauxites predict could benefit most from his rehab stint?
diamonds38 - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 11:14 AM EDT (#357234) #
Biggio goes deep again in the first inning.

Reid-Foley has looked great again. He is able to throw 94/95 with movement. Can tail his fastball back over the plate against lefties and also bury the slider under the hands.

3 IP
1 ER
2 hits
0 BB
1 HR
6 K
diamonds38 - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 11:25 AM EDT (#357236) #
Three up three down in the 4th for Reid-Foley with two more Ks. The Fisher Cats announcer said he ran into the Reading announcer in the hallway and that the other guy described Reid-Foley's stuff as "ridiculous" so far this year.

Line for the year

27 IP
13 Hits
4 ER
10 BB
29 Ks
hypobole - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 11:27 AM EDT (#357237) #
I'm not saying it never happens, but I can't recall hearing about instances of management asking players on rehab to mentor minor league teammates.
GabrielSyme - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 11:29 AM EDT (#357238) #
Biggio ought to be able to reduce his strikeouts - he has just a 7.5% swinging strike rate, which is very solid. I'm sure he gets into deep counts, but even so, I'd expect it to improve from his current rate of nearly 25% Ks.
uglyone - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 11:52 AM EDT (#357240) #
this is such good news on SRF. nice to see one of our imploded prospects bounce back so far this year.

and just a reminder that while he's repeating a level, this is the actually his age appropriate level this year, whereas he was young for AA last year.

If he's sorted out for real now, that could easily put him in AAA midseason, which puts him in play for a rotation spot next year with the big club.
diamonds38 - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 12:05 PM EDT (#357241) #
Looks like SRF is out after 6 (90 pitches) Pentacost just hit a two-run double to put the Cats up 3-2. SFR finishes with 10 K's.
bpoz - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 01:17 PM EDT (#357249) #
1 more month before the SSS is no more.

Thanks for the commentary diamonds38. Bad ending, but it happens.

6-5 loss.
Shoeless Joe - Wednesday, May 02 2018 @ 01:55 PM EDT (#357255) #
I can't recall of a power surge quite like Biggio's before. It'll be interesting to see how long this holds on for.

Im glad that at least one of Zeuch, SRF and Harris are pushing forward this year. We really need more starting pitching depth, and depth close to the majors at that. I always liked SRF's stuff the most.
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