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Lots of hitting by the Blue Jays but only three wins and two losses.
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The short-season affiliates continued their domination of the NYPL and Appy leagues, while the full-season affiliates split 4 nailbiters.
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A romp, a triumphant return, a squeaker, and a typical night at the office for the Doubledays were the highlights of a 4-2 night for the farm affiliates.
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A late and abbreviated report today. Yours truly was in Auburn yesterday watching a Canadian kid be a hero for the home team. Four wins and two losses for the minor league teams.
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5-1 and nearly a clean sweep, as New Hampshire's 2-1 ninth-inning loss was the only blemish suffered by the minor league affiliates last night.

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The Heat may have Shaq, but the Blue Jays have the heat and they were bringiní it last night. A former teammate of David Bush took his own no-hitter late into the game while two other former teammates, one praised, the other scorned, pitched gems of their own.
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4 wins, a rainout, and a second-dip drubbing for the Toronto farm system on Walk-Single-Homer night.
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Three wins and two losses cap a rare losing week for the Jays farm teams. Brian Patrick failed to get a star despite having two hits and pitching a scoreless inning.
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A key homer in Auburn and a couple of fine pitching performances were the bright lights on an otherwise dim 2-4 evening for the farm affiliates. You know it's a bad day, when you look at a Syracuse newspaper and the headline reads "Banks hit in two counties" and you immediately wonder what the organization is doing with Josh.
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It was a tough night for Jay starting pitchers from the top of the system to Pulaski. The farm affiliates went 2-4, with double digit run-scoring from Dunedin and Charleston the keys to the victories.
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Three wins and four losses for the minor league teams. All the losses were by one run, two of them in extra innings.
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Todays minor league report is short and not so sweet. The good guys were 0-3.
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Must have been a snow day or something. All the teams had the day off except for those poor suckers in Dunedin and Auburn. Neither of those offensive powerhouses were really able to get things going as they only scored 4 runs apiece, but each still managed to win behind some solid pitching.
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Syracuse rested while Pulaski romped. In close contests, New Hampshire won and Charleston lost. Dunedin couldnít walk their way to victory, not with flammable pitching. Auburn finished up a thrashing, and then didnít bother with offence, just to make it interesting in their regularly scheduled game.
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Jamie Vermilyea returns to earth. A Chief hit a grand slam to turn a loss into a win. Syracuse had a winning week. Aaron Hill and Robinson Diaz each doubled in their only at-bat to represent the Blue Jays with distinction at yesterday's Futures Game.

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