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Dustin Majewski's walk off home run was the highlight of the night in the minors. The affiliates went 2-5 on the night.

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The P-Jays rebound from an ugly 14-1 loss to put it in the win column with a standout performance from their top player, as the Toronto farm records 3 wins against 1 loss.
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Chris Reddout pitched a one hitter over seven innings for Auburn but couldn't get the win.  Syracuse wielded the lumber in support of Josh Banks.  Ismael Ramirez had a rare off-day while Russell Savickas lowered his ERA at Dunedin under 2.00.

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In breaking with recent trends, none of our Three Stars share a first or last name. Two shutouts (one going each way), crazy names in A-ball, another homer from the first-rounder, and Casey On The Mound.
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You know, I'm thinking it would save us a lot of time if we just changed the MINOR LEAGUE UPDATE ball icon to read FREE JASON FRASOR.
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It was a 2-4 evening for the farm affiliates.  Rob Cosby shone.
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Syracuse and Pulaski had the day off. The rest...well, let's just say it was a night for mulligans. The farm went 0-4, being outscored 33-21.
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4 wins against 1 loss down on the Blue Jay farm.
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Gustavo Chacin was rusty, and didn't make it out of the first inning, but Ty Taubenheim, Jamie Vermilyea and Luis Figueroa made sure the Chiefs got the win.  The Lugnuts got three runs in the bottom of the ninth to win.  Shawn Scobee broke out of a slump to propell the Doubledays to victory.  Pulaski extended their losing streak to nine games.
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We had yer fine pitching performances, yer awesome displays of power, and yer collisions at the plate.  More fun than a monster truck rally, as the farm affiliates went 4-3.
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Why does it always seems like at least one of the six teams is rained out every night? Can you guess who it was on Friday? Hint: it wasn't either of the two teams playing Burlington.
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It was another typical day in the minors with two rainouts, two pitchers struggling noticeably with their control, a shutout, a team effort on offence, a 15-hit performance, a case of batter’s interference and players faring differently with their adjustment to Double-A.


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Rehab in Syracuse, a guy named Ambiorix in Binghamton, Ontario boy does well in Dunedin, rain for Lansing, the empty set of things to discuss with Auburn, and a first-rounder's fifth homer.
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Pulaski looked like my softball team in the field last night - 7 errors.  The affiliates went 2-4 on the night.
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The affiliates went 0-5 on Monday.
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