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Buffalo, New Hampshire and Lansing all went to extra innings. It worked for Buffalo and Lansing but not for New Hampshire. With the new "runner on second" rule, none of these extra inning games went long and indeed there have been few long games this season.


The Bisons trailed 3-2 headed to the bottom of the ninth where they tied the game without a hit. The inning started with an error, then came a hit batter, a sacrifice, an intentional walk to load the bases and a second error to tie the game. The bases were loaded with one out but Anthony Alford struck out and Reece McGuire grounded out. That sent the game to extras. After a routine top of the tenth Tim Lopes produced a sac fly to win the game. The other two runs for Buffalo came in the fourth, Tim Lopes and Roemon Fields delivered RBI singles. Fields was 3-4 to bring his average up to .221. Lopes had two hits, as well as the sac fly, he is hitting .315 with an OPS of .762.

Chris Rowley started and was pulled with two outs in the fifth after he ran into some trouble and gave up three runs. He had thrown 92 pitches in the fifth. Luis Santos pitched three strong innings but it was Justin Shafer who got the win by pitching 2.1 shutout innings.

New Hampshire

The Fisher Cats had a 7-2 lead after six innings. Then the wheels came off the wagon. NH have had several come from behind wins this year and this was payback. They were a bit unlucky to give up five runs in the seventh. A ground ball single, a walk, a bunt single, a deflected single, an infield single and a sac fly let three runs score even though nothing was hit particularly hard. That damage was inflicted on Danny Young. Nick Hartman relieved Young and gave up a two run double to tie the game. Hartman continued pitching and when the game went to the tenth he and Andrew Case gave up five more runs. Hartman should be in Dunedin but has been promoted with all the pitcher shuffling happening in the minors. Jon Harris had started and he pitched well. In 5.2 innings he had seven K's and two runs allowed on six hits.

Bo Bichette led off the bottom of the first with a home run and ended 2-5. Vlad Jr. was 1-4 with a walk. Jonathan Davis, Gunnar Heidt and Aledmys Diaz each had two hits.


The D-Jays were rained out for a second straight day. They were scheduled to play a doubleheader.


Lansing went down 4-0 before they came to bat. They looked like they were never going to get back in the game until the bottom of the ninth where they trailed 5-1. The Lake County pitcher hit the first two Lugnut hitters. A ground ball and a passed ball scored two runs. Ryan Noda and Chavez Young each singled in a run. In the tenth Lake County scored two runs but in the bottom of the ninth Brock Lundquist hit a two run home run to tie the game. Samad Taylor started the eleventh on second base, moved to third on a passed ball and scored on a single by Norberto Obeso. It was an 8-7 win for the Lugnuts.

With Yennsy Diaz and Zach Logue in Dunedin it was Colton Laws who started. Two home runs and four runs total in the first and another solo home run later left him with five runs allowed in 5.1 innings. Obeso had four hits, he is now hitting .253. Cullen Large and Chavez Young each had two hits and both are hitting over .300.

3 Stars

3rd star: Brock Lundquist

2nd star: Tim Lopes

1st star: Norberto Obeso


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BlueJayWay - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 06:42 AM EDT (#358878) #
Bichette's really turned it around.
whiterasta80 - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 11:49 AM EDT (#358912) #
If Bo is showing the ability to adjust at this level it is VERY significant.
uglyone - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 01:49 PM EDT (#358919) #
Two months into the season, we can start to take a real interest in the numbers.

AAA - graduated prospects

RF Teoscar (25): 18pa, 0.0b%/38.9k%, .333bip/.278avg, .389iso, 164wrc+
CF Pompey (25): 80pa, 5.0b%/26.3k%, .319bip/.275avg, .232iso, 129wrc+
LF Smith (25): 109pa, 14.7b%/18.3k%, .329bip/.278avg, .133iso, 128wrc+
2B Lopes (24): 141pa, 7.1b%/14.9k%, .373bip/.315avg, .085iso, 118wrc+

Still plagued by injuries, Pompey is at least finally showing at AAA the power he's shown at every other level - and tat might speak to his overall health being better than it has been in a while. And I'm starting to believe that Smith may actually be a useful MLB bat. Lopes is here because the numbers are good but I'm still guessing that's mostly fluke for now.


C Jansen (23): 155pa, 13.5b%/14.2k%, .365bip/.315avg, .150iso, 158wrc+
2B Gurriel (24): 51pa, 2.0b%/13.7k%, .282bip/.286avg, .224iso, 133wrc+
1B Tellez (23): 164pa, 11.0b%/18.9k%, .304bip/.254avg, .106iso, 100wrc+
SS Urena (22): 52pa, 3.8b%/19.2k%, .289bip/.250avg, .146iso, 85wrc+
C McGuire (23): 121pa, 8.3b%/19.0k%, .241bip/.206avg, .075iso, 64wrc+
CF Alford (23): 95pa 6.3b%/31.6k%, .259bip/.170avg, .023iso, 22wrc+

RH R-Foley (22): 8.1ip, 29.3k%/7.3b%, .500bip, 11.88era, 1.56fip, 2.89xfip
LH Borucki (24): 51.1ip, 20.7k%/8.5b%, .290bip, 3.51era, 3.63fip, 3.80xfip
RH Dillon (24): 22.2ip, 23.8k%/2.5b%, .143bip, 0.79era, 3.22fip, 3.50xfip

Jansen can come up whenever they want to promote him. He's been consistent in AAA both last year and this year, and there's no real worry spot in his offensive line. Gurriel Jr is showing that his bat and pop are for real, though it would be nice if he started taking some walks sometime soon. Rowdy is better but still nowhere near good enough. Urena is surprisingly holding his own so far, but I still think he should be in AA. McGuire had a horrific first 20gms, but has finally woken up and is red hot in his last 10gms with a 178wrc+. Alford has shown some strains of life lately but still that line is pretty scary and I'm a bit worried about him as a prospect.

Never mind the ERA - SRF is off to a hot start in AAA and following right off his good pitching in AA - he's almost all the way back to being the top prospect he was before last year's implosion. Borucki seems to be getting better and better and should be in line for a callup next time they want to try a new starter. Dillon's impressive stint in AAA was lucky in terms of ERA, but even the underlying numbers were very solid.


3B Guerrero (19): 221pa, 8.6b%/9.5k%, .412bip/.414avg, .277iso, 212wrc+
2B Biggio (23): 206pa, 17.0b%/23.8k%, .358bip/.311avg, .341iso, 189wrc+
SS Bichette (20): 233pa, 9.9b%/18.0k%, .321bip/.272avg, .155iso, 117wrc+

RH R-Foley (22): 44.1ip, 29.2k%/11.2b%, .240bip, 2.03era, 3.35fip, 3.32xfip
RH Zeuch (22): 29.1ip, 13.3k%/6.3b%, .340bip, 4.30era, 3.93fip, 4.10xfip
RH Dillon (24): 6.0ip, 15.4k%/3.9b%, .381bip, 3.00era, 2.45fip, 3.98xfip

Pure destruction from Vladdy and not far behind is Biggio. Both should be in AAA very, very soon. And we're spoiled, because this dissappointing start for Bo is still actually ridiculously good for a 20yr old SS in AA.

SRF dominated in AA and fully deserved the promotion. Zeuch has been just ok so far but has been trending more towards good lately. Good first start from Dillon, too.


SS Smith (21): 6pa, 33.3b%/33.3k%, .500bip/.250avg, .000iso, 150wrc+
CF Palacios (22): 199pa, 9.0b%/27.1k%, .355bip/.257avg, .078iso, 95wrc+
C Adams (22): 159pa, 8.8b%/22.6k%, .282bip/.221avg, .121iso, 92wrc+
SS Warmoth (22): 171pa, 9.4b%/21.1k%, .310bip/.243avg, .072iso, 89wrc+

RH Diaz (21): 5.1ip, 25.0k%/8.3b%, .375bip, 5.06era, 2.28fip, 3.99xfip

Hopefully Smith is up here to stay, because otherwise Dunedin is a bit of a wasteland. Palacios, Adams, and Warmoth can't even reach league average, despite being old for the level. At least Adams has been trending up lately.

Diaz hopefully can show he's legit now that he's at a more age appropriate level.


SS Smith (21): 204pa, 8.3b%/16.2k%, .397bip/.355avg, .284iso, 183wrc+
OF Young (20): 204pa, 7.4b%/20.6k%, .396bip/.317avg, .156iso, 132wrc+
SS Vicuna (20): 217pa, 4.6b%/11.5k%, .337bip/.299avg, .103iso, 108wrc+
2B Taylor (19): 190pa, 10.0b%/20.5k%, .268bip/.222avg, .144iso, 87wrc+

RH Castillo (19): 45.1ip, 21.0k%/7.0b%, .341bip, 5.76era, 4.02fip, 3.91xfip

Obviously deserved promotion for Smith. But Chavez Young is really having a fine, fine season - the kind of 20yr old season in Lansing that put Alford on the map as a prospect a few years ago. Starting to get excited about him. Vicuna is also having a very solid year, and has even bumped his power up from nonexistent to....well, very poor. but still, progress. The two kids Taylor and Castillo haven't been great but are at least holding on while young for the level.

Looking at the two month numbers, and I think my top-15 might look like this right now:


hypobole - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 02:35 PM EDT (#358921) #
I watched parts of 6 Lugnut games, one window on the game, another on the log, skipping to parts with Smith hitting (he barrels a lot of balls) and defensive plays with Young.

Good/very good speed, good/very good reads/routes, good arm - he threw out 2 runners while playing RF, both balls to medium depth RF, both ending with the catcher standing with the ball waiting for the runner, although the 2nd guy ran through a stop sign. Young did overthrow a cut off man on one other occasion.
Mike Green - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 03:21 PM EDT (#358923) #
Thanks, hypobole. 

Young has a broad base of talent.  He strikes out a fair bit, so it's best if the club moves him slowly, step by step.  Maybe the power will develop some as he gets a little older. 
scottt - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 05:14 PM EDT (#358929) #
Curious to see what Pardinho does, whenever he plays in a pro league. Bluefield, I guess.

My impression is that Zeuch is working on his secondary stuff, while SRF is working on his control.

PeterG - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 05:47 PM EDT (#358933) #
Nw BA mock just up has Jays now taking Ryan Rolison at 12.
PeterG - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 05:53 PM EDT (#358934) #
New Fangraphs mock just up:
Dewey - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 06:42 PM EDT (#358939) #
Gerry, two or more dies are called dice.  Just one by itself is simply a die.  So, strictly speaking, your headline constitutes a solecism.  Not sure how troubled you are by that.  

I do know of a good For Dummies book, if youíre interested. :)
Gerry - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 08:38 PM EDT (#358946) #
Demey, I have to say I do not worry about any solecism. In general, and for issues like this, I put myself in the English is an evolving language camp.

Dalton Pompey is out 4-6 weeks with a torn thumb ligament.
Dewey - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 09:53 PM EDT (#358956) #
Geez, it was meant as a friendly post, Gerry; but Iím not sure it was received as one.  Themís the breaks around here, it seems.

I didnít know English had evolved so far,  however, that a single cube could now be referred to as ďa diceĒ though.  I suppose anything is possible.  Whatever.

Too bad about Pompey.  He just can't stay un-injured.
Sorry for posting to wrong thread (Detroit) with this just now.
uglyone - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 11:05 PM EDT (#358957) #
BA midseason rerank:

#1.Vlad 80ht 70pw 40sp 40fld 55arm
#7.Bo 70ht 60pw 50sp 50fld 50arm
#57.Alford 55ht 50pw 60sp 60fld 40arm
#79.Pearson 70fb 45cv 55sl 50ch 45ctrl
#81.Gurriel 55ht 60pw 55sp 45fld 60arm
#96.Jansen 55ht 40pw 30sp 45fld 50arm

I think Jansen should leapfrog up into the top 50, but otherwise looks good to me.
cybercavalier - Friday, June 01 2018 @ 11:36 PM EDT (#358958) #
How come Pompey injured himself again... Would training and playing him at first base help ?
Gerry - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 08:57 AM EDT (#358969) #
No problem Dewey, It's hard to read tone in words.
Gerry - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 10:10 AM EDT (#358971) #
Both Urena and Gurriel left the Buffalo game with injuries. Gurriel was injured running and Urena after a defensive play.
Gerry - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 01:21 PM EDT (#358979) #
Urena has been placed on the DL. Gurriel seems to have escaped that fate.
mendocino - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 02:09 PM EDT (#358980) #
DSL started today
Gerry - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 02:39 PM EDT (#358983) #
Urena was spiked on his finger, got three stitches, and is out for 7-10 days. Gurriel day to day with a tight hamstring. h/t Shi Davidi
hypobole - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 08:51 PM EDT (#358997) #
Bisons' Borucki faced Michael Kopech today. He's Pipelines 2nd ranked pitching prospect and #9 overall, one spot ahead of Bo.

Kopech - 2.0 IP, 5 H, 7 R/ER, 4 BB, 2 K
Borucki - 6 IP, 4 H, 0 R/ER 1 BB, 3 K

Mike Green - Saturday, June 02 2018 @ 09:45 PM EDT (#359000) #
Vladdy was removed from the game after beating out an infield hit and an injury delay.
hypobole - Sunday, June 03 2018 @ 09:01 AM EDT (#359011) #
Vlad walked off slowly favouring his left leg. Didn't seem to be an ankle thing, more likely a slight strain.
ramone - Sunday, June 03 2018 @ 09:08 PM EDT (#359050) #
Posted this in an older minor league update by mistake, I'll try again here:

Crappy 0-5 day on the farm.

On the draft reading Keegan Matheson's draft primer on his site, Baseball Toronto, he has a few interesting tidbits. He says the Jays have done "extensive" background work on college LHP Shane McLanahan and have had plenty of looks at high school OF Jared Kelenic
hypobole - Monday, June 04 2018 @ 09:03 AM EDT (#359059) #
Draft starts today at 7 pm.

Don't know if it's been mentioned, but FG's Mock 3.0 has us taking Seth Beer at 52. The mane is great, the rest not so much. Projected DH, double minus athlete, who:

"Plateaued after monster freshman year. Positionless college power hitter."
hypobole - Monday, June 04 2018 @ 09:05 AM EDT (#359060) #
And by "mane" I meant "name". He may have excellent hair, though.
Mike Green - Monday, June 04 2018 @ 09:25 AM EDT (#359062) #
Seth Beer a projected DH?  Is this a new thing with name portending position?  Johnny Field does actually, you know, field. 
bpoz - Monday, June 04 2018 @ 09:30 AM EDT (#359063) #
By 5 pm the excitement will be building. I really hope we get lucky.
Shoeless Joe - Monday, June 04 2018 @ 09:50 AM EDT (#359065) #
Seth Beer walked twice as much as he struck out in college and hit 54 homers, and a team that is saber focused will love him.

As per the Fangrapghs mock If Carter Stewart or Cole Winn are available at 12 those would be two arms that would could challenge Pearson for top arm in our system.
bpoz - Monday, June 04 2018 @ 10:56 AM EDT (#359073) #
How many surprise picks will there be by the time #12 comes around?
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