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Oscar Wilde would be proud. No, wait, that was art for art's sake. Close enough.

OK, so this is the new-and-improved QOTD/MYOR. Let the comment above be the LAST non-baseball comment on this thread.

New QOTD: Who leads the Jays in saves this year? I posed this last year, and I don't know if anyone guessed Jason Frasor, so let's see if we can do better.
Oscar Wilde would be proud. No, wait, that was art for art's sake. Close enough.

OK, so this is the new-and-improved QOTD/MYOR. Let the comment above be the LAST non-baseball comment on this thread.

New QOTD: Who leads the Jays in saves this year? I posed this last year, and I don't know if anyone guessed Jason Frasor, so let's see if we can do better.
So what is it with baseball and lawyers? I'm not talking about the Scott Boras types who defile the game each offseason or even the occasional Tony LaRussa or Bart Giamatti who are headed to the Hall of Fame; I mean, what is it with lawyers and baseball? For instance, I was reading the work of the incomparable Jamey Newberg, lawyer and online guru of all thing Texas Ranger, when I started thinking about the number of lawyers, law students and legal professionals who populate the Batter's Box Roster: Jordan, Craig, Mike D., Mike G., Leigh; Spicol even takes pains to label himself a "non-lawyer."

I'm not the first to notice this, either; for instance, Baseball Think Factory has an entire page dedicated to unveiling the number of BTFers in the legal field. There are many others; the late but truly great Doug Pappas comes to mind.

Forget the lawyer jokes; I am serious and curious here -- this is a real ...

Question of the Day: What is it about baseball that draws lawyers to write about it? ... and conversely, what is it about lawyers that draws them to baseball? You lawyers out there, step up and speak for yourselves (please, make it "brief" - HAR!); everyone else, please feel free to speculate.

Oh, and as per usual Make Your Own Roundup threads, if there's baseball news, shout it out and link to it. The first person making a Keith Law joke in response to the QOTD will be sued.
Barring major Delgado-to-the-Nippon-Ham-Fighters news, this thread will serve as the "Make Your Own Roundup" space for Saturday and Sunday; hence, "Let's Play Two." But given the speaker of that famous line, let's also toss out a perfunctory ...

Question of the Weekend: Ernie Banks was known as "Mr. Cub." We may have done something like this a long time ago (I can't remember, frankly), but let's see if we can agree on a "Mr. Franchise" for each and every major league team. This is NOT necessarily "the greatest player" (DiMaggio probably outstrips Ruth as "Mr. Yankee) and it's definitely not necessarily a current player (sorry, Derek, it's still Joe D.).

But for the most part, this is your space to float news and rumors and discussion. For instance, this roundup reports that Millwood to Cleveland is a done deal -- and this could be a steal, almost surely scuttling any Soriano-to-Flushing rumours, Miguel Cairo is a Met. But not Mr. Met!
That's "BCS," get it? In Tuesday's What the Hall? thread, Grandmaster Gizzi hit on an interesting notion, which leads to today's ...

Question of the Day: What if Major League Baseball chose a champion the same way U.S. NCAA Division I football does? You know, part computer rankings, part votes from the coaches (managers), part from the writers, only certain conferences are guaranteed playoff spots, others have to "win to get in," undefeated teams don't always get a spot in the championship ... the whole deal. How would that turn out? Who would have won last year? Who would win next year? Who would have ... {{gasp}} ... won in 1992 and 1993? How would fans of various teams react? The most creative responses will win a No-Prize.

As for the MYOR, since I brought up his name a few days ago and yesterday someone else suggested this option for a possible cheap, bounceback acquisition for the Jays, let's start today's E-clips with Rusty Greer: Taking a Beating, a special online report from the Dallas Morning News (, requires free registration). And let's not fret, rather wish him well, if the rumours suggesting his imminent minor league signing with the Twins turn out to be accurate. What else is going on?
Today, we have revenge of the big guys. Sure, Cecil Fielder, Ernie Lombardi and John Kruk would never make the cover of GQ, but they could hit. Compare them to their vertically endowed counterparts like Enos Cabell, who at 6'5", 180 barely caused a ripple when he stepped on the scale. Enos was a "we" ballplayer (you might be too if there was so little "I" to you), but didn't hit much. So,
today's question is:

"Which thin guys were truly in (could hit or pitch well)?"

We'll start the roundup with a Spencer Fordin piece on the Jay catching situation. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Gregg Zaun may indeed have re-signed with the club.
The recent and ongoing Box debate about whether or not the Jays should make a run at Calvin Pickering call to mind the stature, if not necessarily status, of another former Jay, Cecil "Big Daddy" Fielder, who really earned that "Big" part of the nickname. And certainly you all remember a not-so-little lefty named Wells who used to pitch in TO who was about twice the size of Vernon.

Maybe you recall David Letterman once famously referring to LA reliever Terry Forster as a "Big Tub of Goo" on his show. When I get around to the inevitable "All-Mick" Baseball Hall of Names roster, you know the starting pitcher is likely to be lefthanded Round Mound of Balls Hit on the Ground, Mickey Lolich. Grab a doughnut, break open the Doritos, knock back a case of Jolt Cola and hit the road for Steak-n-Shake -- it's all part of today's ...

Question of the Day: Who's on the Freakishly Anti-Thin (F.A.T.) Team? Having actually seen them play takes precedence over just knowing their reputation, but either will do. Remember, we're looking for actual talent!
Okay, it's HOF Day, finally, but we've had like eight hundred HOF-related threads in the past several weeks, so no QOTD on that topic. From along those lines in the MYOR world, see if you can struggle through another Jayson Stark opus extolling the virtues of eight candidates (hint: don't invite him and Neyer to the same party). But much more exciting for Yankee fans is the fact that the Bombers finally reached agreement with that pitcher they've been wanting. (Heh.) What, yout still want a QOTD? What am I machine? Okay, fine, I mean why the ... Hall ... not? Today's ...

Question of the Day: What is your favourite colour?

Forty million points to the first person to both (a) identify the reference and (b) correctly answer the question. Seventy thousand billion points to the first Bauxite to post a link to the HOF announcement. Oh, and I guess, eleven points to anyone who correctly forecasts (before the link is posted!) the entire class of inductees.
Here's a question to start the year, as the long winter vacations at universities across North America come to a close ...

Question of the Day: What's the best possible team your once or future college's alumni rolls could field? If you didn't go to college or went to Southeastern Podunk Polytechnic Institute for the Little Sisters of the Poor with no baseball team (or at least no alumni that made it to The Show), pick the school you think could form the best or most interesting all-alumni team(s) and go from there.

My own proud alma mater has one borderline HOF pitcher, a rock-solid back of the bullpen and a "lineup" that Kerry Ligtenberg could no-hit ...

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Okay, I know this has nothing to do with baseball, the Blue Jays or anything else that we normally discuss here. It's about one of history's worst disasters, striking a part of the world so vulnerable in its poverty that it's hard for us to imagine how much they've lost. This is a plea for help.
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Okay, as I write this, we're about 90 minutes into 2005 and hack journalists all over North America have filed the annual "I am going to be hung over tomorrow and won't want to write a column for the Sunday Sprorts section" New Year's Resolutions for Other People stories. That brings us to the year's first ...

Question of the Day: What resolutions should people associated with the Blue Jays -- management, players, media, fans, Box Roster, whoever -- be making for 2005? There are a couple of rules here; oh, and this can double as a "Make Your Own Roundup" thread, especially if you can find some of the aforementioned "New Year's Resolution" columns from sportswriters around the hemisphere.

Rule #1 ...
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In today's "Make Your Own Roundup," we can report that Lee Sinins reports that New York Newsday reports that fomer Jay hero Robbie Alomar has signed with St. Louis to team with David Eckstein around the keystone, which the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Cardinal team officials deny reports. Now, this is hearsay about Newsday, which on its own has a BBRRS of appproximately cheese fondue, so we'll see.

It would be ineresting to see Alomar, who was once an Oriole, and of course a Blue Jay, become a Cardinal. That would pretty much complete his search for a World Series "wing," unless you count the Angels, of course ...

What else is going on?
It's December 26 -- Boxing Day -- and you (always) know what that means; we're just hours away from the announcement of the annual Andujar "YouNeverKnow" award. In the meantime, take a moment to look back at some of the 1,383 (!) threads posted here during 2004 and answer today's ....

Question of the Day: What are your favourite moments of Batter's Box '04? These may or may not be the same as your favourite moments of Blue Jays '04 or even Baseball '04. When you think Batter's Box this year, what comes to mind? The answer may be funny, a great line or a good story, or poignant, or otherwise memorable. Bauxites, over to you ...
Question Of The Day: Anyone give or receive any baseball related gifts this holiday season?

Feel free to also use this thread as a Roundup, in the unlikely event that some piece of baseball news is released.
Moises Alou signs with the Giants to play for his father. Feliz Navidad, Felipe.

Today's QOTD is:

Which extended family has had the most members in organized pro baseball (major and minor leagues) in North America? If you don't want to try the puzzler, then how about telling us about your favourite baseball family?

The Alous would have had at least 4, Jesus, Matty, Felipe and Moises, but I'll bet there is a family out with more.